SmartMeters are Hurting Bees

Scientific- as well as anecdotal -evidence is emerging that electromagnetic fields from cell phones, wifi, and "smart" meters can negatively impact bees, and may be behind much of the recent "colony collapse disorder."

Stop Smart Meters! received this report yesterday via e-mail:

From Susan Morin, Red Wolf Ranch, Grass Valley CA:

We had three bee hives that were healthy and had no other reason to leave–when bees are uncomfortable, threatened, or lack food sources, they leave. Now, a colony will leave individually, yet these hives, all on completely different areas of the property left with in three days of the installation of a PG&E smart meter. We also called PG&E and asked them not to install, and they did when we were off the property.

I have read reports on the smart meters and was not enrolled that they were/are safe and now have evidence that they effected our personal livelihood and lost three hives which equates to $250/hive loss, pollination loss to fruit tress (bees pollinate 80% of all fruits and vegetables) $5k+/-, and honey as a source of medicine and food $4k.

The math does not equate, the loss of pollination does not equate, and the rapid push of PG&E to do this just because they may be at a financial loss–does not equate when it DOES in FACT harmfully affect our community, livelihoods, and food stuffs.

I have experienced this personally and documented it. Call and email if you need further documentation.

Thank you for listening and doing the right thing.

Please take a minute and click here to send an easy online email to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Its a simple and quick way to send a unified message -RESTORE THE ANALOG METERS.
To download one recent study showing how mobile phones disturb bee colonies, click here .
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7 Responses to SmartMeters are Hurting Bees

  1. palika benton says:

    I am a professional Regenerative Permaculture Educator and Designer, Beekeeper and Bee Educator, as well as Ecological Restoration Consultant and Coach. The wireless meters use technology that has been proven to be a threat to human and animal health. Both honey bees and humans are susceptible to neurological, and cell destruction by wireless technology. I refuse to have the wireless meters on my property and will work to educate and protest their installation or acceptance by the end users despite the addiction to profit at all costs by Utility corps and Government.

    I will only accept analog equipment as part of my PG& E services which is a public utility that is supposed to serve the Greater Well Being of all Humans and LIfe. Use your power to do the right thing – protest and refuse technology that is harmful and insist on the peoples right to knowledge and choice and autonomy. Use your power with whatever position you have to restore our endangered planet to health for the next 7 generations.

  2. Laura Chariton says:

    My next door neighbor is a newly appointed CPUC commissioner.
    See the You Tube video – on my property from the LIES that PGE told me. Bat, salmon and bee concerns addressed below.

    If you know any attorneys….. P.G.E. never had to file an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Smart Meters and were granted a Categorical Exemption under California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) through the CPUC. Because of the effects of RFs and EMFs on certain species such as Salmonids, Bats and insects this should NEVER have happened without studies and a full EIR report that the public could comment on. See the Hedlund vs. SPAWN (2007?) (stands for Salmon Protection and Watershed Network) case for precedent regarding lead agencies not requiring EIRs where there may be significant and cumulative damage to a threatened or endangered species. The judge ruled that a full EIR was necessary and
    under CEQA law, no Categorical Exemption allowed. Many bats, salmonids, etc. are threatened or endangered and it is known that their survival is reliant on navigation impacted by RFs and EMFs.

    I have 4 bat houses on my house and have seen them regularly for 20 years. Since the Smart Meter the bat numbers are way down and appear to no longer be in any of the previous bat houses. I think they are not here anymore. They used to fly for hours around my house. I am lucky if I see one in several hours and they no longer fly around the area they used to…. near the Smart Meter. Imagine what its doing to human health.

  3. Tim Clarke says:

    Central Maine Power Company of Maine has received money from the federal government to put a smart meter in every house they run power to in the state.I have been concerned about the meters,since I heard they are wireless which seems ignorent since the power company can create their own internet connection through their power lines instead of going wireless,plus being able to sell high speed internet on the same lines.
    I have heard the many stories about bee colonies taking off anywhere near too many wireless connections and dying off for a few years.Are these smart meters always transmitting like a cell phone always being on in talking mode or are they only activated or highest radiation when called to get update on power usage?
    Like I said,I can see no reason for having wireless when they can run Internet on their power lines if they wanted to ,the same with all utility companies even if it was only for use for just the smart meters also. Do they have to pay extra fee’s to a wireless carrier to read the meters and pass that on to the consumer also?

    • Hi Tim,

      The smart meters that are being installed in CA (and many other places) radiate constantly, every 4-5 seconds, 24/7- a total of about 22,000 bursts of radiation every day. This is according to independent measurements.


  4. Charlotte McFadden says:

    Is it possible to have the meter removed? I have witnessed a huge loss of bee population in my yard.

  5. Anna Logg says:

    I’ve heard a few stories of people replacing their meters. The process as I understand it is pretty simple. Step 1: Buy an analog meter (online or from electrician supply store). Step 2: get an electrician to replace it. Step 3: LOCK UP YOUR NEW ANALOG METER! Good luck.

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