Two Upcoming Events: Cell-Phone Safety Forum (Berkeley) and Smart Meter Forum (Glendale)

Two upcoming events in California: Southern California Smart Meter Forum, on Thurs. Nov. 10 in Glendale CA. Speakers include Cindy Sage, EMF expert, and Mindy Spatt of TURN.

Cell Phone Safety Public Forum (poster below with info) will be held on Tues. Nov. 8 in Berkeley CA. Speakers include Stan Glantz, pioneer in public health, and Devra Davis, author of Disconnect.




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2 Responses to Two Upcoming Events: Cell-Phone Safety Forum (Berkeley) and Smart Meter Forum (Glendale)

  1. Todd says:

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    • admin says:

      @Todd and “Smart Meter Band” : I’ve had a look at the page for your product, and I was disappointed to see no documentation of how the product works, and measurements of the EMFs you claim it reduces. We don’t generally encourage advertising in comments, but this may be of interest to people suffering the effects of ‘smart’ meters.

      However, I think you do suffers, and potential customers, a serious disservice by not providing clear demonstration and documentation of how, and how well, in in what frequencies, your product mitigates RF and EMF.

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