Doctors Warning: “Avoid Smart Meter Radiation”

Avoid smart meters- Doctor's orders!!

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), an “international association of physicians and other professionals interested in the clinical aspects of humans and their environment,” have released recommendations for patients with a broad array of illnesses and symptoms to avoid exposure to digital smart meters now being deployed internationally by governments and utilities.

The recommendation, which includes reference to 20 peer-reviewed studies showing biological harm from wireless technologies, indicates that patients with neurological, neurodegenerative diseases, genetic defects, cancer, and other conditions would benefit from avoiding pulsed RF radiation from smart meters.  The recommendation says:

“Physicians of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine recognize that patients are being adversely impacted by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) fields and are becoming more electromagnetically sensitive.

The AAEM recommends: that no Smart Meters be on these patients’ homes, (and) that Smart Meters be removed within a reasonable distance of patients’ homes…”

This medical testimony is yet one more arrow in the quiver of those fighting the smart grid on medical disability and accessibility grounds.  For those who suffer pain or ill effects from smart meter microwave radiation, the very least accommodation that the utility must provide is a zone of safety around one’s home.  Any less can constitute forcible eviction and is a clear violation of human rights.

There is no “opt out” or “free choice” when the meter on your neighbor’s house 10 feet away is blasting you 24/7 and you are in agony in your own home.  The AAEM’s medical recommendation asserts this basic fact and will now enter into play in state commission proceedings on the smart meter health issue nationally and internationally.

Because wireless can also cause illnesses and sensitivities, those who are healthy also have the right to avoid exposure.   And of course no one- sick or healthy should have to pay a penalty protection racket fee simply to protect their own safety.

The Center for Electrosmog Prevention suggests that people consider filing a discrimination complaint with the federal government if utilities fail to accommodate these medical requirements.

For more on the increasing medical consensus around wireless biological harm, debate about smart meters in the Quebecois press, and a statement for MD’s to sign on to, see here.

For a California briefing that makes a good argument about smart meter opt out fee ADA violations, download this pdf: SMARTMETERS-ADA_Smart_Meter_Briefing_PDFA[1]

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20 Responses to Doctors Warning: “Avoid Smart Meter Radiation”

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  6. SJ says:

    I am paying $100/year to opt out of transmitting water meter because I have Radiofrequency Sickness and my dr. wrote a letter. They have emphasized that they wouldn’t have to do it. The contract says I cannot hold them liable. I needed the opt out. I signed it.

    I hope if/when we get legislation in my state for penalty-free opt outs I can stop paying. I am afraid to confront them because I need the opt out. They already brought the fee from $200/year to $100/year.

    And that is how it is when you are the only one in your community attempting to handle this. I am not complaining. But I want people to get another little picture of what’s going on with this.

    • Sorina says:

      S.J! The reason that you feel that you are the only one in your community, is because they have failed to inform the people. That would be the responsibility of your Major and councilors of the city. It may be of help to you to connect with
      www,citizensforsafetechnology. Various forms are available to suit your needs. Make sure, that whatever you send to the electric co. is by registered mail.
      After a few days or a week you may than check back with your post office and see if they have received your mail. this is how I have communicated my concerns with a follow up of two registered letters. It is sad, but some times I feel like my home is becoming a prison. We need to get together and protect that what we hold so dear. DEMOCRACY AND THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS
      AND FREEDOMS! You are not in this alone , many are in the same shoes

  7. Earl says:

    I appreciate the hard work you are doing. I find the articles you write to be of value and I like to share them on my news site. I am contacting you to say thank you for what you are doing and to let you know that I am adding to my blogroll. I do not do so in hopes of reciprocation – though if you wish to then that’s great, rather just to give you a polite heads up and to once again say, “thanks.”

    Earl Griffin
    Barking Window

  8. Just experienced some thing odd, that I could not explain. Then I realised that our smart meter is mounted in our bedroom wall.

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  15. jaime montanez says:

    I have smart meters in my basement complex also my apartment is a wall apart from several smart meters. Any suggestions how to get rid of them? I wont be able to move for lack of funds…..please help im concerned…

  16. Roxana Knowlton says:

    After listening to Coast to Coast on Jan. 21, 2013, I was shocked to learn about all the symptoms I have had that sounded like it might be a Smart Meter on my wall. Called PGE this am to find out that the entire wall of my living room to kitchen is covered with the meters for most of the apts. Every evening there is a transformer noise that goes on until daylight.
    Was very healthy until I moved in to this apt. After 4 yrs. I have developed many symptoms like passing out, headaches, coughing & heart symptoms. Went to ER several times. The last time was after vomiting all over floor, having many passing out episodes & had to call 911. At the ER vitals seemed fine. Then I could feel another episode coming on. The dr. showed me a strip saying my heart stopped 1 1/2 minutes. They put me in ICU & put in a pace maker next morning.
    Is there an atty. that is making a class action suit? I cannot stay in my apt. now with a pace maker, plus do not sleep well & always tired. Can I get money to move? What can I do. I called PGE & he was rude plus said if I have a cell phone it has more radiation than the smart meter.

    • stop stupid meters NOW says:

      That is a lie. you can not use cell phone research to justify using a smart meter. Smart meters are on constantly and increase in the radiation emissions when they transmit information to the electric company. So it a low level emission with spurts of emission every 90 seconds. Call your local ACLU. I contacted my local chapter because I was recently informed of my “mandatory upgrade”. I have refused and locked my current meter. Have a feeling I am going to end up without power. I have 3 babies and a family history of cancer — not strapping a radiation meter to the side of my house so big brother can decide when I am allowed to cook. All the best with your fight.

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