40 California Jurisdictions Now Demand a Halt

The Pomo Native American Tribal Council in Lake County is the 40th local jurisdiction in CA to say “Stop Smart Meters!”

The count is in.  The Big Valley Rancheria/ Pomo Band of Indians in Lake County last month became the fortieth local jurisdiction in California to demand an immediate halt to ‘smart’ meter installations.  The full list is under the “How you can stop smart meters” tab on the menu bar above (or click here).

Eight counties, 31 cities, and now the Pomo Indian Tribe- representing 2,242,123 people (according to US Census data) demand that utilities stop installing ‘smart meters’ due to immediate and urgent concerns about health damage, privacy violations, fire hazards, and a host of other problems that PG&E is just beginning to admit to, like the fact that ‘smart’ meters that were found to sort of ‘speed up’ when it got above 100 F.

People are particularly enraged in Lake County.  The Board of Supervisors is pursuing a legal injunction against PG&E, and Supervisor Anthony Farrington recently joined us in calling for a halt at a major forum in Santa Barbara on the topic.  Now the Pomo are joining the fight declaring smart meters illegal on their entire Rancheria.  Plus Kelseyville’s Howard Glasser has been typing up powerful and hard hitting criticism of the utility and CPUC President.

Don’t mess with Lake County in other words.

Large areas of California and millions of people are standing up and saying that these ‘smart’ meters have a problem and they are making people sick.   How much longer can the state and federal governments and the utilities remain in denial, pretending that there is no problem, or being vague and offering false unworkable solutions?  The smart grid dream is turning into a smart meter nightmare for millions of people as they wake up to the horror of being forced into a life of electrosensitivity in a culture still in denial that the condition even exists.  (It does.)

Tell the CA Public Utilities Commission where they can put their smart meters this Thursday May 5th in San Francisco.   Full calendar and meeting details here.

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7 Responses to 40 California Jurisdictions Now Demand a Halt

  1. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Not only are the new smart electric meters making people sick, but the new meters are causing problems with customer owned electric and electronic equipment.
    Another case of overcharging was settled today. In Mountain View, a couple had to go to court about the new electric smart meter installed was kicking on their floodlights for no reason, in one month their electric bill went up $525 because of the new smart meter activating lights, wasting energy.
    PG&E, as usual denied any problem, so the couple had to go to court and get an injunction against PG&E, and PG&E was ordered to give the couple a $1,400 refund for the electricity wasted by the smart meter.
    In 2007, PG&E began introduction of the devices in the Bakersfield area, and by fall of 2009, PG&E had racked up more that 600 high-bill complaints.
    No doubt that there will be millions more complaints as the deployment continues.
    Just the other day, PG&E admitted that 1,600 more smart electric meters were defective and were overcharging customers.
    My question is, if 1,600 meters are defective, what about the other 8 million installed ?
    In other news, PG&E is requesting from the CPUC another rate increase on people who have low electric bills. PG&E claims that low energy consumers are hurting their bottom line because in many cases it costs more to generate and distribute the electricity than the low consumers pay per month. Another case of penalizing people who conserve energy, just like the SCWA and MMWD have done with their water rates. In effect, PG&E says that right now high electricity users are subsidizing the low electricity users. They want more equality, so they raise the rates of their customers who are the poorest. People who are high electricity users typically have large single family homes with more appliances and obviously a higher income.
    And, how much does anyone want to bet that PG&E will order the CPUC to allow electric rate increases to pay for the gas departments screw ups ? I don’t have PG&E gas and I would not be happy at all if my electric rates go up to subsidize the gas department.

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  4. Robert says:

    How exactly will the utilities be able to turn off our appliances and electric devices?

    Will removing the chips (which are now being embedded by manufacturers in every new appliance and electrical device) also terminate the utilities’ ability to control the appliance?

    If this is the case, appliance repair people can learn to remove those chips when we purchase an appliance – a quick and painless way of putting an end to the scheme.

    Does anyone know the mechanism of turning our appliances off?

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      It will be many years if ever that the Home Area Networks are operational, and these chips will not be installed in every device, just major appliances and thermostats.
      The meters have a second transmitter that operates the ZigBee automation system, which transmits commands at 2045 MHz.
      ZigBee is one of the newer automation systems, joining the old X-10 power line carrier, Leviton’s Decora Home controls, Z-wave and Lutron’s radio RA. The best high end systems still use wire to transmit and receive commands on a 24 volt control bus, like Lutron’s HomeWorks and Graphic Eye lighting controllers. A wired system is the gold standard for all residential and commercial applications like : HVAC controls, lighting controls, integrated media networks, fire alarm and security systems (life safety).
      Radio is simply not reliable or versatile enough to be trusted for life safety systems. But if the power companies think that they are going to blast commands using radio through peoples homes, their plan won’t work. Of course it would be far to expensive to run ethernet cable in peoples homes to accomplish their pipe dreamed goals.
      Basically, they are using their controls to turn off the compressors of air conditioning units on hot days, but leaving the fan on, so some people might not realize that the cooling is not working.
      There will be a receiver that controls a relay in the appliances, they can only send simple on-off commands, no dimming function. They cannot reduce the operating voltage on electric motors, or they will be liable for the damage that WILL occur. So the choices are either on or off, an OR gate.
      There are many good technicians that can very easily disable the receivers or jump the relays (contactors) , also, one could jam the frequency or disable it from being broadcast into the building.
      The whole HAN program is a sham, it won’t work or save any energy, but it sure makes a big pile of money for everyone involved.
      Obama recently gave Whirlpool $50 million to start phasing in the new remote control capabilities. And what did Whirlpool do with the money ? They bought some city owned property from the newly privatized City of Benton Harbor, Mi. (Whirlpool’s headquarters), and built their own private executives golf course. They (Whirlpool) is using our federal stimulus money to by public property for their own private use, I Chihuahua !
      I will start my own new division of my electrical/electronics business specializing in disabling home area networks systems, and I probably do well without any federal stimulus start up money.

  5. mike elem says:

    “Eight counties, 31 cities, and now the Pomo Indian Tribe- representing 2,242,123 people (according to US Census data) demand that….”

    I don’t think big valley is “the” pomo indian tribe. More like one of many tribes. Just a thought. Thanks

  6. Linda says:

    Here in Humboldt the Supes. refused to put the idiot, labeled smart, meters on the agenda. Three words…FOLLOW THE MONEY err, rather– (worthless, private, labeled federal, reserve notes). So now I have a corporate (corpse/dead) plastic, health threatening piece of crap, attached to MY PRIVATE PROPERTY. I’ll be paying these TRAITORS–federal, labeled public, servants a visit this Tues. Bankrupt/insolvent US INC. in receivership to a private, foreign owned corp.-IMF, via Quitclaim. Hence, ALL of them are born here and working for a foreign jurisdiction – TRAITORS, and they know it. It is our right & duty to dismantle a despotic government–after, we have the new guards in place. Common Law Courts and Grand Juries–several areas have classes/meetings on this available to us. My immediate concern is that our Sheriffs are our one hope. Get to know your Sheriff. Point out, for one of many, the Supreme Court ruling of Sheriff Mack/Texas- a landmark case, 1994 I think. “The feds. have no jurisdiction in ANY of the states.” Get their asses OUT! of CA. INC. Only the People have our un a lien able rights -POWER. We grant authority to those we elect to represent our area. Authority is one of those AU words, very powerful, but not power. The People can revoke authority and the Charter (city/county) at any given time. Send it back to the Sec. of state along with a signed (by the new guards) Promissory Note for the total amount of the debt that the CITY INC./COUNTY INC. owes CA. INC., thus ‘piercing the corporate veil’–and California will be reborn. A Promissory Note is a promise to pay–s o m e d a y. Just like FRN’s – debt notes. To any of you who are still discharging present debt into the future by ‘believing’ that you are paying a mtg., or taxes (all of em), student loans, utility bills (a bill, think SB, Senate Bill–has no charge/energy(ours), until we ‘accept’ it) WE are the Source of all currency. Does not a current, labeled electricity, have to return to its’ source? CLAIM what is yours -that would be the humongous debt that we are repeatedly reminded of–to instill fear -f-false, e-evidence, a-appearing, r-real. There’s nothing new under the sun. Upon waking up and regaining consciousness, you’ll be able to ‘see’ the open secret of THEIR illusion. NEVER give your NAME. You were not born with a pix. ID. Birthday-hearsay, you were just born, too young. EVERY EVERY EVERY time you sign your NAME (this is converted by the signature line on your check. Get a magnifying glass and read it) it is fractionalized 10 times. Checks are not returned to you because they are being bundled and sold over and over again, fraud & deceit, labeled derivitives. Most all of the countries are surviving off of American’s prison bonds. Walmart buys them first, then Lehman Bros. CRS-Court Registry System -get real familiar with that. $50 mil per deposit. From the time any of us are arrested until our OPPORTUNITY TO SET THEIR RECORDS STRAIGHT, labeled arraignment (6-7 wks) is time enough to sell the arrest, warrant, bid, performance and possibly Correction Facility, labeled prison bonds. Gazillions of dolloars. STOP SIGNING YOUR NAMES!!!!! If you must, write above it NON-NEGOTIABLE. If at a traffic stop-well, if you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, thus becoming responsible for all of your actions, you will know how to handle the inconvenience of the harassment of being stopped. However, if stopped DO NOT GIVE YOU NAME . Debtors make statements, Creditors ask questions. “Am I compelled under law to answer your questions?” You’re not. Remember, these cops are our brothers and sisters who also need educated. Be nice-YOU speak first-“Peace to you good sir” Information is at all of our fingertips, there is NO excuse for not being informed and therefore, KNOWING (not belief) THEIR role and yours. “Did you witness a crime?” The ONLY reason to be pulled over. Do I have THEIR D/L-no. THEIR registration-no. THEIR insurance-no. Insurance is based on fear, why would I want a third-party interloper telling me what to do? No one can tell me what to do, you either. When enough of us ‘wake the f up’ things will change.

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