Portrait of a Forced Deployment

Our utility PG&E has recently sent their contractors- Wellington Energy- into our neighborhood in Scotts Valley to install their ‘smart’ meters. This is in spite of County laws banning the devices, a demand from our city council to halt installations, and a declared “smart meter free zone” in our neighborhood. Even some people who were on the “delay line” came home to find a ‘smart’ meter installed.

People are angry. We’re angry. Every time we go for a walk in our neighborhood now we get a headache. It’s just not okay. The other day we were walking down the street when we saw a Wellington truck. We demanded he stop installing and when he refused we stood in front of his truck, prompting him to call the police who responded about 20 minutes later. The police told us we would be subject to arrest if we blocked the truck again.

While we were standing there talking with the officer, a neighbor came up and said he supported what we were doing and had told Wellington to get off his property. He pulled up his shorts and showed us a tumor on his leg where he had kept his cell phone in his pocket for many years and one on his ear on the side where he spoke on the phone. The police officer was visibly shaken, and I said, “Look we’re not making this up. People are getting cancer from wireless and these ‘smart’ meters expose people to 100x the radiation of a cell phone.” We returned several days later and interviewed the neighbor with the tumors- to maintain his privacy he didn’t want his face shown. We also interviewed others from the area upset about PG&E’s heavy handed tactics. We are living through a brutal period in our history where human and environmental health are sacrificed for utility profits. It’s time for a change.

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  1. Thank you for your brilliant, important, life-saving and brave work.
    People need to see damage, so if anyone has photos of harm from wireless, this could be important, as people DO respond to the suffering of others when they can see it. One of the largest part of this challenge is that we are dealing with corporate CRIMINALS who are using military weapons called Smartmeters which emit microwave radiation forced on our homes, and communities. SO much of PG& E/Wellington’s/CPUC deployment has been in CRIMINAL STEALTH mode, so many people do not even know that their children and families are being irradiated 24/7. Everyone needs so DOCUMENT their pain and symptoms, as we are suffering 34/7 from the TORTURE caused by dangerous Smartmeters and the mesh grid creating HORRIBLE TINNITUS (Microwave Auditory Effect )http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect),heart palpitations, headaches, cancer, tumors, skin cancers, leukemia, death, etc., as documented in 1000’s of scientific, independent, international studies.

    When you find dead birds/bees/effects on pets/people DOCUMENT this in Photos/video/writing as when the 47 plus cities and counties SUE the living daylights out of PGE/CPUC/WELLINGTON, SILVER SPRINGS and all of the other corporate criminals responsible for INTENTIONALLY HARMING innocent children, families, pets, and wildlife..THE VISUAL and written evidence will finally put these criminals behind bars.

    MAKE THE “INVISIBLE”radiation damage VISIBLE with photos of the effects!!!
    Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation damage is identical, the only difference is that non-ionizing can have a longer latency period, but the effect are the same long-term. Anyone that argues this point is being paid by the corporate criminals.

    This microwave radiation is also in blatant violation of Dept. of Fish and Game, which can lead to fines in the tens of thousand$ of dollars to harm of songbirds. Destroying bee colonies will ultimately lead to the collapse of the global food system. What will the corporate criminals eat then? When the corporate criminals and their families develop cancer and tumors, then they will be MURDERERS of their own families. When will these people just admit that they made a HUGE EXPENSIVE MISTAKE in INTENTIONALLY creating a DEADLY alternative to simply focus on upgrading the ACTUAL grid,offer solar panels to businesses and homeowners, and PULL THE DAMN PLUG ON THE FAILED STUPID SMARTMETER PROJECT. What will they do will their billions of stolen dollars will help these corporate criminals when they are all dying of prostate cancer, and their children have leukemia? WAKE UP AND AMIT YOU WERE DEAD WRONG, or GO TO HELL AND JAIL!!

    Millions of california customers are FURIOUS and will continue to fight back against the FASCIST utilitiy criminal corporations. Eventually PGE shareholders will devolp cancer, brain tumors, torturous tinnitus from dangerous Smartmeters and will DIVEST, or BE SUED.

  2. Jim says:

    The problem here as I see it is that the damage or harm hasn’t been done until the smart meter is actually installed and any “immediate” threat to life or property is not realized until later.

    Hopefully, with the PUCs realizing that they screwed up by allowing power companies to act like it’s mandatory for a while, and now back tracking with this “opt-out” crap, you won’t be seeing this happen anymore.

    Their lawyers are most likely advising them of their liability position at this point with things like the Maine PUC stuff that happened, forcing them to do a opt-out. The writing is on the wall now. And we now have a whole bunch of reasons why these “smart” meters are not so smart.

    So please, please, put them on notice! Use the example text provided at the link on the page to the top right to save you some time. Use copy / paste in your editing program and add in your own issues. Send a copy to the PUC so they know people are serious and liability is on them and the power company. Send it CERTIFIED!

    Remember that without proper delegated authority from the People of your State, any acts by these people without authority is their own personal act, and so they are not immune to personal lawsuit. Meaning their nice big houses and cars are at risk, all their pretty toys. And we know how much they love showing off their toys!

    And I’m sorry to say this, but blocking their truck on a public road when you don’t know if they are just coming by to inspect an already installed smart meter for SAFETY REASONS, put a mechanical meter back, or just going to lunch is not a good idea.

    There is no immediate threat to life or property. Please be careful.

    If there is an ordnance in place, they are only violating that ordnance. If there was a listed fine or penalty then maybe the police need to give the installer a ticket and then that guy needs to show up in court or pay a fine. If he is really trespassing (remember the easement they have gives them some limited access, you should go look it up) then I think there’s reason to file a complaint and maybe have the guy arrested or at least ticketed.

    Do not consider any of this legal advice, just my opinions.

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