San Antonio, TX Takes to the Streets to Stop Smart Meters!

On Saturday, March 28th, residents of San Antonio, Texas took to the streets to demand an end to smart meters, and to urge support of two bills currently in the Texas legislature that would force utility companies to offer a no cost analog opt out option for the entire state.  Several organizations have coalesced in recent months, particularly in San Antonio, where CPS Energy- a municipal utility- has been forcing smart meters.

For more information about the Texas Stop Smart Meters! campaign, the current legislation, and if you are a Texan, how to take action to urge your representatives to support HB 3421 and SB 1044, see the Coalition for Safe Meters or Stop Smart Meters San Antonio sites.

To find out what is happening locally in your area, and hook in with our growing network, check out our Find a Local Group Page.

For more background on the Texas campaign against smart meters:

Texans Against Smart Meters

Residents Lock Up Analogs in San Antonio

SSM! Message to San Antonio City Council: Be a Wise City!

Alamo Heights City Council Demands Halt to “Smart Meters”

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  1. anonymus says:



  2. anonymus says:

    issue: there are motels, hotels, libraries, and apartment complexes that are already
    installed with wireless. what about accomodations and Rights for electro-sensitive
    persons. we all need to live somewhere and have the right to protect and preserve our right to live long healthy lives – free from cancers and carcinogens …. many need answers and solutions are needed now.

    included this resource link to this organization who are working with
    the Indigenous Kogi Mamas to start collaborating and meeting with many interested organizations,
    activists, grassrooots, psychologists, scientists to start solving the problems of our world – looking forward to their in-sights and solutions (they train and work with Aluna – the intelligence of Life from birth) :
    “all these things technological – planes, tv, radios, helicopter, phones, etc. … have
    been here before man” (paraphrased)
    obviously, they see things that we haven’t. they are able to see, detect, and name
    star systems that scientists must do with a hubble telescope.

    this outdated wireless grid “system”, is a system we actually do not need and there ARE numerous solutions and possiblities
    that does not have to … nor will longer harm ourselves, the children and their future … and the environment that sustains us.


  3. PG & E fined 1.6 billion says:

    Courage Campaign Praises Fine Against PG&E as Historic But Argues CA Families Aren’t Safe Without Independent Pipeline Safety Monitor

    Earlier today, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted to fine Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) a historic $1.6 billion dollar for negligence contributing to the deadly natural gas pipeline explosion that killed 8 people and injured dozens more in San Bruno in 2010.

    Eddie Kurtz, executive director of the California-based Courage Campaign issued the following statement in reaction to the vote:

    “The California Public Utilities Commission demonstrated good judgment today in issuing a historic 1.6 billion dollar fine against PG&E for negligence contributing to the San Bruno pipeline disaster. The vote sends a clear signal to public utilities and private corporations serving Californians across our State – betray the public trust and you will be held accountable and punished appropriately.

    But this is only a first step – Californians families won’t be safe from future disasters until independent pipeline monitors have had the ability to assess all natural gas pipelines in the State and make crucial infrastructure improvements.

    We will continue to press the CPUC and PG&E to cooperate in those next steps.”

    For interviews with Courage Campaign, please contact Brett Abrams at 516-841-1105 or by email at


    for additional action – it’s all related:
    We stop and end one, we stop plenty of other actions tied to it:
    There is simply too much at stake to stand back and watch this corporate giant diminish the extremely limited water supply California still has. We need financial support from courageous members like you if we are going to have a fighting chance of winning.

    Chipping in a few dollars today will allow our small and dedicated team to fight back against Nestlé, keep up the pressure on the CA Water Resources Control Board, and protect the state’s dangerously scarce water supply.

  4. M.R. says:

    Didn’t know about the San Antonio-specific website regarding stopping smart meters. Thanks for bringing that website to attention + your inclusion of the YouTube video.

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