Meters Removed in Prescott AZ After Mayor Intervenes

This story was covered by the Phoenix AZ Fox affiliate a couple of weeks ago.  It was subsequently removed from their website for a while but is apparently back up now.  The comparison between the levels of radiation from a smart meter and from a cell phone are fabricated nonsense, something we’ve come to expect from the utility industry.  Thank you to Dr. David Carpenter for being outspoken about this issue and standing up for science and public health!

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  1. Richard says:

    And… Fox News also interviewed this guy >> << who said that he could (and can?) predict earthquakes. And he's even got a Wikipedia page! And there's about as much evidence of harm from low-power wireless communications (e.g., SmartMeters) as there is to support the predictability of earthquakes. In *either* case, if the effects are real, then a cause and effect relationship should be testable, repeatable, and verifiable (at least statistically). And in *neither* case has any significant correlation been demonstrated. After watching the video: I share Mossman's view, … and why doesn't Carpenter conduct a massive study of EHS people to support the hypothesis? That seems like a worthy pursuit… Anyone? Anyone? …?

    • Nancy says:

      Here’s the point. As a decision maker, when one does not know the full medical implications of adopting a certain public policy, a conscious and true public servant errs on the side of protecting the public and basis the policy on the “precautionary principle” that allows policy not to go forward to be made. I don’t know a scientist who doesn’t know that.

      The burden of proof lies with the utility to prove this technology is safe.

  2. Stop Minnesota Meters says:

    Richard: What does some guy that predicts earthquakes have to do with David Carpenter? Have you ever read his credentials? Also, read the work of Carl Blackman (of the EPA) on RF. He describes “windows” of effects of RF. This is one reason that it is so difficult to replicate. He talks of his lab, where an effect was found, and then going to another lab to understand why it was not able to be replicated there. He found that it was because of the interaction of the earth’s magnetic field in the one lab that had not been taken into account. Also, the industry does not want to repeat the studies, so they change them just slightly so it does not get repeated. Look at information at about this issue. How do you think that Carpenter would get the funding to do a massive study on EHS people? I suppose you could call or email him and ask him why he doesn’t do a massive study. Other than funding, where would he find people who could fly from all over the world to Albany to stay for the time needed for a real study? I couldn’t do that and I am EHS. Also, the rooms to test for it would have to be completely blocked, because there is so much RF around. The subjects would have to stay in special hotels or rooms that are completely blocked because the effect of RF if cumulative and if you have been exposed your reaction is more intense to even stuff that isn’t big–and you may just be reacting–without even something there. For example, if you have a cat allergy and you have been living around cats, you can’t just go over to a lab, have a cat waived in front of you to see if you react or not. You are already reacting before you even get there. Then, different people have slightly different reactions to parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is usually what they have been overexposed to. For example, I react especially badly to WiFi and other similar RF. The difficulties of such a study are huge. By the way, I am an attorney who also has a graduate degree. I am married, with two children. I have a good job. I am in pretty good shape physically. What I don’t think that you realize, Richard, is that you could be next. We who suffer with EHS are often people who were using wireless technology with no problems and then one day, started to become ill. After months of trying to figure out what is going on, we realize that when we are away from the wireless device, we feel better. Then we start to do research and realize what is going on. There are 10,000 to 15,000 studies showing biological effects of emfs. We are electrical beings. To think that we are not being affected by this massive amount of artificial emf does not make sense.

    • Joe Myrick says:

      I would like to invite you to read the Global 2000 Report, and then do a study of Agenda 21, then go on to study the Millenium Project. These meters are just one part of a larger plan. The Scientific community, as well as the Gay community is very on board with what the goals related to these documents, and you will not have much luck changing the minds of either. just one link that I already had easy access to.

  3. Richard says:

    “By the way, I am an attorney who also has a graduate degree. I am married, with two children. I have a good job. I am in pretty good shape physically. What I don’t think that you realize, Richard, is that you could be next.”

    Yeah…So, aside from the attorney part, we’re not so different 🙂 And I fully realize that I *could* be next. BUT, my background is in science, and I need data to make an informed (not emotional) decision. As for the many 1000s of studies of EMFs and their biological effects, I am not convinced, but I have only read a handful (a large handful). Maybe the answer is in that which I haven’t yet read. I suppose it’s possible. Anyhow, at this point, there is far too much uncertainty for me. But I keep my finger on the pulse of this issue, just waiting for the landmark study…

    • Paul H says:

      Maybe do own study? You might want to place your wifi router and cordless phone base station within three feet of your head when sleeping.
      Please share your results. You may want to look out for signs of “radiowave sickness”.

  4. Paul H says:

    Kenneth Mossman is a radiation safety health expert, meaning nuclear radiation expert.

    Here is a description of his work.
    ” Mossman, a professor in the School of Life Sciences, has published widely in topics such as biological effects of low and high dose x-, gamma and neutron radiation; radiation exposure during pregnancy; the health effects of radon; and radiation protection and public policy. His current research includes nuclear regulatory science
    and policy and managing small risks, as well as risk perception and risk
    The smart meter emits high dose x-, gamma and nuetron radiation. I wonder if he is aware that the World Health Organization put emissions from the smart meter in the class 2b category.

    Does he understand that electromagnetic radiation is genotoxic?

    Once again the media doesn’t do their job and compares apples to oranges. But we expected that, right?

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  7. Mike Denholm says:

    The health hazard may be real but its nothing compared to the hazard that these meters will ultimately lead to. The cost savings are legitimate but the true agenda behind all this is UN Agenda 21. The control and rationing of our use of energy. With simple updates in the future, (after Obama is re-elected), they will be used to monitor our usage paterns on an idividual household basis and restrictions will be applied to control how much energy and when you will be allowed to use it. They will be capable of knowing which appliances are operating in your home and whether you are in compliance with the usage rules. If not, your appliance may be turned off remotely, and a penalty of some sort applied. Look up Agenda 21 on the web.

    • Nancy says:

      Correction – There is no cost savings with smart meters because they are working constantly 24/7 in perpetuity sending and receiving data to all the rest of the devices in the ‘smart’ grid (routers, relays, cell towers, cell phones, etc.) causing some amount of vibration to occur perhaps from the switching mode power supply (the gizmo that makes the dissonant currents “compatible”). In addition, they put building structures at risk of fire from natural solar radiation especially in those not and getting hotter SW US states causing the plastic meters to melt.

  8. Christina S. says:

    Smart Man!

  9. letta mego says:

    You’d have to take a course in human physiology to really get how harmful these smart meters are. I guess our lack of knowledge is what the utility company and government is counting on. The harm starts at the membrane that surrounds the living cell. That alone is reason enough to ban smart meters. Smart meters have 2 antennae. One beams radiation into the home and the other beams radiation outward. In the smart meter is an operating system (computer) and software that can definitely be hacked. There is nothing good about smart meters. They are just something dreamed ($$$) up by the telecommunication industry and the utility companies by people who don’t know a thing about biology or or health…… Or don’t care…because we don’t immediately drop dead …and they know they’ll have their money and be long gone before we wise up. It’s pretty mysterious how the world population is against smart meters but smart meters are still being forced on us. Get organized and ban smart meters.

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