PG&E Retaliating Against Low Income People

Phil, a protester with Occupy San Francisco, suspects that PG&E has been retaliating against customers who refuse ‘smart’ meters by conducting an audit for the “CARE” program- a program that is meant to help ensure basic heating and lighting to low income people.

What a pleasant bunch of folks at Pacific Gas and Electric.  They must know pretty clearly by now that their blind rush to install this technology has ended up hurting thousands- probably millions of people with constant radiation exposure.  Yet they continue to behave like bullies in the playground, picking on the most vulnerable people in society because they know they probably won’t fight back.  To admit publicly that there are major problems with the biological effects of their technology would be to derail the lucrative ‘smart grid’ con, and billions in profits.

Forced ‘smart’ meter installations are one reason that people are organizing against unchecked corporate power in America- but it’s certainly not the only one.   Forging links with others’ experiences and reports of abuse can stimulate understanding and empathy and link our struggles in common cause.  Whether it’s foreclosures, Wall St. bailouts, ‘smart’ meters, the Keystone XL Pipeline, or fracking, we all know deep down these problems are all coming from the same place.

Capitalism is in its death throes, and the beast is flailing.  Don’t get hit by the tail- organize with others and go straight for the heart.

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2 Responses to PG&E Retaliating Against Low Income People

  1. Jim says:

    Think about what a waste of ratepayers money that is.

    Here’s a house where people are down on their luck. The power company knows how much power they are using and it’s most likely way lower than other houses in the area. Meaning the guy is trying to live his life as lean as possible.

    Then they waste their time auditing him? Just because he doesn’t like “smart” meters?

    And it’s just a discount on power.

    Can we audit the executives at the power company and see if they have been getting kickbacks from the “smart” meter manufacturing companies?

  2. Becky says:

    This has NOTHING to do with capitalism. This is about greed and CRONYISM. There is a BIG difference. There are dozens of countries that are not “capitalist” countries. A lot of them with liberal immigration policies. I think you should seek out one of those countries and you will be amongst people who agree with you. The MAJORITY rule in this country want a Democratic society; but, yes, we want the corruption and the liars and the “smile in your face; stab you in the back” cronyism that we see in Barack Obama’s administration. i.e., “fast and furious” “solyndra” “[new] solar company bankrupt; received taxpayer $$”; i could go on and on and on and on and on.

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