“I Love my Smart Meter- It Kills Bees”

Want a fright for Halloween?  How about our food supply being seriously disrupted? Now, according to a letter to the editor from Prescott AZ, we have installers promising residents that the EMF from the meters will “get rid of bees.”  We’ve heard a number of reports now about bees disappearing around the vicinity of wireless meters.

We know that bees are critical pollinators that we depend on for much of our food supply.  We know that bee populations are in decline, and this is being linked with EMF’s by many researchers.  Yet no environmental impact report (EIR) was ever carried out on the ‘smart’ meter program to assess- much less prevent such disruptions to natural systems.  Here’s the letter:

I love my smart meter.

We had a bee colony close to my meter. When the APS guys came to put in the smart meter, I warned them of it. One told me, “Don’t worry, this will get rid of them.”

After a few days, they abandoned and never returned.

So, I am a giant smart meter fan, since it got rid of possible killer bees. My bills are a little higher than comparable periods in the past, but I am willing to pay that price to stop worrying about the bees.

Daily Courier, Prescott, Arizona

“Finally we’re questioning things like the collapse of the bee colonies all over the world. It’s significant. It’s global and It spells great threat for our human species. If we lose the pollinators, game over. We won’t be able to feed the planet.

It’s clear to me that bees which again operate within the natural background field of electromagnetic energy that the earth produces and that actually locate their food sources and their hives and communicate that to the rest of the bees in the hives-they come back and do the dance and say here’s where we go to find the pollen and then off they go–following a natural lay line-these are being confused and completely cross modulated”

-Starling Childs, Geologist and Forestry Consultant, Yale.

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  1. Redi Kilowatt says:

    That just goes to show that anyone pushing anything called SMART will say and do anything to make the forced sale. The same thing happened in Marin when Sonoma county created a “special train tax district” to fund their SMART public/private private development agency. Part of the program is to build tens of thousands of new Train Oriented Apartment Developments (TOADs). And each new unit will built next to the SMART train tracks and have a new SMART meter pre-attatched.
    Just say no anything peddled as being “SMART”.

  2. Jim says:

    The PUCs in a few States are doing investigations now, one even said “there was misinformation or a lack of information when the commission approved the application to begin the project”. Talk about covering your arse.

    Please, everyone… send in the letter from the link at the top of this page, and also add in all the extra paragraphs posted below it. You have to do some editing, but it covers all the issues and concerns pretty well.

    All these issues need to be part of that investigation. They will still try to cover up a lot of these issues and possibly skew “independent” test results.

    So please keep sending in those letters and also copies to the PUC.

    Some other things you should be worried about:

    “Smart” meters are programmable from remote. They can be COMPLETELY REPROGRAMMED from remote by the utility or a hacker. YES, A HACKER!

    What does that mean? It means they could change the rate of data transmission at any time. The utility or SOMEONE ELSE could reprogram them to transmit your data down to the millisecond if they wanted.

    They could change the CALIBRATION figures so you pay more, or pay less. The utility could do this without anyone knowing. Then if there is an investigation, they will just put them back before anyone finds out. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROVE A THING! It’s not fair commercial trade.

    Not all utilities use the same meters or the same programming, like Florida SHOWS on their customer accessible web page data to 5 minute increments. If people later demand more “resolution” then the utilities will just upload a new meter program and POOF! You have every 2 minutes!

    Again, just because the web site only shows every 5 minutes, you really don’t know if they are collecting data every minute and only SHOWING 5 minutes worth.

    Hackers could make a bank of 100 meters go on and off over and over until your local transformer overloads. Or do it with thousands and make your local grid drop out.

    Hackers are currently taking these meters apart and doing all kinds of crazy things with them, new posts are coming out on the internet every day as they try to “out do” each other.

    “Smart” meters are the new hacker toy and hacking challenge!

    There are a lot of hidden dangers in these meters, and no one will pay attention until after something big happens.

    Even if the data on the web site is said to be available the “next day on the internet”, the actual data was TRANSMITTED OVER THE AIR TODAY !! And so it can be intercepted by ANYONE. Encryption can be broken, or they just need to find the keys inside the device. This is basic public knowledge stuff!

    The “4 hour” data transmission period statement made by some “smart” meter company official at a PG&E meeting is incorrect, it can be whatever the utility wants it to be and can be changed with the push of a button from their office AT ANY TIME.

    “Smart” meters ARE capable of distinguishing what individual devices and appliances one is using by the data it obtains, it also can tell the power factor, voltage, amperage and DIRECTION OF FLOW of electricity. It is capable of logging and storing data for an entire week or possibly a month depending on how much memory they have put in that particular model.

    Privacy violations are possible with a “smart” meter. No doubt. Anyone with an electronics or programming background would know this.

  3. Janet Ashkenazy says:

    I am seeking information on a landis smart meter case brought to court to force PG&E to reveal the actual electromagnetic pulses produced daily by the landis smart meter. I understand PG&E was forced by the court to truthfully admit that the electromagnetic pulses of the landis smart meter could vary anywhere between 50,000 to 190,000 per day.

    I need this information because I am an anti-smart meter advocate for a disabled person who has had 8 landis smart meters installed on the exterior of his apartment. I want to prove that he may be exposed to excessive number of electromagnetic pulses which he can ill afford to tolerate.

    Please contact me with any verifying information regarding the landis smart meter. This would be very helpful and would be shared with the ACLU, Hawaii Human Rights Commission, Legal Aid of Honolulu and other agencies sympathetic to the plight of my disabled client.

    Thank you very much for any information you can provide.


    Janet Ashkenazy

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