Jean McDonnel: Colorado Smart Meter Activist Needs Our Love

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Jean McDonnel

From Stop Smart Meters! Director Joshua Hart:

We were very sad to hear this latest news about our good friend Jean McDonnel.   Jean kindly hosted me when I visited Ridgway, Colorado in November of 2011 to speak at a local forum on smart meters she and others had organized.  I was touched by her generosity and giving spirit, and effectiveness in getting an important message across. 

We would be nowhere without activists like her.  

What Jean needs right now is the community to rally and demand that the stupid meter is immediately removed from her house and that she obtain proper, non-chemical treatment for her cancer.  Please send messages of support and love.  Give to her appeal- a little or a lot.

This notice was recently circulated on Jean’s behalf:

Jean McDonnel almost single handedly obtained “opt out” policies for several small communities in Colorado including Ridgway and Ouray. Just before her work was done she collapsed in front of the utility company after a speech.  She was life-flighted to a hospital with a torn aorta.  Only 8% of people with this condition survive.  Jean had two strokes as a result but survived the surgery and is severely disabled on one side of her body.

Jean has been a FIRECRACKER for justice all her life, first for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and then for those suffering from electro-sensitivity and “smart” meters.

She moved from Ridgway, Colorado to Texas to be near her family last year. No official “opt out” in Texas yet, although they have a proceeding.  Texas Rep. Bonnen is active in helping.  He wrote the Texas legislation regarding the “voluntary” option of smart meters. Even though smart meters are not “mandatory” the PUC and Utilities have acted as if they are.  Jean bought a nice house, and quickly got sick from the smart meters even though she tried to locate in a less dense area.

Now comes the kicker…

Jean, three months after being in her new house in Texas that has smart meters, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has to have a mastectomy.  Because she is severely allergic to most medications (MCS) she has had to opt for an alternative treatment that does not take medicare.  Jean has taken out a credit line on her house, for $8000.  They say it will at a minimum cost $50,000 for her surgery and treatment.

So Jean- who has been through all this- and fought so hard against smart meters and the smart grid- is now stuck with a smart meter on her home, and is facing a huge debt just for cancer treatment.  Jean has signed up on a web site for cancer patients where people can give forward to those in need.  Jean could use some help now, after many years of giving to others.

I urge you to pass this on and if you can give at:

Send a letter or call Rep. Bonnen of Texas and ask for his help in getting a safe analog meter back on Jean’s home.

A close friend had this to say about Jean:

“I love Jean, she is an inspiration. she tells us the ‘hilite 70‘ window film has helped reduce the power of RF emissions significantly.  Even when in a disaster for herself she continues to give to others.  Hope you can pass this on and give if you can.  Thanks to you all for all you are doing…”

Thanks for your support of a good friend and ally.

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