Emergency Mass Protest Called for Mon. Morning in Santa Cruz

This photo was taken at Noon today- Saturday June 25th- at 38th and Portola in Capitola where Wellington Energy has moved back their installation vehicles. PG&E plans to begin installation throughout the county on Monday


Capitola- Despite virtual unanimity amongst all local governments in Santa Cruz County, ordinances in Capitola, Watsonville and the unincorporated parts of the County, a groundswell of popular opposition, a growing commitment to civil disobedience to stop the rollout of “smart” meters, and a threat from the County Counsel that the Sheriff is poised to enforce the law, PG&E and their contractors Wellington Energy have moved back into Santa Cruz, readying dozens of trucks to roll out first thing Monday morning, bringing to a head months of debate and a growing alarm about the number of reports of health problems following installations elsewhere.

According  to sources inside PG&E, the company has “shock and awe” plans to deploy  in Santa Cruz in “blitzkrieg” style, forcing hundreds of installation trucks throughout the community to complete installation within weeks.

Activists in Santa Cruz have called for an emergency community protest and blockade Monday morning June 27th 7am at the corner of 38th Ave and Portola in Capitola. They are encouraging people to spread the word widely, to bring signs, leaflets, noisemakers, and your anger at PG&E for forcing a dangerous device onto people and wildlife of California.  Smart meters emit radiation that has been linked by the World Health Organization to cancer.  They allow unprecedented privacy violations within the home.  They have also been linked with a number of fires and explosions.  And that’s just the beginning….

Stop Smart Meters! made the following statement this morning:

“Communities as a whole- not just individuals- have the right to decide for themselves whether to take the risk of accepting 22,000 radiation spikes per day from every meter in our neighborhoods- radiation that is far stronger that common household devices like cell phones according to independent experts.   We don’t recognize the authority of PG&E and the CPUC to force ‘smart’ meters (what even the World Health Organization has now accepted as a cancer risk) on the community against our will, and against the will of our elected officials.  If PG&E is unwilling to accept the will of the community, then the community will give them a fight if that’s what they want.  The people will do what it takes to keep ‘smart’ meters out of the County. “

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6 Responses to Emergency Mass Protest Called for Mon. Morning in Santa Cruz

  1. RobertWilliams says:

    Now that the World Health Organization has linked Wireless Smart Meter Radiation and CANCER, how can PG$E continue to force installation onto people’s homes?

    • Roberto Mejia says:

      How can they force installations? With the compliance, indifference, and ignorance of the masses. I would install a lock box where they can still view the meter reading but not install their Cancer-Meter, the game is this: they threaten to shut off electricity but as some have stated, that would be illegal. They try to BS-Artist you it is their property but I would say “THIS LAND IS MY PROPERTY-get the FUCK out of here, and if you enter-I will call police/sheriff.” They say YOU signed a contract or other and you tell them SHOW me the contract. Also, if there even was a contract, this would be negated by them putting a HARMFUL device on/near your home. If they have a contract, that does not mean they can install anything they want to. These meters are not even functioning and are hazardous. Well like on of the pretender Neo-Cons stated, the US Constitution is not a SUICIDE PACT, and neither is your PG&E contract. I would not let them bully me, I would be like a mountain to block this on my home.

  2. Redi Kilowatt says:

    So KTVU got it totally wrong. They said that Capitola lifted the moratorium on installing the meters, and that PG&E was developing a new non transmitting meter to be furnished to people that don’t want a radio meter.
    I knew they were wrong about both things, but I had to share with people what the mainstream corporate media is putting out.
    I actually like KTVU news for the most part, but they really dropped the ball last Friday about PG&E developing new meters that don’t transmit.
    In Marin County the new radio meters have been installed and are transmitting, but due to the topography and telemetry problems, they are transmitting for nothing. The DCU’s are in place, have been for about a year, but they are not working in most parts of the county. Only down in the flatlands , parts of San Rafael, Novato and Birdland (Tam Valley) have meters that are working transmitting as dreamed, a very small percentage of the meters total.
    So far, they have laid off 1 “hiring hall” meter reader that earns $35 per hour with no benefits, and one regular meter reader was reassigned to the office, who earns $29 per hour with benefits.
    So they have eliminated 2 meter reading positions in Marin, so now, the existing meter readers have to take up the slack for the 2 eliminated meter readers. They are working overtime every day, so it hasn’t realized any profits at all in Marin, it’s actually costing more, because overtime is paid at time and one half.
    The whole project is a complete failure in Marin, we want our money back from PG&E that we paid for these new radio meters. REBATE !

  3. Eric Hanson says:

    Set up a facebook event and also a SmartMeter Action page (link provided)… and of course I and a few friends and family members will be there tomorrow morning!

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        I didn’t click on your link because I don’t know if it is connected to Facebook or not. I personally don’t want anything to do with any corporately/federally monitored social networking site.
        That is why I post on this site, because it is independent of Facebook.

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