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Smithville, TX Awareness Sparks Smart Meter Backlash

SMITHVILLE, TX— Smithville is a small town of about 3800 residents in central Texas, about 40 miles southeast of Austin and about 100 miles northeast of San Antonio. It’s not just the town’s name – even residents say Smithville is … Continue reading

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San Antonio, TX Takes to the Streets to Stop Smart Meters!

On Saturday, March 28th, residents of San Antonio, Texas took to the streets to demand an end to smart meters, and to urge support of two bills currently in the Texas legislature that would force utility companies to offer a … Continue reading

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Man Dies in Dallas House Fire Attributed to Oncor Smart Meter

Last Monday night, another preventable tragedy unfolded as a 74-year-old Dallas man named James Humphrey Jr. was killed in a fire that his family is blaming on a recently installed Oncor smart meter. The victim’s family say the new smart … Continue reading

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San Antonio, TX Residents Install Analog Lockers to Defend the Elderly and Vulnerable Against CPS Smart Meters

Last month I visited the City of San Antonio, TX, interviewed local residents and confronted utility officials about their smart meter/ smart grid program. Above is a video we put together, trying to figure out what exactly it is that … Continue reading

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Analysis of CPS Energy “Smart” Meters Shows Radiation Pulses Occur 700 Times as Often as What the Utility Says

On Friday, CPS Energy of San Antonio, Texas made the claim to reporters that their “smart” meters only transmit once every four hours: “Where typical analog meters get checked once a month or so by a meter reader, the new … Continue reading

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