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In 2011, the EMF Safety Network and StopSmartMeters! launched a joint project called This site served as a collecting place for thousands of complaints, but is no longer in operation.

Many of you commented on this page, so the page remains here as a placeholder for the many comments.



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32 Responses to Help is on the Way! Submit Your Complaint Today at SmartMeterHelp.Com

  1. joe grassia says:

    i live here in georgia and nobody seems to know what a smart meter is ,the people who work in the capitol here never heard of it ,when i informed them about a month ago i got no reply ,i guess theses people actually think i’m off my rocker ,i was told by the public service comission that they do not care what other states do ,well you know what id. ? I do because have sever tennitis arthrocelorsis cornary artery disease ,loss of hearing ,headaches,but again they say nothing is wrong with the meters ,i have asked to have mine taken out and they said no we cannot do that ,so how can i start the ball rolling .

    • Daniel Abraham says:

      Be firm. When and if you get no response… try a sledgehammer.
      Im about to.

    • Diane Whitmire says:

      Go to the link given and fill out the form and if there is no group in your area or State, start one! You are not alone in the high level of physical discomfort and disruption in your body. This is the whole point of ridding ourselves of SmartMeters and any other device that radiates Electro Magnetic Frequencies. They interfere with the normal working processes, not only of our bodies, but the bodies of all living matter. There are two archived photos of a young healthy maple tree in Berekely, CA. First photo: perfect. Ten days later, dead – from the inside out. EMF’s are affecting animals – ALL animals – wildlife and pets. Countries in Europe are ahead of us in verifying and documenting adverse conditions as a result of EMFs and have already begun banning them.

  2. Bill Beckham says:

    Ever since the smartmeter was installed in our house, we have had problems sleeping. You see the meter is one the same wall as the headboard is of our bed. Because of the configuration of the house, we cannot locate the bed to a different wall or room. So the meter is literally only a foot or two from our heads when we try to sleep at night. PG&E is making us sick.

  3. michael harrington says:

    I lived temporarily at a girlfriends house, she unknowingly had a smart metre right outside her bedroom. I always felt low energy fatigue and brain fogged there—then I discovered the smart metre. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to put this ‘coincidence’ together.

    Thanks for elimating this technology entirely!

  4. Melba Bingeman says:

    Since the smart metre has been installed and time of day has been enforced my
    hydro bill has gone up considerably. The HST has not helped the cost of hydro either.
    I have been paying hydro debt off for 48 years….how many more years is this debt

  5. Fighting Grandma says:

    You can add thyroid imbalances, heart palpitations, trouble breathing and cancer to the list.

  6. admin says:

    Please, everybody—leave your comment here, but then don’t neglect to also visit the complaint site and take the time to fill out the form!

  7. Jim Anthony says:

    I do not have a not so smart meter installed yet, but after notifying my electric company and the PUC that I did not want one, I received a letter from Oncor informing me that my neighborhood was scheduled for installation early in 2012. I have placed a lock and key on my existing meter with a permanent sign stating that no smart meter is to be installed in this residence. However, I believe that only me not having one is not going to solve the problem. If they are installed in my neighborhood, I am going to suffer the effects of them whether one is installed on my house or not. We need a ban on them period.

  8. When the “smart” meter was installed (without my permission or notification), the
    first thing that happened was that the electricity in my house went haywire. Many
    of the electric outlets stopped working and flame came out of one of the outlets.
    The outdoor lighting stopped functioning correctly. To be safe I have used circuit
    breakers on any appliance that uses a lot of electricity. The circuit breaker for the
    toaster oven literally burnt up. I notified PG&E and they said they would remove
    the meter, which they did, but when an electrician came to the house he showed
    me that PG&E had put another label over the SMART METER label, and rather than
    giving me my analog meter back, had installed another model. This newer model
    seemed to remedy the more serious electrical problems, but I was feeling negative
    health effects–insomnia, headaches, low energy and difficulty concentrating. My
    home office is right next to the meter outside the house so I have abandonned that room and am working in the living room. I am having less serious symptoms, but
    am not happy about having no use of the largest room in the house. There are
    bushes next to the meter outside the window in my former office that have had
    huge numbers of bees and birds on them every year–this year there are NO
    birds or bees on those bushes next to the meter.

  9. I have read the entire 45 page “Proposed Decision of Commissioner Peevy (mailed 11/22/2011)” and it is crystal clear that PG&E has NO INTENTION of removing our smart meters. The final decision will be the “radio off” option. This will allow PG&E to simply turn on your smart meter remotely at will and you’ll be paying for the “privilege” of having the “radio off” option. Those that still have analog meters will no longer be on the “delay list” after this proposal is passed and will be forced, by unknown means, to have a smart meter installed. I would bet that local law enforcement authorities will be used to enter property that refuses to have a smart meter installed.

  10. Joyce says:

    I have already been fighting for my life with Lyme disease and co infections. I am also extremely sensitive to EMF’s.
    I have worked very hard to get well and was having positive shifts in my health,and was hopeful of having a life again.

    I did opt out,but all my neighbors have them and r clueless as to the harm they can cause. If I had been well I would have gone around and warned them.
    After they were installed I started having ringing in my left ear,headaches,anxiety, buzzing vibrating in my body, foggy confused brain,totally exhausted,heart palpitations,overall muscle pain has been really bad.
    I am having to write this in short spurts as emf’s from computer has been made worse since the meters have been installed around me in neighbors apts.

    I qualify to pay $5 as I am on the Care program. I do not think I should have to pay anything and the opt out is ridiculous since I am surrounded by many meters. This whole program should be done away with.

    A lot of unaware people don’t even know how harmful these r. They will think health concerns r from other things.

    I am very sad and concerned about this harming children and babies and others ill like me. Blessings to PG and E waking up.

  11. Phil Arnot says:

    I risked my life in WWII (8th Air Force, England. Ser. no. 0-778691) for American’s territorial integrity, private property rights, and political democracy. Both the PG& E and the California State Public Utilites Commission have autocratically proceeded to install smart meters without regard to the right of an individual to refuse installation of a device on his/her private property which a number of independent studies and numerous personal testimonies have shown to be dangerous to public health. This autocratic conduct is not in the spirit of democracy, at least, and is inviolation of an indivdual’s property rights all the more so when smart meters are a proven danger to public health.

    Phil Arnot, Lagunitas, California

    • Hans-Jurgen says:

      Similarly to yourself I served two tours in South East Asia because we were told it was to save American democracy. No time to bore any one with what I learned there and since. Just know it was not for the sound moral reasons WWII was fought. If you want to know what else the Smt Mtrs do besides seriously risking your health research the european net sites on this subject. It was done there first and in many countries severe laws have resulted limiting the information that can be gathered to “only the data needed to calculate the current months electric bill”. There are BOTH CRIMINAL AND CIVIL penalties for violations. Makes CEO’s responsible for their corps. criminal acts. The WiFi chip in the meter will clone avery other WiFi chip it has access to. I can go on but it’s best to get info from sources you find direct. Ever have someone get your phone number by having the other phone placed in very close proximity to yours. Then confirm they have it? The WiFi chip in the Smt Mtr uses the wiring network in your walls of YOUR HOME when the power is on as an antenna, it IS in proximity to every WiFi chip in your home. So the data uploaded to satallite includes every one you speak to on your Cell Phone, every movie you watch on a satallite enabled Television, every thing you read on the Internet on your WiFi enabled computer. There’s more as well. As many people who are knowledgable always advise follow the money if you want to know WHY. It makes it very clear why the wanna be oligarchs and politicians support a “NATIONAL GRID” and why the power companies are literally desperate to get them installed before America finds out what all they do. The power companies will reap far more profit from selling your Personal Privacy to the government in mostly untraceable and untaxed TAX DOLLARS than they have ever made in all their history from peddling the convenience of grid power. Also confers NAT. SEC. Apparatus to the pwr. corps. Ofcourse they will also sell any of it to private CORPORATIONS that the Corps. will pay for. There is not much more UNamerican that being spyed on in your own home. If some idiot says “If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn’t mind” remember Hitlers people used that same and similar lines a lot on the decent Germans who wouldn’t snap a salute and entheusiastically support every new LAW=REGULATION that stripped citizens freedoms from them. We certainly should learn from History
      it is so much less painful than pulling our heads back into our sheep skin lined shells and just waiting to see if anyone else will stand up and save us before it is too late. GoD BLESS or if you insist Charlie Darwin and Netzschie, but do remember those guys are confirmed DEAD.

  12. carol brust says:

    the health care is running out of patients so what they needed was a strong influence to help them make up the lose. and the utility companies were willing to accommodate my installing devices that will have a direct inpact on peoples health… yes, the smartmeters designed to make you sick if not kill you!!!

  13. Howard Kaplan says:

    I don’t see any cost protections for the homebound, such as the infirm, work-at-home individuals, stay-at-home parents and retired people, when it comes to what is determined to be “peak usage” pricing. Are they to be discriminated against because they don’t go out to an office?
    Also, with more of the control residing with the power companies, what say, if any, will the consumer have with respect to how much and when they use power?

  14. Lisa Rene Anderson says:

    Since radiation poisoning is cummulative, please be sure to turn off or remove all WIFI devices in your home, including portable phones, computer WIFI networks, TV WIFI, cell phones, etc., since EMF poisoning within the house is strongest of all.
    Although my property is locked up and they have not been able to install a smart meter here, I am well aware of how these meters harm people. I have three friends who each had one installed without their knowledge near their bed, and now they can barely walk. I am currently opposing the installation of two 4-G cell towers here in the rural area I live in and have put together the website: . Please remember that using a cell phone connects you to a dirty grid of EMF and living near a cell tower is dangerous.

  15. Joanne H says:

    Smart Meter was installed without any notice not but 8′ from my bedroom window. Immediately I began to have one sided headaches, tinnitus, lethargy, eyes hurt, clenched teeth, hungs hurt, and a strange scab – type sore appeared under my left ear, where I hold the phone with my shoulder. I had to move out of my bedroom into a spare one in the front of the townhome.
    They have moved to the next level of their pan in my townhome area. I now am experiencing pulsating electric current surging through my refrigerator, freezer, and air purifier!! Another person in the complex says she can feel the wall vibrating off and on.
    A few weeks ago we had a outside phone box explode outside a townhome. It caught on fire. (Everyone said it was the squirrel – and there really was a dead squirrel on the ground – eating through the wire. The squirrel was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. No one would even consider that this potentially dangerous explosion was caused by too many EMF’s going through our old telephone boxes just like no one believes there is radiation in the air over the whole USA.) Yes, the the amount of current surging through all the other 5 boxes was tremendous. As I stated, one box caught on fire and was totally “fried” The ground around it was almost too hot to touch. One cover was thrown out into the alley way and the inside was completly burned up. The other 3 boxes were also burned up completely when AT &T took off the covers. They said they’d never seen anything like it. (D0 the workers know what evil they are helping to cause and lying about it ? ) I got talking to one of the workers
    line workers and they said they have had tons of calls, from all over our city, to check out the U-Verse systems inside their homes. The worker said that when they get to the house, the pulsating current has stopped and nothing gets fixed. Then a week ago, I think, someone came out and added a cage, somewhat like a small Faraday cage to

    protect their expensive equipment from any more squirrels .
    Dowe all realize that each neighborhood that has Smart Meters installed, is being filled with harmful EMF’s… One neighbor’s EMF’s also go into other neighbor’s houses!!! It’s happening all over our country, and the world. Thank you California, for continuing to work for getting rid of these meters.

  16. Patricia says:

    On November 28, 2011 I was awakened by the smell of burning electrical wires. I soon discoverd the smell was coming from my furnace that I was told this summer by my heating and ac man was in excellent condition. I immediately switched off the main breaker to my home then walked outside only to discover my yard lights that are on an entirely different breaker box than the house were off too. Humm…power surge or smart meter…? That same night at or about the same time the main breaker in the home of a neighbor blew. Power surge or smart meter …humm…? I called the power company the next day. The power company DENIED that there had been a power surge in my neighborhood. Had I not awakened from the smell of the smoke I could have lost my home and my life. Thank God for guardian angels. I do not like the smart meter and I do not want the smart meter but I am told no smart meter, no power !

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      If you switched off the main circuit breaker, then you turned off all the power to your house and grounds. That would include any sub-panels fed by the main breaker. That is why your landscape lights were off.
      Please let us know what the burning wire smell was caused by, and what you had done to remedy the serious problem.

  17. Carole Jones says:

    A Smart Meter was installed on our house in December 2010, unknown to the four of us living in the house at the time. I suddenly began having difficulty sleeping, muscle pain and cramping, joint pain, irregular heartbeat, and chronic headaches. When I discovered the SmartMeter on our house, I called PG&E to see when it had been installed, and the installation date coincided with the onset of my physical problems. Whenever I went to visit my daughter for a few days in Laganitis (where there were no Smart Meters installed), the symptoms disappeared. My sister, brother-in-law, and his father were living in the house at the time the Smart Meter was installed, and their health took a turn for the worse as well. Within the year, my brother-in-law developed an extensive bloodclot in his leg for no apparent reason, and died of a stroke. His father was diagnosed with and died from a fast-growing bladder cancer. My sister’s arthritis is no longer controllable with pain medication, and she too is having muscle cramps and difficulty sleeping. SmartMeters should be outlawed.

  18. I moved into a newer apartment complex roughly 3 and half years ago. My health has drastically decreased while living here as if it wasnt depleating already due to covert harrasment from governmental neglagence and other governmental agencies. I have been silently suffering as a TI and also gang stalked for well over a decade now from my child hood years to present day. I have suffered from insomnia, anxiety, tinnitus, depression, head trumma, heart palpitations, loss of vision, muscle spaziums, trouble with family and friends due to over exposure or radiation of 30+ or more since they all communicate with each other if with in 2 miles. I also have 10 meters attached directly to my apartment with only sheet rock to block the radiation. I started doing some exensive research and now know that this has been a direct attack on my family and I by National Grid and the United States Government as well as the feds! I live next to 3 cell phone towers pulsing 24/7 microwave dirty electricity all with in a block from each other …with the nearest one being roughly 200 yards from my complex…there are also live barried wire across the street and several heavy duity power lines. This place looks like a hot bed for humman expermintation from this angle…In my research The US government joined by other forces and scientist have been doing humman expermintation since the 1950’s-1990’s- 2000’s w/ mircowave wepondry, HAARP, ELF waves, and mind altering substances…back in the day it was called MK Ultra @ Ravens Wood. Neighbors with medical equiptment failure, insomnia, nerological dissorder, anxiety, misscarages, sever depression and some other strange activity. Oddly enough my oven clicks 100+ or more times while being used. I think the C.I.A called it project wood pecker or something back in the day and also have been a TI of microwave wepondry since the late 90’s early 2000’s as well as a humman experiment by the fedral government… I am not your lab rat, never signed up for this torture and need to opt out! Leave us alone and stop the covert harrasment…The damage that has/is been forced upon me is irreversible…I was even forced medication while being hospotalized in 2003 after I was in an accident after being drugged by some one that was working very closly with the FEDs at that time. I awoke in the hospital and there was a man that said he was with the C.I.A not sure if he was but I did grow up with some kids and their highly decorated father could not tell them what he did for the government! I spent roughly two awful months in intesive treatment and if hell where a real place I landed right in it. The doctors gave me several medications and anti phsycotic drugs 2-3 of them have been on recall now! Can I get some justice here!? Trust! I will no longer be a humman gunnie pig for these sick demented greedy thug criminal pigs!What goes around will come around all in all it’s time to wipe your slate clean don’t ya think?!

  19. richard lavigne says:

    I would like to know if you have the experience about the smart meter like my daughter has.

    My daughter bougt in april 2013, a condo, 8 concrete floors with 38 condos.
    Isabelle has 38 meters, soon 38 smart meters right Under her room .
    she is first floor , over the garrage.

    When she bought, it was impossible to visit the garage, the buiding was in construction, and we could see any plans, She had all the positive answers on the underground garage but never infor about the electric room Under her room.
    She ear, while sleeping, the noise of the 2 transformes, Siemens, and soon, the smart meter problem.
    Is there an jurisprudence on such of fraud ?
    She need help.

    his father


  20. Carmen says:

    It is outrageous that today, Sunday, August 31, the company Iberdrola call me to re-emphasize that you want to install in my home this intelligent system. I asked them to inform me, as I have understood that create cancer. Please I want to know if there is any association of its kind in Spain where I can report my rights. Preserving our health is what should matter to our government and not that big electrical companies earn more and more money. Greetings and thanks.

  21. Carmen says:

    Es indignante que hoy, domingo, 31 de agosto, la compañía Iberdrola me llame para volver a insistir en que quiere instalar en mi hogar este sistema inteligente. Les he pedido que me informen, pues tengo entendido que crean cancer. Por favor, me gustaría saber si hay alguna asociacion de este tipo en España donde me pueda informar de mis derechos. Preservar nuestra salud es lo que debería importarle a nuestro gobierno y no que las grandes compañías electricas ganen más y más dinero. Saludos y gracias.

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