PG&E Begins Removing ‘Smart’ Meters Due to Health Effects

Widening Call for Immediate Return of Analogs;
Disconnection of “Mesh” Wireless Network

UPDATE, Nov. 3, 2011: Glendale CA resident also has ‘smart’ meter replaced with analog meter by utility GWP. Video:

SANTA CRUZ, CA—Just as PG&E enters the final phase of its deployment of wireless “smart” meters in California, the largest of the state’s Investor Owned Utilities (IOU’s) has reversed course, quietly beginning to replace the ‘smart’ meters of those reporting health impacts with the old trusty analog version.  Consumer rights and health groups immediately seized on the news, demanding that millions of Californians unhappy with their new wireless meters get their analogs returned immediately at no cost.

‘Smart’ meters are new wireless utility meters being installed as part of the “smart” grid initiative, spearheaded by technology firms and backed by the Obama administration and the Department of Energy.  Promises ranging from lower utility bills to enhanced renewable generation capacity have failed to materialize, with widespread reports of higher bills, privacy violations, fires and explosions, and commonly reported health impacts such as headaches, nausea, tinnitus, and heart problems associated with powerful wireless transmissions.   Widely disparate political groups- from members of the Green Party to the Tea Party and Occupy protesters have attacked the program, and dozens of grassroots organizations have sprouted up over the past several months to fight what they call an undemocratic, unconstitutional and dangerous assault on people in their own homes and neighborhoods.  Dozens of people have been detained or arrested for peaceful civil disobedience and even simply speaking out against deployments.

In California, more than 47 cities and counties have demanded a halt to installation, and a dozen local governments have passed laws prohibiting the controversial technology. [2] The ‘smart’ meter issue has further angered a public already seething at the utilities over repeated gas explosions, safety breaches at nuclear reactors, and an increasingly extortionate rate structure.  Word of California’s ‘smart’ meter nightmare has spread across the country and around the world, prompting some utilities to place smart meter plans on hold, and recently Nevada’s PUC to call for investigations into the health effects and other smart meter problems.

Now in a dramatic turnaround that could signal the beginning of a widespread recall of wireless ‘smart’ meters, on October 28th PG&E re-installed a classic spinning disc analog meter on the home of Santa Cruz, CA resident Caitlin Phillips, who had been suffering headaches and other symptoms from her ‘smart’ meter.   The move comes in response to verbal directives from the California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey, who recently told members of the public that the utility “will provide for you to go back to the analog meter if that’s your choice.”  The CPUC has been slow to respond to thousands of ordinary citizens reporting health effects from the new meters.

When a Wellington Energy installer (contracted with PG&E) came to install a smart meter at her home, Caitlin asked the installer to get off her property and not install, because of what a neighbor had told her about possible health damage and privacy violations.   “When I returned home later, I discovered a smart meter on my house.   That night I awoke to severe anxiety, headache, and buzzing in my teeth, and realized the new smart meter was on the other side of the wall from my bed.”  Caitlin reported her experience to PG&E and the CPUC, who both declined to rectify the situation.  When the symptoms persisted, Caitlin sought the assistance of the Scotts Valley based group Stop Smart Meters! who provided an analog meter and referred her to a professional who could help her remove her ‘smart’ meter.  As soon as the analog was installed, Caitlin’s symptoms disappeared.

Frustrated and outraged about her treatment by the utility and the PUC, Caitlin travelled to San Francisco to speak at a commission meeting on Oct. 20th.   About a week later, PG&E crews were at her house replacing her temporary analog meter with a brand new official PG&E analog meter.  This is believed to be the first time PG&E have willingly replaced an analog meter on the home of someone suffering from health effects.

An “opt-out” proceeding overseen by an Administrative Law Judge is underway at the CA Public Utilities Commission, yet those suffering (in some cases severe) health impacts have been stuck in limbo as utilities refuse to remove the harmful meters upon request- until now.

“There are hundreds of thousands- if not millions- of people suffering in their homes from forced ‘smart’ meter radiation,” said Joshua Hart, Director of the grassroots organization Stop Smart Meters!  “The utilities and PUC’s must respond promptly to all requests that analogs be returned.  The alternative is that people will increasingly turn to independent professionals to remove unwanted ‘smart’ meters from their homes, a reasonable action we assert is within our legal rights. Protecting your family’s health is not tampering.”

PG&E and other utilities have also been responding to health complaints by replacing wireless ‘smart’ meters with digital meters that are “wireless-ready.”  These digital meters have been associated with health problems from “dirty electricity” frequencies that pass into a home via the electrical wiring.  These “trojan horse” meters have been roundly rejected by those who report continuing health impacts after installation. Susan Brinchman, Director of San Diego based Center for Electrosmog Prevention. said “At this point, the burden of responsibility is on the utilities to demonstrate that any new meter they want to install on our homes is safe.  Communities have the right to retain analog meters at no extra charge.  Period.”

Video Interview of Caitlin on KION News: [Warning: this news site crashes some browsers]:

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70 Responses to PG&E Begins Removing ‘Smart’ Meters Due to Health Effects

  1. Daryl Vernon says:

    Ontario, Canada where we live seems to have been the model for technocratic smart meter roll-out mania in North America. From two utilities, at two locations, we requested and obtained replacement non-meshed but still once-a-day wirelessly transmitting meters. (In both cases the wireless data collection has not been utilized for billing purposes, although transmission occurs. Visual reading and estimates are still used.) A phone-wired meter was rejected by one, the other demanded a high cost dedicated phone line which we rejected as unfair and unnecessary to solve the utility’s problem of occasional derelict phone line maintenance. In Ontario at least one smaller utility is offering a no-extra-charge phone-line-wired option using existing phone lines via line splitters, obtained by the customer, similar to large customer TOU metering arrangements in operation for many years. The provincial legal requirement seems to be that there be a minimum of daily early a.m. reporting of the prior day’s usage. Of course, the whole scheme goes far beyond that.

    In one of the locations we deal with, a wilderness-edge area no longer retaining its relatively very low ambient electrosmog (eg est 10 mi nearest cell transmitters) because of the meshed network, 1W (est 2 gHz) transmitters provoked various symptoms in myself & spouse. The replacement we have not sufficiently monitored for continuing deleterious health effects, although the situation last checked was no longer intolerable with the replacement as it was before.

    At the other urban location, minimum 1/4-hourly transmission power levels were 5000x lower (at around 900 mHz), but also perturbing, not to mention the significantly increased ambient e-smog. I myself had RF hearing provoked, actually able to “hear” the 1/4-hourly firings off. The replacement meter has eliminated that rise and fall of tinnitus. But a different tinnitus has returned, suspiciously provoked when in locations in the house in closest proximity to the outdoor-mounted meter. Whatever unintended frequencies are coming off these meters in the course of normal operation, the “dirty electricity”, is suspected of being at the root of the continuing symptoms. This Frey effect hearing (equally provoked by various other elements of wireless mania) must not be taken as industry-connected research purports, mere non-adverse if acknowledged bioeffect. It must be regarded as much as pain or heat would be elsewhere in the body, as a warning of possible grave harm at persistent exposure. We get a kind of sonic warning in the brain instead.

    In one location in Ontario, a severe sufferer proactively sent a registered letter to the utility to warn off installation of any such wireless meter. Thus far there has been compliance, despite deployment in the area. Smart meter sufferers in Ontario are regularly heard from, various symptoms reported, but concerted joint action is more difficult here..

    The political & general culture in Ontario differs greatly from California (and British Columbia where the federation of municipalities has requested a moratorium, after strong citizen action to fend off the imminent mass meter installation; & Quebec, where a similar movement is afoot to prevent the imminent programme there; Ontario sadly is faced with eventual mass undoing of existing installations in the millions.) Californians involved are to be commended for strongly advancing this
    aspect of confronting and rolling back the mass assault from human abuse of the EM spectrum.

    • Tricia says:

      Has no one bothered to check and get in WRITING from their home insurance company that being the installers are NOT ticketed, licensed and insured ELECTRICIANS (not to mention the meters have NOT been CCPSA CSA approved), that your home insurance is still valid? I did last year and IF someone who is NOT a QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN installs that PG&E garbage equipment (remember Erin Brochovich) my house insurance would be void!

    • keith williams says:

      Couldn’t the EMF radiation be contained by enclosing it in a grounded metal cabinet? It would be a Fahraday cage.

      • In an ideal world yes, but RF has a way of leaking out through even the smallest cracks (ever been in a dark room with a light crack?) plus often the backs of electric meters are unshielded and a cabinet would just reflect the RF back into the house. Get rid of the smart meter and Demand Analog. No compromise, no substitute- just demand it and don’t take no for an answer or pay them any extortion fee to protect your family. Period.

  2. Redi Kilowatt says:

    It is reassuring to know that all all our efforts have finally had some good results.
    I live on a mile long street with 36 houses, and at least 10 electric customers refused the new meters (myself included) when the sub-contractors came through last year.
    It’s as if our utility provider (PG&E) knew their meter program was a dud, they sent a couple of stupid letters saying that they needed access to install the “required” new meters. We all laughed and ignored them. They did manage to install 26 new meters up here but all of them are still read monthly by the skeleton crew of meter readers. There are no data collectors up here, and the mesh network only works down in the flat lands and is line of sight. All the hills and trees, and houses (there are no apartment or condo buildings here) that are spread out render their mesh network and data collecting network useless.
    I am not electro sensitive, but I noticed as soon as they started slapping in meters nearby, 2 share the same step down transformer as my house, even though the houses are over 200 feet away from mine, my powerline carrier home automation system has malfunctioned. I have many lighting circuits controlled by my automation system that have worked perfectly for at least 10 years until the new meters were imported into the area. Now , lights come on at odd hours for no reason, rendering my automation system useless and wasting energy. I have since had to abandon my expensive system, which is a hassle, because I designed my house to use it. I am pissed off at PG&E because of this, they have cost me thousands of dollars because of their useless new meter program that doesn’t even work here.
    The meter program was a sham from day one, and I hope they yank each and every single one of those new revenue meters, and rehire all the meter readers that they laid off.

    • Reg Fedison says:

      You mention that your wireless powerline carrier system has been rendered useless by the installation of the smart meter. I would just like to inform you that your wireless powerline carrier system works by putting a radio signal of much higher frequency than your powerline frequency onto your house wiring. This is what controls all the devices in your house. This signal “bleeds” out into your house and has been contributing to the “electro-smog” in your house for the past ten years. Why your carrier system doesn’t work any more since the installation of the smart meter is perplexing because they transmit at frequencies above 800 MHz and the Powerline Carrier system works usually in the KHz region. The smart meter probably has some harmonic filtering in its circuitry which is passing your Powerline Carrier frequency to ground. I doubt if the signal transmitted by the smart meter has anything to do with it.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Yes, I am aware of how powerline carrier systems work, I have been installing them for decades.
        But you are right, I really don’t know if the new meters being shared on my stepdown transformer are the cause of my problems.
        All I know that as soon as the new meters were brought up here and installed, my DHC system started acting up. I have not introduced any new devices at my house, so I blame the smart meters. Part of my system has a radio remote controller and receiver, so I can (or could) use the controller as a remote and use it in any room . It takes radio signals from the receiver and repeats them as RF on the powerlines in my house. So, it may not be RF on powerlines causing the problem, it could be RF transmitted in the air.
        I have not complained to PG&E because I really don’t know for sure, but since the problems started when the new meters were put in, they are the suspect #1 in my mind.
        I have never had any ill affects from my home automation system, and I really like the features when it worked properly.
        But it’s not the end of the world for me not having an automation system, and the main concern is health and well being for everyone, health is wealth.
        I am opposed to this global corporate deployment of radio meters for many reasons, not what some science fiction writers say about privacy, but because of all the constant lying about how these radio meters are somehow supposed to upgrade our power grids in this country. The radio meters have nothing at all to do with upgrading our archaic power grids in the U.S, they have not even yet started upgrading the power grids in 98 % of the U.S.
        That power grid upgrading will cost $300 billion and take 10 years to complete, and that is over and above the cost of the radio meter project which has already started.
        I don’t have a new meter, I beefed up security and refused the installation, but I have a strong feeling that PG&E and all the other global corporations will continue to ramrod these meters on people who don’t have the means to stave them off.
        I think this radio meter project is by far the biggest global corporate rip off in the history of this planet, besides the the military industrial complex and creating wars.

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Redi,

      This might give you insite to the cause of your troubles:

      I think Reg is right, the ‘smart’ meters might not be what is causing this but the year-long testing for them might.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Thank you Daniel for the very informative article. So it has nothing to do with the meters, they are tweeking the power grid, which the new meters have nothing to do with. Maybe that is why some meters run fast !
        In the traffic engineering and control industry, we have many signal systems that must be in sync all the time. Time based coordination systems like progressive systems must be extremely accurate. A yellow light is about 3 seconds long, and if that was off by one second, it could cause conflicting indications and accidents.
        We use the WWJ radio stations operated by the U.S. government that broadcasts coordinated universal time using nuclear clocks, and also mobile phone networks, so, I don’t think traffic signal controllers will be affected by this grid testing. TORT liability could bankrupt public agencies who operate traffic signal systems. But, the bean counting corporations should be concerned about their clocks running fast. When they have millions of yearly salaried workers actually working for 14 seconds less per year, that is a concern.

  3. Liz Yuen says:

    This is very good news. I’d like to know if PG$E is still continuing to install Smart Meters?

    • admin says:

      @Liz This is only the very beginning of the end–there is a long fight ahead. Rest assured that PG&E will continue to blithely install as many ‘smart’ meters as it can. This is a corporate juggernaut, and will require concerted resistance for a long time to come. We’ve already all of us paid for this debacle, and unfortunately, PG&E and the CPUC will likely make us pay for the huge mess it will have created.

  4. Ron says:

    Two questions:

    1. Why does the audio drop out for the last 13 seconds of the video of Caitlin Phillips’ testimony before the PUC, the critical conclusion where Peevey moves his mouth as though he were saying something meaningful?

    2. Has anyone tested her new official “PG&E re-installed classic spinning disc analog meter” with a EMR detector to see how it compares with a smeter?

    • BJ says:

      How about a second meter to test the accuracy of theirs??!!

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Ron, you should ask Amy O. to test one.
      If the new analog meter does not have a tranceiver, then whatever EMF’s coming out of it would be from the power lines (grid).
      Having electricity being distributed and consumed does give off EMF’s, but not the unnecessary radio frequency radiation associated with the new radio meters.
      That seems to the most common complaint, RF radiation.
      Living near high tension transmission lines is just as bad as living near high pressure gas transmission lines, maybe even worse than gas.
      If one really want’s to be safe , they should live in a cabin far from town, and not use any electricity at all, even alternate sources.
      This news that PG&E is allowing customers to get rid of the radio meters is the best thing that we could have ever hoped for.
      Even though PG&E fooled the ratepayers into thinking that by replacing the analog meters was upgrading the power grid, and charged us $2.2 billion to boot, I don’t ever expect to get any rebates from them for their completely failed marketing scam. So many people made tons of money off of this sham, and if they have to rip it all out, so be it. We will have to just “take it as a burn”.
      There will be so many “holes” in the mesh network, PG&E would be better off recycling those meters with the Silver Springs “mesh” network back to China where they came from and possibly recoup some money for “scrap”. Any money for selling junk radio meters will be pure profit to the owners of PG&E, we won’t see one dime of it, but who cares ?.

    • admin says:

      @Ron The CPUC makes it extremely hard to extract the video from their meetings. They use Real Player, and to get a clip to upload is hard (typically 4-5 tries before anything is successfully captured) plus it almost always gets out of synch. We will re-making the video and will upload it again.

      Peevey did not say *anything* except Caitlin’s name, before or after her speech (except to give her more time).

  5. Robert says:




    All that’s left is ensuring they don’t slip us ‘Smart Meter Light’ and we’re home free.

    • admin says:

      YES–there is such a thing as smart meter “light”–it is a digital non-transmitting meter that is all set up to have a wireless card slipped into it.

      DO NOT accept one of these meters after getting them to agree to remove the ‘smart’ meter. These still have the switching mode power supply, which creates intermediate frequencies and sol-called ‘dirty electricity’, and can be a problem for sensitive (or sensitized) people. It looks like a ‘smart’ meter but without the ‘smart’ on the front, or the FCC number.

  6. Liz Yuen says:

    I have posted this article and have gotten a reply that all that has happened is one person, Caitlin, has gotten her analog meter put back on. The title “PG&E Begins Removing ‘Smart’ Meters Due to Health Effects” is plural implying a mass removal. I don’t want to mislead people or have them let their guard down prematurely. I’m grateful for this news, and I need more information.

    Here is a comment from my posting this:
    I just phoned PG&E… they said they have no mandate to remove smart meters, they were just told to remove the one….

    really wish they would take the damn thing off my wall and replace with analog… but at this point, they were uncooperative…

  7. James says:

    Getting to the bottom of this you will find that the UN’s Agenda 21 is behind the instillation of these meters. Read about Agenda 21 and when you see that, look at all of the other things the UN is attempting to do to the United States public. Agenda 21 through the UN is not just attacking US citizens, it is out to control the whole world. Get the UN off of United States soil, get our government out of the UN and stop those that would rule the world from taking another step in their goal of world domanation. Smart Meters are just one of their attempts to control the lives of every human on planet earth.

    • Liz Yuen says:

      I totally agree and I think it’s important we educate ourselves about Agenda 21. It is included in an eBook on Smart Meters at the end of chapter 8. You can download it from at the bottom of the page.

      For presidential candidates who would do everything possible to keep fascism, empire building, and globalism at bay, please consider voting for Ron Paul in the primary. He’s more progressive than Obomba. (Requires temporarily registering Republican postmarked by May 21, 2012 for the June 5th 2012 primary for California).

      Restore America Now
      Ron Paul REVOLution

    • Dar says:

      I agree totally ~ the UN is out to do the US in ~ the US should get out of the UN and take care of the citizens at home!!

  8. BJ says:

    Boy, you Californians know how to pull it together!! I think we need to give some thanks to Hawaii and Nevada too. This may have been the turning point when all the lies flushed down the drain. FINALLY some official sources saying NO to this insanity!! Now, if i can only get my predatory AZ utility to do the same. I totally agree with Redi. They knew from the beginning what they were doing and were probably trained on how to react since ALL the utilities have had the same demeanor and stonewalling attitude, along with the brutal ‘we couln’t care less if you are sick’ answers. Funny how they ALL had the same sickening talking points. Along with blaming everything under the sun EXCEPT for Smart Meters for high bills, fires and explosions!! Not to mention their disgusting lies, “the meters are safe, the meters are no worse than a cell phone, the meters are no stronger than a wireless router, they meet FCC standards (for just below killing you), we can’t get analog meters anymore, we are not responsible for replacing your $4000 TV, “, on and on. I have 4 meters on the other side of my LR wall and I will tell you that they heat me up! For the first time ever, this summer I had to keep my A/C 4 degrees lower than I have for 20 yrs. If I tried to bump it up even one degree, I broke into a sweat just sitting there. It’s just another Obama huge corporate giveaway, and like Solano, they don’t care if it fails, they money has already been grabbed. The whole program looks like a bunch of high school drop-outs concocked it! It’s just incredible. I’ve NEVER seen anything like it. How many generations will it take for THIS 3.4 billion to be paid back? Now, there’s a good story line for a new reality show: “Criminals gone wild”.

  9. lee says:

    smart meter on outside of wall next to where she sleeps, if the analogue meter is placed in exactly the same place she is still in danger of brain cancer.
    Tesla field effect is well known about in the uk and the propensity for devices such as. meters, burglar alarms, any high powered electrical device should be at least six feet away from your head preferably further when you are sleeping.
    8yr old child sleeping less than three feet away went from being a happy kid when his parents moved house to being withdrawn and sickly in the new house, within 6months of sleeping within a strong tesla field he had brain cancer and died.
    the electricity meter was attached to the top of the wall just under the ceiling which above was his bedroom floor. less than three feet.

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  13. Cassius says:

    National Grid in New York State has refused to remove their digital meters.

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  15. Cara says:

    Replacing Smart Meters with analog ones will also generate new jobs for meter readers.

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  20. Jim says:

    Smart meter fire in progress!

    You can see how dangerous this is, it isn’t like the meter sparks a bit and the fire stops. And the flames get really intense.

    There are a number of these, just search YouTube for “smart meter fire” or combinations of that.

    These untrained installers can break the insulators during the install and cause problems like this.

    We know they are in a hurry so if they don’t pay attention this could happen to you!

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  22. karyn says: all makes me want to move to Puerto Rico…I love where I live..but it makes me sick .. 🙁 ~ Our town Boulder Creek CA…is where they FIRST installed them ~in an EXTREMELY SHADY way..a year and a half ago~ I have been their guinea pig…OPT out was NEVER an OPTION ~FORCED INSTALLATION with MAJOR INTIMIDATION was how they did it. It’s just a DISGRACE to be treated that way by anyone…and then to have you over a barrel BECAUSE you want to be able to have some POWER..that has been in my name (PG+ E Account) for the whole time we have had our house…they should reimburse us for having to pay them for ruining our HEALTH !

  23. karyn says:

    ..and furthermore… ARRRGGGHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! Can’t they see the Big Picture of EVERYONE that is connected to this…including their own children and parents and animals and pets and plants and fruit trees that bear no fruit and bees that make no honey..and people with pacemakers that can be killed and…the elderly who have no one to CHECK them out if they are even STAYING ALIVE. DEAR GOD HELP US !!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!

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  26. Joanne says:

    Smart meter was installed here in central CA on 9/3/09. So far, I have abandoned the bedroom where it is on the outside wall. My bee hive installed about 30 feet away from the meter last April was empty by June. They just up and left. Wish I could. I have two calls into the smart meter department of PG & E (1-866-743-0263). These calls are journal noted, in ink, in my phone log of this saga. I refer to the re-installation of the analog meter for Ms. Phillips, and ask for a date to have this meter replaced with an analog one. So far, I have been told: they do not replace them, they will turn off the wi-fi, and will refer the claim to the next available person. Next, I’m going solar. I would gladly just go non-electric, except for the septic system that requires power. Yikes!

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  28. Bruce says:

    What happens if I live in a 2 unit duplex with both meters on my neighbors side and then my neighbor wants the smart meters removed?

    Will I also have to pay the extra fees even though I did not ask to opt out???

    (I don’t care if they are removed or disabled, simply feel it would be completely unfair to charge me extra under that scenario)

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      A 2 unit duplex with both meters on my neighbors side ?
      Not quite clear, but unless you own the building, you will have to do whatever your neighbor wants.
      If you live in a condo or town home, even if you have a 30 year loan, you do not own the building or the grounds, just the inside 4 walls, with many restrictions to boot.
      If the building owner approves of removing the meters, then there is nothing that you can do, the same goes for apartment dwellers. Maybe you will have to move to one of the new Train Oriented Apartment Developments (TOAD’s) built next to the freeway and train tracks if you want a SmartMeter.
      If you don’t mind train noise, freeway noise, city lights pollution and air pollution, then a little RF radiation should be no problem at all for you.

  29. Mr Mego Watt says:

    Holy Crap you NorCal people are bunch of Loony Toons. Were is the proof that the rf signal from the smart meters? Where is the scientifically verifiable proof? The answer is that there is none. You tell people that mail box on the front of their house is emitting harmfull rays and I guarantee you the very next day thousands of people will be claiming the mail boxes are making them sick and demanding lawsuits against the post office (they didn’t put the boxes there in the first place).
    PG&E should not back down to these fools and CPUC should stand their ground. Smart Electrical meters are necessary component of a better managed distribution grid

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  32. Josh says:

    Mr. Mego Watt asks:
    “Were is the proof that the rf signal from the smart meters?”

    I believe what he is trying to ask is this:
    “Where is the proof that the rf signal from the smart meters is harmful?”

    The link provided by the admin should help answer this question, as should this link:

    However, an astute observer might note that, given the tone of his comment and given who his employer apparently is, he is in all likelihood entirely uninterested in the answer to this question; he is, in effect, offering it entirely rhetorically. Such an observer might also note that the inability to write his rhetorical query in a coherent manner is itself a possible symptom of the neuronal death that results from exposure to microwave radiation, and that Mr. Mego Watt might want to consider sitting a bit further from the wi-fi transmitter when composing his prose on this subject.

    The real question raised by Mr. Mego Watt’s comment is this: what if microwave radiation renders people too brain-dead to comprehend the nature of the problems that such radiation causes?

  33. VA says:

    Just called to have it removed. IT WILL COST ME $75 one time fee to have it removed AND $10/month FOREVER to not have it.

    I NEVER asked for this thing. Why should I now pay to NOT HAVE IT???

    • Julie says:

      Just got a certified letter from PG&E informing me that since I have been on their SmartMeter Delay List (I have refused installation multiple times), I have the right now to Opt-Out of their free installation. HOWEVER, in order to Opt-Out I will be charged a one-time ‘set-up’ charge of $75 as well as a $10/month meter-reading charge indefinitely! OUTRAGEOUS. So, in order to avoid privacy violations, fire/explosion risks, detrimental & dangerous health impacts, forced RF microwave radiation exposure, and electrosmog potentially caused by SmartMeters, I now have to pay more????? This is undoubtedly unconstitutional since I have no other choice for electricity. I am supposed to let them know my choice by May 1st…HOW DO I FIGHT THIS??

      • Marlene Lundin says:

        I also had mine removed and yes, the charges are unfair and outrageous but my health is more important, I felt like I was going crazy, unable to sleep and the headaches were terrible.
        Feel much better now.

  34. Donna Stuart says:

    I live in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and have every possible symptom I have read – mostly from California – since my Smart Meter was installed at the end of 2009. : the noises and symptoms started by the summer of 2010: hair falling out, the top of my head gets a tingling feeling like I have a sunburn on the top of my head, headache or migraine every day, non-stop electrical noise which, at first, I could just hear inside my house – after some months, I can now hear the electrical noise where ever there is any electricity – whistling, cycling, pulsing, screeching, fan noises, buzzing noises, humming – unbearable 24 hours/day… It seems to run through all the wires in my house and is much worse there than anywhere else. My sinuses are affected – my right ear particularly is now plugging up as though I’m going down a steep hill and sometimes remains like that all day. Couldn’t sleep more than 2 0r 3 hours a night for more than 9 months before I finally broke down at work and was convinced to go to the doctor. I am now on 3 kinds of anxiety, depression pills and sleeping pills just to be able to live in my house and go to work every day. It’s not as though I can take any sick days – my sickness is caused by my house because the Ontario Government mandated that a Smart Meter be stuck on the side of the house that I own and have paid taxes on for 33 years. I spend every weekend sleeping from taking the pills and so I can’t hear the noise since I’m stuck with it all day. My vacation days are ruined. After almost a year and a half of emailing the Brantford Power company – they won’t put the analog meter back on but have finally agreed to put a meter on that requires a direct phone line. I have no idea how much this will cost and if the wiring in my house will still be affected by the smart meter across the driveway or by the whole smart grid system in general. I also don’t know how much I’ll have to pay for power. I can only hope this will work. I have sent documents to Brantford Power, the Mayor, the councillors, everybody I could think of to send information to and testimonials from all the people in the USA about the health problems caused by the meters – and I also asked them to help me – and told them how this has completely ruined my life. I have to take all the medication above just to keep from going crazy. I don’t know if the main problem is from the wiring in my house (some houses are said to be worse than others) or that I have developed a sensitivity to the electrical noise or both. There is absolutely no place I can get away from the noise and get any relaxation – I have no interest in doing anything – I just sit and listen to the noise, with my TV on s loud as possible, and a noise machine going just for the distraction – nothing cancels out the noise. If I caused this problem for anybody else, I would be charged or fined or put in jail but the government just gets away with it.

  35. Stop Smart Meters

    I am a retired electronic technician who has had the smart meter put on his garage/workshop wall about a year ago. I haven’t really thought about the health effects of the smart meters; but I do think about my big electric bill, which is about twice that of the analog meters. My home is fed underground from the garage by about 30 feet of wire. Has anybody done experimentation of wrapping the meter glass with a lead sheet to see if the health effects are diminished? That should reduce the radiation of radio frequencies. I wonder if the smart meters are smarter than we realize. PG&E did not put the meters in for their good looks. It is all about revenue. Granted, my home workshop has welding equipment, grinding equipment as well as other tools, which use electricity; however the workshop has not changed except for the smart meter. Why is my electric bill doubled? If so many smart meter output signals are mixed on one line, what is the result? Can there be much lower frequencies produced by this mixing, which can cause hearing problems? What happens when I use my welder at normal frequencies now with the smart meter frequencies superimposed on the power lines? Am I subjected to resultant frequencies, which are like mixing a whole bunch of unknown chemicals? Boy, I wish that the power companies would be like doctors who give us a bunch of pills and tell us to take them and get back to them in two weeks. The doctors think we are human gene-pigs so why can’t the power companies pull the same strategy on their customers. The health effect from the smart meters must be documented and researched properly such as a drug company use blind studies. This same research must be done regarding the billing from a smart meter. Is the smart metering so accurate that the actual energy the customer uses is now being recorded and billed? As long as I have used electricity, the analog meter has been recording my energy use. Is the smart meter so much more accurate in its energy measurement, which is a resultant of inductance, capacitance, and resistance at a superior calculation as compared to the old analog meter? It may be hard for me to accept the better new watt-hour smart meter measurements of my energy use when I have been billed for over a half century using the old watt-hour analog meter. However, even the neighbor’s impedance of their load may now affect my impedance of my load, which my smart meter now uses so accurately to calculate my bill. Who is right? Who is wrong? For sure the health of the consumer is most important. Without health, who will pay for the new energy calculations? Setting a president is a factor in the billing. Why should the consumer now pay a higher rate for energy because technology has come up with a superior way of measurement? Is the old measurement of energy that far off from the new smart meter’s calculation? Are my health problems just in my head?


  36. Brenda says:

      I live in a moble home park , and in my yard there are 7 smart meter’s !!!!! I have had a heart attack since they have been put in. I just wonder if they had any thing to do with them ???

    • That is really horrible Brenda. Yes it’s possible that the smart meters were at least partly responsible. Anyone who suggests that our hearts are not affected by electromagnetic fields nor emit EMF’s should examine an ECG. We suggest you do whatever it takes to eliminate smart meter exposure. Please enter a complaint immediately at and let your doctor know your concerns.

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  38. Mark says:

    One reason your bill is higher is because they bill you on a daily basis now with the smart meter. Every day you use excessive energy, you are thrown into the higher tiers. On days when you conserve and don’t use all your low tier kwh’s you loose them. They hide this on your bill in the chart that is called average cost per killowatt hour.

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  40. Joyce Peterbark says:

    My husband has been hospitalized for the third time since August this year, suffering from pnuemonia, then blood clots and now a weakened heart functioning at only 20%. I am talking about a man that has never had any health problems nor had he ever been hospitalized prior to August. He has recurring breathing problems, loss of appetite and strength. I had to call 911 today because he could bearly breathe. My grandson is having bronichal problems as well as myself for the past two months.

    The doctor wants to place a pace maker in my husband. He was a truly healthy man before these smart-meters were installed. Never even had a high blood pressure problem in his life (his pressure is 107/76), and this has been his norm since we’ve been together for 25 years.


    • Paul H says:

      Place large cases of water around the bed at ground level. Stack them 7 cases high and get the ones without cardboard for support. Get rid of all metal in the bedroom as microwaves can gain 20db in this environment. Shut off all unnecessary breakers at the box because microwaves use the energized wiring in your home as a pathway. 4 to 5 glasses of green tea has been shown to repair damage caused by 900 MHz frequency. Check his blood sugar levels because they rose on me when I had a smart meter.

      Here is a recent documentary on wireless and its effects on every living thing. It’s called Resonance Beings of Frequency. Make sure to watch all the way to the end where the credits are shown for the interview

  41. Mia Nony says:

    Hey, Paul, thanks, I had forgotten that water is radiation absorbent and a buffer against electromagnetics. I guess I was too focused on the fact that we are mostly water and we absorb it
    One appealing story is the one about the guy who played dumb about resistance, never let on how much he hated the smart meters, immediately used a hammer, then phoned them and acted shocked at the vandalism he had “discovered”, asked them to come out and replace the damaged “meter”, then did it again, over and over until they gave him back an analog meter. Of course this would only work if you have not tipped your anti smart meter poker hand first. I think it was called the $2 solution.
    What bothers me far more are those people who don;t fight back, passive and helpless instead of getting good and angry or eve getting even. I just do not understand anyone allowing often irreversible damage to occur to them and their loved ones without doing something about it when faced with a corporation which does not care if humans end up collateral damage in the greed wars.
    There is no law I’ve heard of the forbids neutralizing radiation frequencies. Anyone is free to do so by many means, for instance using carbon sheets such as furnace filters to completely surround and cover the back wall behind this smart grid end device they call a “meter”. That is just a trick, THEIR name for a plastic remotely operated “estimator” computer that has rewritable software and can overwrite and hide its own tracks. To test this, film the device working. Then flip the master panel switch or go off grid onto a power outage back u0 system and observe how this device continues to measure zero usage which you are no longer using at all.
    One other fighting chance choice would be to deflect the frequencies – (sadly, this is not a great one, since this only sends the toxicity back out to the bees we cannot live without).
    Or why not suffocate the sucker by using lead, copper, nickel, aluminium mesh cages on the back wall behind the meter as well as all around it and do yourself and the ecosystem a big favour.Just be prepared to remove it when they show up, it belongs to you after all, and then replace it when they leave, Noting they can do about this. They are utterly dependent on your full co-operation, so don;t give it to them.
    We used barricades and documents, specially prepared lawful notices of default (contractual and otherwise) and Notices of Claim of Right to prevent installation by unqualified installers of a device which enables frequencies that are non compliant with the electrical or building codes. Next ones refuse the utility the use of your private property and home wiring as their place to conduct their business using your wiring as their network management data management centre. All of these angles are working, so far so good.
    Of course that still won’t protect anyone from the rest of the microwave blanket enabled by those around you who remain unwilling to push back or won’t or don’t know how to stand up for themselves.
    Another additional approach might be an isolation kill switch to entire wiring for the sleeping area. However, the limits of this are that wiring is still able to be coupled to wirelessly inside the walls. Like all metal it acts as an antenna for the seamless wireless coverage that they intend to use everywhere, indoors and out, the same way your body is forced to become an antenna conducting their frequencies. Surge bars designed to shut everything off when not in use may have some value. The problem is that smart router collector hubs or Medusa cell relay meters all drastically overlap each of their fields, multiplying the number and strength of frequencies into a wild west slow situation that is literally not abl;e to be accurately measured since it is all unaccounted for by the utilities and the customer base often feels as if they are dealing with a crack dealer they cannot do without.
    The intensity of exposure is so complex and powerful. Imagine it: Each and every s/meter covers approximately 21 sq miles. Each and every collector hub covers from 150 to 300 sq. miles.
    Picture a whole series of concentric overlapping circles, and on top of that each one is a separate field with its own properties and each one creates more fields by intersecting with on another. Multiply the combined cumulative effect caused by every one of those intersecting frequency circles creating whole new frequencies and one realizes just how totally out of control this wireless addiction really is.
    This is one diabolical scheme. We are facing massive amounts of untold and unaccounted for exponential radiation from wireless frequencies radiating as they travel all along every part of an entire grid using illegal emissions to create their goal of “total signal coverage” which is like wireless suffocation, biologically speaking. Only madmen would blanket all living things in radiation and create countless biological dead zones using the output of all grid components, especially when these are frequencies which seek and find all water, (you) and all metal, including not only your fillings but your house wiring.
    Ultra simplifying of electricity dependency in conjunction with an off grid physical disconnect of all linked wire conduits is not possible for most but is one more way to beat this illegal system.
    Effective magnetic applications really do work. Properly designed magnetics are the perfect natural antidote to many of the effects artificial electromagnetics induce, since what they are actually causing is electromagnetically induced bio-electrical induction by using our own private bioelectrical systems. Unless we fight back against this “micrwaves are green” scam we become involuntary microwave conductors.
    Coupling all biology on earth into the entire global grid violates every sustainability law there is.

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  43. Roedy Green says:

    Smartmeters CAN’T be the problem. They put out a minute fraction the electromagnetic radiation of cell phones, radio stations, cell phone towers, hight voltage lines, wireless LANs, portable phones, cell phones, personal computers… Those other sources totally swamp the radiation from smart meters.

    Read up on the inverse square law. Each halving the distance increases the danger by a factor of 4. Nobody snuggles up to a smart meter the way they do a cell phone.

    Blaming smart meters because you got a headache, felt tired etc. is NUTS! Look at your diet, exercise, sleep, general health … AND DO IT SCIENTIFICALLY before you shoot you mouth off publicly accusing innocent people.

  44. Paul H says:

    Oh brother! Not another caveman scientist arguing thermal affects. If it doesn’t burn you then everything is just fine.
    I guess all these people are wrong? They are the science experiment speaking out.

    As far as science is concerned there are over 6,000 studies and documents before 1980 showing effects of low level radiation.
    Did you know that microwave radiation is absorbed by water? vital organs?
    Did you know that DNA communicate with each other using low level electromagnetic fields?
    Did you know that the smart meter uses more power and longer communication time at around 3am?
    Did you know that most people wake up at that time since the smart meter has been installed? No? Then start asking others around you.
    Take notice of all the tired looking people. No wonder the government is preparing for zombies.

  45. Al A. says:

    I have had a similar experience in eastern PA to Caitlin Phillips in the lead article of this site, I lived with a humming noise pounding continuously in my head for almost a year, until Oct. of 2013 when I learned my smart meter was the probable cause. I had endured much suffering and expense as others have, insomnia, sleeping with earplugs and sound reduction earmuffs, headaches, anxiety, …the works. Late last year and early 2014, I entered negotiations with my local utility who was mandated by the state of PA to install smart meters and insisted analog meters were not to be found, so could not be reinstalled. A long letter to the utility fully detailing the agony of my previous year living with and going insane from the humming reached the right person and an analog meter somehow WAS available and recently replaced the smart meter on my house. So, now that I have an analog meter, the likes of which ended humming noises for many other people, WHY do I still hear the humming noise?!!!

  46. kitty says:

    Hi, this is perhaps a bit of an odd question…but…I refused smartmeters and thank god have an old fashioned meter in my new house…..I also have my internet ,tv and Phone cnnected now and they sold me something called interactive tv…Now, I have no problems with my wireless conmputer..but as soon as I put on the tv i get breathing problems, become very dizzy etc…i am totally puzzled, it happens every single time, so now i do not put on my tv anymore…I can also watch tv on my computer, it is connected, but my comp couldnt take it eather and started to heat up quickly…….(wireless laptop)I am sensitive to transmission..since I am a lymepatiënt and have some nervedamage…could interactive tv cause problems just like with a smartmeter??

  47. Laura says:

    Had Smart Meter removed – it took over a year for them to agree. My elecxtric still messes me up. I’m either sensitized or the new analog does something weird also. It cost me $191 to replace it & $15 a mo to opt out. I’m disabled with an income waaay below the poverty line. We have no constitutional rights!

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