San Antonio, TX Residents Install Analog Lockers to Defend the Elderly and Vulnerable Against CPS Smart Meters

Last month I visited the City of San Antonio, TX, interviewed local residents and confronted utility officials about their smart meter/ smart grid program. Above is a video we put together, trying to figure out what exactly it is that CPS energy “is going to do to us” and how to stop it.

During our visit we found residents up in arms, locking down their analogs, and refusing to back down.  We found the typical utility propaganda, deception, and coercion.

CPS is now threatening disconnection to disabled and elderly people 2 weeks before Christmas.  The Grinch is alive and well this holiday season, everyone.

Wherever utilities force smart meters using false and misleading information, people will resist and spread the truth, stand up and fight back.  Neighborhood organizing is critical to any successful analog meter defense.  We stand with Les Chateaux and Oliver and everyone fighting smart meters in San Antonio and all over the world.

Now is the time to fight back and demand a halt, a recall, and a ban.  Anything less will not suffice.

Thank you San Antonio for showing us the way.Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 18.44.44

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2 Responses to San Antonio, TX Residents Install Analog Lockers to Defend the Elderly and Vulnerable Against CPS Smart Meters

  1. Rhonda Reichel says:

    I opted out of the smart meter but they forced me to take an OMR meter and my bill just doubled. Plus to add insult to injury they charged me a partial month last month when they installed it and sent me a nasty note on the bill they were going to disconnect me if I didn’t pay the balance soon??? I have automatic deduction so how could I be late?
    I have CPS Energy in San Antonio and couldn’t find the opt out form on their website so I had to call and they guy told me that smart meters didn’t emit radiation and that nobody else was complaining.

    • michael paul says:

      Sorry you have been lied to by the government machine CPS Energy or as I call them (C)ustomer’s (P)rivacy (S)tolen Energy. You see the U.S. Government has developed the ability to command and control electrical devices utilizing Smart Meters. Everything from turning on and off electrical devices to generating a radar return from the microwaved antennas just like military aircraft use to designate targets the government can designate just how many persons are inside your dwelling and they know exactly which electrical devices are being used. For how long and weather or not anyone is even home at any particular time of day or night. If you really want to know what the devices are meant to do just look up General Electric I210+c patent.

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