Dutch Research on Wireless Tree Damage Backs Up “Smart” Meter Plant Harm Observations

A vine surrounding a 'smart' meter in Ontario Canada shows the dangerous effects of spiked meter radiation on living things- Dutch researchers explain more about wireless plant/ tree damage in the video below

Yesterday, we received the following update from the disabled woman who had been living above 112 electrical ‘smart’ meters in the complex in Berkeley.   For the last several months, she has been living in only half of her section 8 (low income) apartment to distance herself from the meters.  It appears she was finally granted her  request to move to a different apartment.   The previously healthy shrub located in front of the bank of meters was unable to move however, began to show signs of distress soon after installation, and died within weeks of the microwave emitting meters being installed.  The woman (whose name we are withholding at her request), told us:

“With great relief and also grief, i was finally afforded an apartment transfer this week. i am well away from the wall of smart meters, at the loss of my beloved apartment.  Thank you for all your support and diligent work.”

If the radiation from the meters is causing plants and trees to die, then what is it doing to us?  Perhaps its time we start listening to the thousands of ordinary people reporting disturbing symptoms, and take action to stop the damage.

Who are the utilities and their lapdog regulators to tell us what we can and can’t have on our own homes?  Nothing but arrogant, ignorant, greedy fools all of them.

Below is a video of a conference that took place in the Netherlands that brought together dozens of experts in the field of EMF damage to trees and plants.  Perhaps we could encourage the staff of EDF, NRDC, and the Sierra Club to attend- maybe they’d learn something.

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