‘Smart’ Meter Health Effects Worsening

We continue to receive a great number of reports of people suffering health effects when ‘smart’ meters are installed.  It seems that women are being impacted far more frequently than men, consistent with existing research on electro-sensitivity.   Here are firsthand reports from two women living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you or someone you know is suffering health damage from ‘smart’ meters or other wireless devices, try following the advice on our FAQ page.

Santa Clara County:

“One day last December (2010) 8 months after the SM deployment and 2 months after they supposedly turned it on (I believe after getting a lot of different answers from PG&E and the increased intensity of my symptoms, that they in fact turned it UP or made us a relay house), I was trying to just be normal and get ready for the holidays. I needed a break from this encroaching health war.   I got up to begin decorating our tree.  Something we have greatly enjoyed every year in our gorgeous craftsman style home that we put so much love and work into over the years.   As I drank my half a cup of coffee from one of our pretty Christmas mugs in the kitchen, I began to get the usual shakiness  and weakness in my legs that I now know are classic symptoms of EHS and that I had had for many months.  “Here we go”, I said to myself as I soon became so lightheaded and dizzy I almost dropped the coffee cup. Not wanting to give in so early in the day, I went into the living room to put an ornament on the tree.  As I came back through the kitchen, I broke into hives on my face and neck and my lips burned.   I quickly called out to my husband to look so he could see the effects in action.  “Wow” he said ” That’s amazing.”  Amazing and life shattering.

I had come to the sad realization that the place that used to my favorite part of our house – our lovely kitchen with its countertops littered with cook books and vases of fresh flowers from our garden; where I whipped up many creative meals for my husband and our friends (some great, some not so); the place in which we prepared and sat to numerous holiday meals with family visiting from far away; our kitchen, the center of our home just as the kitchen was for my family while growing up, my refuge, our gathering place;  the spot where my husband and I would reconnect each morning over a home made breakfast and each evening over a glass wine, sharing our days, stresses, ideas, dreams was no more.  It had become the most uncomfortable, unhealthy and dangerous part of the house for me.

With great sadness, I walked into the backyard to escape while Bing Crosby sang “Sleigh Bells” in the other room.

Our meter is less than 3 feet from our kitchen table and 4 from our kitchen sink.  Our neighbors is 9 feet.  When I stand in the kitchen, at the counter, or in the dining room, I get hit with all 3.”

Santa Cruz County

“This is the weirdest energy I have ever felt and each day now, since a neighbor 2 doors down (who did not keep his poster posted) got a (‘smart’) meter installed, as well as 2 others, I have pulsing energy very strong right where my bed is.  I am just devastated that this has happened. It is sick. I have felt sick many days and awake each day feeling nauseated. I have been sleeping downstairs in my bathroom with my head in the far corner where there is the least EMF.

I cannot tell you how SERIOUS this issue is. The cellphones and wifi are bad enough but I can elect not to have them. This EMF and neighboring EMF from wifi is seriously affecting me. I have 6 wifi signals in my home. That is how I became so sensitive to the EMF as my neighbor put a wifi unit on the other side of where I have my headboard. She never mentioned it and finally a friend with an analyzer came over and we picked it up. I talked with my neighbor and she agreed to turn it off. She told me first that I should move- suggesting that I am just behind the times.  If our technology mad society means I have to continue to feel like this, I want no part of it.”

Thousands of health-related complaints have been lodged with the CA Public Utilities Commission, some of which can be read at the EMF Safety Network site.

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6 Responses to ‘Smart’ Meter Health Effects Worsening

  1. From Irvine, Discussion with Southern California Edison Representative:


    I called Edison after reading this post about the woman who has electromagnetic sensitivity. I also am doing some research on this topic because besides the long term cancer (including childhood leukemia) associated with EMF, there is a certain percentage of people (like this woman) who are getting sick immediately. If this is the case, then my question is–What is the responsibility of Edison and other utility companies toward these people? (Some of them can no longer live in their homes after the Smart Meter is installed.)
    The spokesperson for Edison, Ann R. Almonte EMF Technical Specialist, told me that “all the studies show no connection between magnetic fields and people who state they are electrically sensitive.”

    I asked her to please give me the names/authors of those studies, but she didn’t have them available and will send them to me. (it will be interesting to see if they are peer reviewed studies and if there are also other peer reviewed studies which show different results.)
    I am, of course, continuing to do my own research.
    This is a link to a talk by Dr. George Carlo where he discusses how people can become electromagnetically sensitive after the DNA is damaged: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjfBPl0anOo

    Also, Dr. Olle Johnnson from the respected Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden said this on 11/18/10
    “Do not believe for a second that mobile phones, and wireless internet, smart meters and so on are safe—because they’re not. They interfere with normal brain function, learning and memory, fertility, cancer risks and have been shown to shatter the DNA in cells.All of these can be found in peer reviewed scientific journals but until now has not been in the public domain. You can find it. You can read it. You can assess the data yourself. . . .”
    I also spoke with a physician I know (who is also a dad). He used the example of sickle cell anemia. He said “one single mutation of one single base pair on a single chromosome–it’s like changing one letter in an encyclopedia–and that’s what causes sickle cell–because that particular base pair is part of the DNA that tells our cells to make hemoglobin and when that hemoglobin is changed by just one amino acid–the result is a sickle cell anemia” (a disease which shortens life and causes multiple health problems)
    He also said: “I do not feel like allowing my children or the children on this block whom I’m very fond of subjected to being guinea pigs for a ten year RF radiation exposure experiment!”

    Melissa Levine
    I will also post this on the yahoo group that I just set up. . .

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Thank you Melissa,
      You are on the right track, you focus on the unnecessary radio frequency radiation and don’t parrot the science fiction writers that have brainwashed so many people about the radio revenue meters being surveillance devices. Science fact is a much more powerful way to fight these meters than science fiction.
      Keep up the good work !

  2. H Boyce says:

    I have EMF sensitivity and been very badly and seriously affected and no smart meters yet…unless of course our neighbour has one she has not told me about.
    I don’t know how to move where to move and how to make a living when do move…we should NOT have to move ! Plus relationships will break down when one partner less affected and believes it does no harm !
    Power quickly to this campaign.

  3. Edna Willadsen says:

    Melissa, I am not surprised that the people are having issues. I obtained a copy pf the Grant that was awarded to Southern California Edison where they received $39,621,201.00 as the government feels they would have a “living laboratory”.
    They felt Irvine had the most people in small area . They are to be gathering info on the effects on the environment and the people.
    I sent an email to Souther Calif. Edson asking for any of there findings and as of now no response.
    We are fighting the smart meters in our state also.

  4. Wanda Ploeckelmann says:

    Have had a lot of weird health problems since the smart meter was installed 2 years ago the power co. Need to do something an make it right I live in fresno ca

  5. Janet Curtis says:

    i returned to analog as i never wanted smart meter..but according to their own employees, they will jump yr fence and do it anyway and they did. had to pay to get analog bk on. appliances went out along with gas heater catching fire..now nv energy is sending out for free someone to fix fridge..why? lawsuits. my neighbors home blew up and killed her and her pets..they are disputing it but now its on the news. 9 homes so far with elec probs. I hope that since they r on gas meters also that they will replace my heater that is gas and caught fire?? I have an advocate who is deathly ill from smart meters and the woman that died husband now homeless has cancer..hmmm anyone know if smart meters can catch gas furn on fire? everything that went out at my friends house happened to me and others..very strange cover up pls answer my gas heater wuestion if u can.i want to know so does everyone else. still less expensive than the ongoing lawsuit will cost. if u have an answer pls email me at jan2curtis@aol.com

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