Protests Against Stupid Wireless Meters Spreading

Photos from Fort Bragg anti smart meter rally held August 5. Photos were taken by Keith Wyner

The tide is rising against forced ‘smart’ meter deployments all around North America, and beyond.   Report from Mendocino County, CA: “We had a great rally at the Fort Bragg PG&E office Friday, August 5. At least 50 people showed up. The response from passers-by was generally quite positive, and a number of handouts were distributed. PG&E office personnel came out and took our picture, no doubt word was being sent back to
headquarters.”  Send in your own protest pics and we’ll publish them.

Vancouver BC residents marching last month against "smart" meters- Canada's Green Party recently came out strongly against the new wireless meters.

Protest in front of the Santa Cruz County Courthouse on August 5th to launch the recall of Sheriff Wowak, who has been enabling illegal smart meter installations in the County

A tin can capping a gas “Smart”Meter in an alley in Santa Cruz, CA.  No thanks utilities.
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  1. james kless says:

    SCE just installed smart meters here in palm springs. I was electrocuted by one carrying 460 volts from a stray voltage charge. These meters not only prodcue a ringing in the ears. reduced sleep and tightening of the eyes, they have a very negative effect on pets and babies as well. Get them out of your house fast before your brain and bod get microwaved. i know. jim kless

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