Rebellion in the ‘Burbs: Dad Has Smart Meter Removed

Right in the heart of Silver Springs Networks territory, in San Mateo County, this devoted husband and father of two young children decided his family’s health, safety, and privacy are vitally important to him–so important that he took it upon himself to hire an electrician to remove the PG&E smart meter that was irradiating his home, and replace it with a safe analog meter.

Questions about the RF radiation in his family’s environment began to arise in his mind when his wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, a cancer with links to environmental exposures. He is addressing the other various EMF issues around the home, and educating himself about the matter.

Even though the opt-out process was too slow for his family needs, he will be opting out officially as soon as the details are addressed by the CPUC. We invite you to attend this upcoming CPUC meeting to speak out about the extortionate fees to be imposed on ratepayers who choose to protect themselves from the smart meter:

CPUC Business Meeting, Wed. Feb. 1, 2012, 9 am (8:45am to sign up): 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco CA.

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16 Responses to Rebellion in the ‘Burbs: Dad Has Smart Meter Removed

  1. LS says:

    Next Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012, there will be an electrician at my house to remove my SCE imposed smart meter and replace it with an analog meter that I purchased from I sent a letter via certified mail to SCE over a month ago requesting that they remove the meter, among other things. (the letter came on a CD with the analog meter). I will hopefully video the process to a.) prove that we did our due-dilligence and had a qualified technician replace the meter and b.) document the readings on the digital meter before we disconnect it. I will keep you all posted as to how SCE responds.

  2. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Please advise your electrician to buy a good locking ring for your new meter.
    The cheezy rings that come with new meters are pieces of crap, and that is what the sub-contractors use for the SmartMeters.
    Last week, I had to pull a SmartMeter to do some upgrading on a main load center. I carefully clipped the seal, but had a hard time trying to save the aluminum ring.
    I actually damaged the ring, but it just so happened that a PG&E service rep was next door doing a hot tap for a new main service.
    I asked him to please give my customer a new ring and seal, it took about 2 minutes of his time.
    I explained that I had to pull the SmartMeter to do what I had to do because there was no main service disconnect. He said , “you know the routine, you should of called us first”. I said , “I know, but this had to happen today, and I couldn’t wait for PG&E”.
    I asked him what his opinion of SmartMeters was, and he said ” I have no opinion”.
    I told him that this was a rental, and the new tenant may not want a SmartMeter, so I wanted to make sure that the seal was intact and they wouldn’t accuse the new tenant of tampering when PG&E comes out and removes the SmartMeter and puts in an analog meter. He did not say anything, but gave me a “look”.
    I have pulled hundreds of meters in my career, but I hate those cheesy rings, the new one PG&E put on was nice, no naughty boy clamp, just a quality ring with a knurled nut for tightening, one would think that Wellington would use quality rings, but no, too expensive.

    • LS says:

      Thanks for the advice. The ring that my new meter came with seems to be light-gauge aluminum. Although my gates are locked and access to my backyard is restricted, I will take your advice and put a heavy-duty locking ring on my analog meter.

      • LS says:

        I know that this is now buried beneath other blog posts, but I did want to follow up. I had the ‘smart’meter removed from my home on Jan. 31 by a licensed electrician. I heard NOTHING from SCE until today, Feb 14th. Two gentlemen came by my home this morning to try and get it all sorted out. They were civil, but tried to accuse me of stealing electricity. I told them that I have NO intention of stealing anything, that I will happily pay them for any and all electricity that I have used. They told me that I did not have an ‘approved’ analog meter. I told them that I would happily allow them to install one. Then they told me that the recent CPUC ruling does not apply to SCE, and that by the end of the week I would either need to let them put a new smart meter on my home or have my service disconnected. I allowed them in my yard and they photographed the analog meter. They checked its usage, and then tried to tell me that the smart meter is less dangerous than my computer or my cell phone. I told that that 1.) I don’t use a wireless network in my home and 2.) I don’t hold my cellphone to my head and 3.) They can believe what they want, I will believe my body (because my tinnitus all but vanished when the analog meter went in…). I told them that I will refuse a smart meter, and I will refuse a meter with the transmitter turned off. We shall see what happens next…

        • Josette Vettel says:

          GOOD GIRL hooray
          it’s about time someone shows the guts we are all not showing But I did show mine

          I became so frustrated with SCE I had one of the monkeys on the other end and I was screaming at my phone and I said “If you don’t do something about this I am going to call the press and tv and radio and stick my finger into the meter and go down in burning flames
          After all I havce terminal cancer why nothahahahah
          She said to me You are not allowed to tamper with the meter it is agianst the law….
          I hung up on her
          A short time after a sheriff pulld up and met me out by my gate I told him what is going on with the meters and he was astonished Igave him the dark side of smart meters on utube and he said he would check into it
          as he left I said once you get done with the dark side don’t put your finger into the meter hahahahah
          you must keep in touch with me and let me know what i can do to help you incase they want to do something stuped
          josette be well and god bless

  3. Electra says:

    Nice to see this brave man protecting his family. I will try to use his video to show people in our state how it’s done. We’re taking back the power, and people like this are in the forefront – congrats!!

    Here’s a video of my husband and I appearing before the Savannah City Council (our stint begins around 41:07). We were rushed through, and I left out a couple of key points, e. g., the law does not say you have to have a smart meter, and that the good people of Savannah should call their Public Utilities Commissioners to demand a free opt-out option.

    But we were able to tell people to get their “DO NOT REPLACE METER” signs up immediately, and this was of paramount importance, as the power company was just beginning to go onto their private property and put unwanted “smart” meters up. I encourage anyone else who wants to spread the news to appear before their city and/or county councils. Be sure and let the media – TV, radio, newspapers – know you’ll be there, and why. Good luck and God bless!

    • Preston says:

      I had a sign on my analog meter that said “DO NOT install a smart meter. NO smart meter”. That worked for about 3 months. Today I come home with a SCE notice on the front door stating that a Smart Meter was installed (By COREX). I’m rather irate. In retrospect I should have caged the meter in place with lag bolts and a steel strap or pipe. Now I’m into trying to get it removed through the “proper channels”. What a bunch of CR@P!

    • stephen Roberts says:

      I live in Savannah and would like to speak with you.

  4. Ron says:

    If the utility is indeed just commencing their meter replacement program, you are still in a good position to resist. You can do much better than demanding a free opt-out option when you call your Public Utilities Commissioners. You cannot opt out of something you were never given the choice to opt into. What you can tell them is that you refuse to opt in, and to be sure to convey to the utility installers to stay out of your property. Indeed, this is essentially what the city council of the city of Mt. Shasta in Northern California has recently instructed their utility. Their resolution is worth reading:

    • Electra says:

      A fantastic idea, and the perfect timing for any city which hasn’t been invaded yet. Thanks, Ron – I’ll be sending this out ASAP!

      Meanwhile, putting up signs, building cages around your meter, and putting up fences are everyone’s best bet to protect yourself against getting a “smart” meter. Please tell your family, friends, and neighbors – wherever they are – to do this. The more people that resist, the stronger we will become! Just make sure the power company can read your meter clearly, and that you are not endangering you or your family in any way.

      • Josette Vettel says:


        if you go opt they will charge you a seventy dollar one time charage and will add ten dollars more on your monthley bill so eather way we are sunk.

  5. Smart Meters Kill Honey Bees says:

    If SCE charges the $75 removal charge to someone with an illness related to RF sensitivity they could be looking at a medical discrimination case.

  6. SMR says:

    The American Academy of Environmental Medicine Calls for Immediate Caution regarding Smart Meter Installation

  7. JMV says:

    I have a letter from my doctor stating to remove smart meters from both my gas and electric meters to prevent further neurological deterioration. Does anyone know who to give this to? The PSC told me that I must start with the utility company, but which person – department? I don’t want to get in a mindless discussion with some poor clueless customer service person. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. ray moreno says:

    I officially notified PG&E that I wanted to officially opt out of the smart meter program. I used all 3 methods to opt out, phone meaasge, written letter and in person. Three months later they hopped the neighbors fence after they went illegally into their backyard, (my backyard was inaccessable from the street to keep them out of my yard), came into my yard and CUT MY LOCK off my wooden enclosure which allowed meter to be read but not to be removed, and gave me a smart meter. When I got home that day I noticed my power had been off, and found the smart meter. I tore it out of there and stuck in an analog meter (im an electrician by trade) # days later they came and told me they would shut off my power if i did not comply with smart meter, I told them I would shoot anybody who tresspasses on my property and they left. Next time I was not home they cut my power off, which I immediately turned back on. Again they returned saying they will cut the service drop off thye telephone pole for my house and I said “go ahead, I will run my own drop. You cant take the phone pole out of my yard, can you? ” They threatened to call police, etc. and so far nothing has happeded. Its been two months. I recommend getting a bog dog to guard your meters, the installers are terrified of dogs.

  9. Pat long says:

    I was told to file a claim in small claims court for everything they infringed on.Is there any laws that says a electric company can drop you if you tamper with there smart meter.I live in florida and just bought a solar grid tie system and I find out that smart meters don’t run backwards and I have a inverter that I plug into a 110 outlet from the solar panels and I hear that the power I put in the house from the panels will make it look like I used the power from the grid and inturn make my bill go up.they make a smart meter that goes backwards but i have to get a permit ,inspections ect.The panels I made are not ul approved and florida power and lite says I cant use them.I want my analog back .Some one help please.Concerned Coservative VET

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