“Analog” Opt Out Meters Emitting Radiation

It seems that utility companies just can’t quit their microwave addiction. Unconfirmed, breaking news from San Diego indicates that ‘analog’ meters being offered to customers for sizeable fees as an ‘opt out’ are in fact still emitting microwave radiation. Sue Brinchman, the Director of the Center for Electrosmog Prevention– who has suffered from health effects from the smart meter on her wall, and was relieved when SDG&E was ordered to offer an ‘opt out’ to its customers- posted the video above and reports that her new “analog” meter is still emitting pulses of radiation.

We are receiving other similar reports from around the country.  Residents must exercise due diligence.  We repeat- DO NOT TRUST anything the utilities tell you regarding the safety or emissions of ANY new meters they wish to install on your home or business.  The only way to verify that a meter is safe is to purchase an EMF analyzer yourself or to hire an independent expert.  Even meters that appear to be safe may be hiding a transmitter that can make you sick.  Sadly, any trust that the public had for the utility industry has been completely betrayed by the lies and the fabrications that have been used to sell the smart grid.  Any analog meter accepted from the utility should be subjected to independent testing and analysis, and deconstruction.  The burden to prove that any meter is safe should fall on the reckless utility industry itself rather than ratepayers.

We also have heard that RF is “leaking” onto household wiring and analog meters from adjacent smart meters and data collector unit antennas.  A resident of Monterey CA writes:

I seem to remember taking readings with my RF Field Strength meter of both my electric and natural gas meters before Smart Meter deployment, and not getting anything.

This week, I went out and measured both meters. The electric meter  is registering between .047 to .067 microW/cm2 against the glass, depending on how I orient the gauge.
However, the gas meter at the face is registering from approx. .719 to 1 microW/cm2. The various pipes read some high, and some lower — none as high as next to the part with the little wheels.
This is very strange and alarming. I’ve checked both meters, and don’t immediately see anything new or added, especially to the gas meter. I’m wondering if this is RF coming in on the gas lines, which I understand are made of black iron.
If you have RF gauges and have natural gas meters, would you please check them and see if you also get RF readings?”

Please write in and let us know if you measure any emissions from a meter that appears to be analog on the outside.

We were heartened to hear that the City of Ashland Oregon has approved a no-fee opt out, but unfortunately it appears that their “opt out” is a radio off digital meter- the kind with a switching mode power supply that has been associated with adverse health consequences.  This is being referred to as a “scam meter.”

In California, Burbank, Glendale and Sacramento Municipal Utility District approved this kind of “option.”  Las Virgenes Municipal Water District in Southern California is also now seeking to get approval for this kind of opt out.  We believe Naperville, IL as well.

DANGER ALERT: More utilities and local governments may start approving or trying to approve this kind of BAD option!  Be aware that they are trying to scam unaware customers.  Meters that use BPL (broadband over power line) that utilities claim are “safer, wired versions” should also NOT be considered safe.  When it comes to your utility, caveat emptor (buyer beware).  Their word is no longer good.

Here is the letter Sue Brinchman wrote to her utility, exasperated at having paid her opt out fee and still being exposed.

Dear SDG&E,

I have received an Elster analog meter that is consistently showing RF emissions of from 0.048 up to 0.200 microwatts per cm2, measured by my TenMars Rf Field Meter (TM-195). This analog replaced the SDG&E smart meter just a little over a week ago. The purpose of using analogs is to avoid RF radiation – and the one I have been given has excessive RF. I note that in the Elster manual for this particular model it is possible to add a radio inside in the field. I am not sure (yet) of the source of the RF emitting from the analog, but I do know that I measured several others (both Elsters) and these did NOT emit the RF radiation like mine.
Therefore I request an ABB meter or GE, out of the box, no special “parts” ordered for mine, as I had been told on the phone was being done. I would like to see the Elster meter disassembled here to check it also for the source of the RF and for SDG&E to come out and test.
The gas “analog” meter also emits RF at the level of 0.035 microwatts per cm2. So does another identical model analog gas meter that another La Mesan has received. This is wrong, as RF is what we want to avoid. That same person’s electric meter, an Elster, measured 0.001 microwatts per cm2, two hundred times less than the one on my home. I still cannot use my bedroom, and this has gone on now for 1.5 years.
I want an analog that does not emit RF for electric AND gas, and the electric analog meter MUST be changed out promptly to the ABB or GE analogs, older models, that I understand people are also receiving. I am CCing Brad McLellan of Channel 10 News, Miriam Raftery of East County Magazine, Ken Stone, Regional Director of the Patch, and will be contacting Michael Turko as well as other media, and my attorney, Martin Homec. I am also Ccing the Administrative Law Judge, Amy Yip-Kikugawa. I understand that the electric meter may be a “hybrid” and I don’t want it.
I realize that I am a Party to the Opt-out Proceeding and have been informing the public about the dangers of smart meters and that SDG&E may not be pleased with that. BUT I do want to be treated equally well and receive a comparable analog meter with no RF’s. A true analog does not have this. I am very sensitive to RF radiation now that the smart meter exposure has occurred and I expect nothing but an analog without it for both gas and electric.
Lastly, I have been told (and had it confirmed by numerous people at SDG&E answering the phones) that I am only allowed to speak with the SDG&E director of the opt-out program, Tessa Howard, no one else is allowed to speak to me at SDG&E This was read from the computer screen. I object to that sort of discriminatory treatment. I wish to be treated according to the law and like any other customer. I am a senior, and a disabled person with multiple medical conditions, in addition, and cannot have my health nor rights continued to be stomped on.
I expect that this situation will be swiftly rectified. I would like to be called immediately to be informed about what actions SDG&E can do to replace these RF-emitting analog meters.
Susan Brinchman

For whatever reason, utilities feel it is essential to expose as many people as possible to pulsed microwave radiation in their homes- if necessary by deception, subterfuge and trickery- even if someone is paying a hefty fee for the ‘privilege’ of opting out.

Screw this!  It’s time to rise up.

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27 Responses to “Analog” Opt Out Meters Emitting Radiation

  1. Luckily, I don’t think this meter is transmitting. The analog Elsters that emit RF have an additional module in them. The module is white with a black, plastic coated antenna, and is clearly visible inside the glass. There is also an FCC ID if you look under it. Legally: no FCC ID, no transmissions, period.

    I still think those Cornet RF meters with the histographs are the best way to know whether you’ve got an RF meter, and how often it’s pulsing.

  2. Richard says:

    Just FYI…Anyone making field measurements with these type of meters should be advised to read the manual because the conversion to “power density” is valid only with “far-field” measurements; at least 3 wavelengths away from the source; 1 meter is a good distance for 900 MHz. The utilities could discredit your analysis if not done properly, as you reported – “against the glass”:

    From a manual… “The meter measures the electrical component of the field, [it] converts the measurement values to the other units of measurement (i.e. power density) using the standard far-field formulate for electromagnetic radiation. The conversion is invalid for near-field measurements, as there is no generally valid relationship between electrical and magnetic field strength in this situation…”

  3. Michele Hertz says:

    Con Edison in New York, removed a transmitting digital meter 2 1/2 years ago after I was injured by the pulsing radiation from it.

    They replaced it with an analog meter. I too am almost sure that when I measured the radiation from that analog meter a year ago, it had no reading, until recently. Now I’m getting an RF reading from it. This reading is much lower than the reading from the DUmeter that they had removed but it is there and I am very uncomfortable living in my neighborhood and my home.

    There is no FCC l

    • I measured very similar elevated RF fields with this type of tri-axis meter at one location that had an analog followed by a digital non-transmitting, then an analog. All three had RF fields near the meter, according to my meter. This was not changed by turning off the mains. I don’t think it was dirty electricity, because the power to the residence was between 30-35 GS units. It may have to do with radio frequencies being picked up or concentrated at the meter from all over (radio, TV, cell, broadband).

      Hopefully more people can report on what they’re finding.

  4. J. Petard says:

    There is no way the CPUC-five commissioners can make an appropriate
    determination in anything in the matter of the wifi smart meter device technology.
    The commission, presumably, led by Peevey, was involved in the enormously faulty judgment of requiring the PG&E to adopt wifi smart meter technology, I’ve read.
    If it is true that the commission was primarily responsible for the current fiasco smart meter imposition, they could not be expected to have made any correct decisions subsequently, or to make any in the future in this matter regarding whether or not to deploy the dangerous devices. In a word they are incompetent, and dangerously so, to handle this matter.
    Their decisions were wrong. And they had to rely upon a fake [if I may insert my humble opinion] ‘scientific’ report from buddies eager to support unethical and frankly poor choices resulting in forceful imposition of harmful technolgy on a helpless captive utility customer population with deceitful assurances of safety.
    WHAT EXACTLY AM I REFERRING TO? I am referring to technology that, when the grid is fully operational, will turn each captive utility customer’s private dwelling into a wifi smart meter device generated man made 24/7 EMF EXPERIMENTAL ENVIRONMENT matrix. Is this known to be safe?
    NO NO NO!!!
    Quite the contrary. What the most current published scientific research reveals is that ELF RF non-thermal radiation, such as is the baseline 24/7 of the wifi smart meter device/grid environment experiment [illegal experiment] is very likely to be harmful. The human body has had no historical exposure to such an environment as that which will now become the captive private utility customer’s home matrix, a man made artificial 24/7 EMF experimental environment imposed without consent, & to which said customers cannot have developed any cellular level immunity from the molecular damage that will occur. Damage that will occur stealthily, very slowly and gradually, imperceptibly, over an extended period of time; though how extended a time will be required is unclear, before a critical mass of injury catapults the experiment utility customer-subject into distress. Time will tell unless some protection to these millions of Californians is forth coming. Some population sub- groups are more vulnerable and people who spend most of their time in their homes are more vulnerable, but the most vulnerable of all are the very young.
    The experiment may ultimately yield developements of even greater harmful effects; far greater than what can now be anticipated. What can now be anticipated, however, is blood curdling in it’s potential . These include slow breakage and damage to DNA, and Blood-Brain Barrier damage with resulting increased permeability allowing heretofore toxic chemical and biological substances access to the Brain and CNS.
    Really, this is not good for anyone. It is not good for society. It is a promise of disaster for the whole state of California if this madness of King Peevey is permitted to continue. It is a horrifying sentence for the most innocent, the very young and as well the as yet un-conceived and not yet born; at least for those who are utility customers in areas under the fatal purview of the calamitous misguided CPUC commissioners’ decisions.
    The decision to deploy the wifi weapon-like meter device /grid must be Reversed. Devices already deployed must be removed. The five commissioners must be completely barred from any further involvement in the matter of wifi smart meter devices.
    All decisions in the matter must be re-evaluated and re-decided by knowledgeable, honest, and fair minded people entrusted with the task to be carried out in open view. There can be no question of any further ignoring and arbitrarily disregarding the legitimate and essential health concerns that have been rightly raised in the face of the attempted deployment of such dangerous health harming devices; and the forced transformation of human dwellings into artificial alien man made 24/7 EMF Experimental Environments.
    Such wifi devices that will act like stealth weapons with insidious effects to slow kill and maim, to induce DNA destabilizing, Blood-Brain Barrier destabilizing, effects.
    It would be impractical to impeach all five commissioners, no matter how well they deserve it, at this time.
    Yet it is essential that they be removed from any further control over the wifi smart meter deployment question. Also, the part played by the California Council on Science and Technology in providing the commissioners cover in the form of a report that falsely concluded the dangerous devices were safe, must be openly exposed and examined to try to ensure such a betrayal will be unlikely to recur.
    A great betrayal of the public trust has occurred, and it must be addressed. A betrayal by officers of the state of California PUC, entrusted specifically to protect the interests and safety of the captive customers of the private utility cartel operating in California. The CCST provided a very questionable ‘scientific’ report which claimed the devices were safe; and by providing a faux impartial scientific document , the CCST creators action was not un-akin to UCB’s Mr. Yoo’s, now infamous creations, in the magnitude of harm potentiated, and that yet may manifest if responsible agencies of government do not intervene on behalf of the endangered Californians, born and unborn, very soon.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I’m not surprised by what you say about damage to DNA etc. I remember years ago reading science (I wish I could remember where I read it!) that stated that microwaves, although apparently safe for cooking vegetables, damaged proteins.
      That was a long time ago, the manufacturers and utilities must be aware of this, surely?

  5. Paul H says:

    The foil could be deflecting a signal from another source such as a neigbors wireless device or a cell tower blocks away. I use a Gigahertz Solutions meter for it’s directional capabilities and I like the audio feature for it’s “warmer-colder” function. Also, it gives an audio signature to the offending culprit. I found that using two sources such as sight and sound was easier to investigate with.
    I wasn’t impressed with the type being used in the video due to it’s unidirectional antenna. There were difficulties finding the source emitting RF.

  6. S Brinchman says:

    I recommend that none of us take anything for granted. After all, our trust is completely broken, when it comes to the utilities and the CPUC. We have been lied to and manipulated over and over again. So it is good to check anything and everything they do and say when it comes to the opt-out, smart meters, and smart grid. It doesn’t help to read in the Elster technical manuals for the same models of both the gas and electric meters that SDG&E are using, that they can be fitted with communications devices (aka a hybrid meter), that this is one of the “selling points”.

    We use what we have available to measure and there are others who can privately do this, as well. Measured today by Oram Miller with a Gigahertz Solutions HFE (Extended) 35C HF Analyser, with omnidirectional antennae, and also using an oscilloscope, and shielding the other sources out, it was determined that the source is most likely NOT the opt-out electric meter. What WAS determined was that there are very significant, high amounts of “dirty electricity” coming in to the wiring from outside the property into that bedroom, with no wiring problems in the home identified after testing. This is consistent with having smart meters in the neighborhood.
    Solutions were discussed, including turning off of some circuits at night, use of filters (Greenwave), with continued avoidance of the room with the electrical box on it, the master bedroom.
    I will keep a good eye on the situation, I have a baseline for better measurements with better equipment. I am very displeased with the emissions coming into my home on the wiring. One more reason to completely ban smart meters – an opt-out may help somewhat (and does) but it is only a bandaid on a gushing wound. Should you opt-out to an analog? YES. Should you monitor the situation? YES. Should you advocate for banning smart meters and the wireless smart grid? YES. Should you take a position against emissions on wiring? YES. A million thank you’s to Josh Hart and Stop Smart Meters’ volunteers for all you have done to raise public awareness and fight smart meters! There is much more to be done. We need an honest, trustworthy CPUC made up of employees who work for the public good and their mission – it should be against the law to have a conflict of interest such as they do now, many CPUC employees and some commissioners having worked for utilities first. We need more choices for who we will use as our utilities, with people-friendly, honest, trustworthy utility providers, and easy, affordable ways to go “off grid”. No more lies, no more rip-offs, no more public health problems from experimental technologies gone bad. http://www.electrosmogprevention.org.

  7. S Brinchman says:

    <> should read: I have a baseline with better measurements taken now, with better equipment.

  8. S Brinchman says:

    The neighbor’s smart meter was measured today by Oram Miller, two doors down (next door to me, they also opted out). At a distance of three feet, that smart meter was measured at up to 3,000 microwatts per meter squared, pulsing three times in 45 seconds, at one point, with the ave. pulse detected every 30 seconds.
    SDG&E has been on our cul-de-sac about six times in two weeks, mostly to do with preparing to replace deteriorating gas pipes (the portion coming out of the ground), in our 57 year old neighborhood. They have said that San Bruno has caused SDG&E to monitor their gas pipes much more often.

  9. S Brinchman says:

    I have to say that in reflecting on the issue of RF vs. no -RF in analogs provided, it has not been demonstrated to me with 100% certainty that there is no RF. The fact remains that the continuous RF values are at least double (and actually many more times) standing in the same spot, including 1 meter away, when measuring both the gas and electric analog meters, vs. the smart meters. Of course, the pulsing of the smart meters was much higher. But why the constant RF would be more than before…
    The utilities have screwed up so badly, it is a disaster, that is all I can say. So have the telecom companies, placing cell towers and antennae all over our communities. Our gov’t fails to protect us, in fact, is encouraging and paying for our exposure to radio-frequency to be billions of times more than it was just a few decades ago. And the citizen/consumer is left holding the bag, having to try to figure out what to do to avoid that which is making many of us sick and which is dangerous for all. We cannot drum up peer-reviewed studies. We cannot even find analysis that is firm, in many cases. I remain unable to use part of my home, even with analogs installed. Am able to use more of the yard. Things have improved but not as much as I was expecting. And no one seems to have firm answers. Disappointed and frustrated that I (and you all) should be in this position. Who is at fault? Ultimately, a corrupted and ineffective state and federal gov’t – and this will not be fixed by any election results that I can foresee.

    • Have you measured the magnetic field around the meter? At what distance does the field drop to below 3 milligauss? If the AC field is higher than 3 mG more than 6 feet away from the meter, that may be what certain RF meters are detecting.

    • Paul H says:

      Remember that microwave frequency will be energized when coming in contact with a typical energized copper line. It uses the electrical current on your home wiring like a super highway, riding on top of it in a 3 foot plume.
      Smart meters emitting microwaves don’t just come from the unit itself and will use the wiring in your home to travel throughout. I have witnessed high amounts of rf emitting from the power lines in my neighborhood using a Gigahertz Solutions HF 38B (800 MHz- 3.0 GHz) and a HFW 35C(2.4 GHz- 6 GHz). I know that it’s below 2.4ghz as the 35C did not activate like the 38B.

  10. S Brinchman says:

    http://smartermeters.blogspot.com/2012/05/rf-analogs.html#comment-form shows an Elster meter that looks virtually identical, on the face, to the ones being used here in San Diego, with a warning about RF. Unfortunately, the picture is blurry and doesn’t show the sides or transmitter, which I wish it did. Please contact as above.

    • I’ve updated the post to include clearer photos of the Elster analog/RF hybrid meter.


    • Paul H says:

      Here I am for the second night in a row waking up like I did when I had a kill meter on the side of my house. I checked to see if they swapped my analog out, just like they tried to do a couple of months ago. I had noticed stronger than usual pulses in my home in areas that had been shielded.
      I checked the line running to the pole in the backyard. Sure enough the power company is now sending constant pulsed radiation over the power line into everyones home. it looks like some kind of booster that has been placed on the pole.
      What’s wrong with these people? I am convinced now that they are doing this on purpose. I’m sure I’ll be dead soon as this bullshit almost killed me last time. Blood sugar and blood preasure are up, ears ringing, and I’ve got the metallic taste in my mouth again…just like I did 7 months ago.

      If anyone would like to check their own lines or power outlets, buy a cheap portable AM/FM radio at RadioShack. Switch it to AM, then move the dial to the to the lowest setting so that all you hear is static. Wave it in close proximatey to your outlets, wall switches, or anything plugged into your wall. You will hear the interference over your radio indicating high frequency entering your home.

      • Paul H says:

        I would like to add that they must have installed something on the pole last week due to the digital clock on the stove flashing and being 2 hours behind.

      • Do you measure GS levels at all? It would be good to know what kind of harmonics are on the house’s wires. Turn off all but one breaker for a baseline reading.

  11. Paul H says:

    I don’t have a LF analyzer at the moment. I am getting HF pulses above 800mhz on my analyzer and they mimick the behavior when I had a smart meter.
    The power company came out right away after I called. They say they will have it removed between 24 and 48 hours ( I’ll try and get pics) I guess this pushes me to buy a LF analyzer instead of using an AM radio to detect dirty electricity… Thanks Sam Milham!

    • Paul H says:

      The strong pulse disappeared yesterday without the repair crew making a visit. Now we have a lower one that pulses every minute or so. The initial sound reminded me of a slow regulated morse code and with nothing erratic.

      I spoke with the neighbors today. Everyone that had changed their smart meter to analog, slept great last night.

      I contacted the power company and they informed me that the crew would be out tomorrow….? Which shows that whatever was installed on the line was the culprit and controlled remotely.

      • Paul H says:

        Wow! Right after posting my last comment, the pulsed high frequency has now returned. I wish I knew someone in Arizona with a Gauss meter to document. The levels are high enough to nueturalize an AM radio signal.

  12. Deirdre Mazzetto says:

    This is happening to me in Nevada, too! I have both an HF35C and a Cornet meter and use them in conjunction with one another since I am electrosensitive. I like the directionality and sounds made for different types of radiation by the HF35C, but I agree with some that the Cornet shows smart meter spikes and differences in quality of radiation via the pictograph portion of the monitor. I called NVEnergy after “opting out” and told them that I have a medical condition and a doctor’s note, and they came the very next day to remove the smart meter and “communicating gas module”. They replaced the smart meter with a “refurbished GE analog meter”. It is a GE Type 1-70S, & my HF35C is picking up spikes from it when I stand about a foot away from it with the antenna pointed directly at the meter. When I shielded the meter and the inner wall of the house where it sits, my Cornet meter is giving me reduced readings in my house as well. Need to keep getting more measurements and now hire an electrician to see if there is a chip or device in the meter to make it able to transmit wirelessly.

  13. Judy L says:

    I am in Las Vegas. Opted out of SmartMeter. New “refurbished” “analog” meter was installed five days ago. I have been feeling utterly weird since. I am very EMF sensitive and am experiencing tachycardia, added tinnitus and other symptoms beyond the EMS symptoms I already was feeling.

    I knew this meter would also be devious… I was told in LV there are 12,000 non-smart meters available. I was also told the smart meters don’t work, and are in need of frequent repairs.

    It appears to me the goal really is mass harm. In Calif. you have PGG

  14. Judy L says:

    …lost some of msg… PG&E is the same company that was poisoning people decades ago with Chromium 6? Nothing ever resolved.

    Whose country is this?

  15. Lori S says:

    Yes, had the power company replace a smart meter with an “analog” and I can still hear the thumping. So I measured with my cornet meter and sure enough there is RF emitting. This is in Florida.

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