UK Business Institute: Smart Meters “An Unjustified, Over-Engineered, & Expensive Mistake”

-3From the IOD Press Release:

An influential British business group- the Institute of Directors (IoD)- has called the British Smart Meter scheme an ‘unjustified, over-engineered and expensive mistake.’

The (UK) Government’s roll-out of Smart Meters, digital energy meters designed to provide real-time usage statistics, should be “halted, altered or scrapped” to avoid a potentially catastrophic government IT disaster, the Institute of Directors warns today.

In a major new report entitled “Not too clever: will Smart Meters be the next Government IT disaster?” the IoD brands the £11bn scheme, the largest government IT project in history, “unwanted by consumers, devoid of credibility and mind-blowingly expensive”. The business group calls on an incoming government to review the project and “consider a fresh start”.

The Smart Meter program, which has the hugely ambitious target of installing 100 million new pieces of kit in homes and business by 2020, was initiated by Ed Miliband as energy secretary in 2008, following an EU Directive, and confirmed by the Coalition Agreement in 2010.  The report’s author, Dan Lewis, Senior Infrastructure Advisor at the IoD, calls the political consensus “a conspiracy of silence among politicians in thrall to big ideas and even bigger budgets”.

Lewis continues:

“The professed aims of the Smart Meter program are laudable, and we all recognize the benefits of reducing consumption and increasing energy awareness. But there is little credible evidence to suggest that a scheme of this size and complexity will achieve those goals.”

The IoD report highlights a number of key concerns:

  • Despite the EU Directive, 11 nations have ruled out electricity smart meters and only 5 are pushing ahead with the 2020 target for gas meters. In contrast, as is so often is the case, the UK has gold-plated the Directive.
  • The government refuses to publish any of the reports on the program by the Major Projects Authority.
  • The cost-benefit analysis conducted by the Department for Energy and Climate Change is so heavily redacted as to be almost unreadable.
  • The Smart Meter network would be vulnerable to cyber-attack and disruption.
  • Introducing time-of-day pricing to shift consumer demand will only work with price increases that are not politically realistic. Retail consumers really can’t change their energy consumption that much.

The report places the rollout of Smart Meters within the context of previous large-scale IT fiascos, including the infamous NHS National Programme for IT, the eBorders Programme and the BBC’s disastrous Digital Media Initiative.  Furthermore, a recent survey shows that 80 per cent of IoD members rate the ability of government to manage large IT projects as “poor or very poor”.

Dan Lewis adds:

“This scheme is far from smart. The dishonourable roll call of government IT projects that have hemorrhaged vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to no discernible effect needs no further additions. Consumers will not forgive the already unpopular energy companies for a costly program which fails to deliver and ends up making them poorer. Without a change of direction, whoever wins the general election is at risk of overseeing a spectacular failure in the next parliament. They would be well-advised to consider a fresh start.

Consumers do not want the meters, they have proved a costly mistake in countries where they have been rolled out, and the Government is withholding key details about their costs and benefits. This makes for a program which is devoid of credibility, over-engineered and mind-blowingly expensive. Perhaps the only reason why the cost and ambition of this project has not become a national scandal already is because of a conspiracy of silence among politicians in thrall to big ideas and even bigger budgets.”

A key area of concern outlined in the report is that the technology behind the scheme is untested and some parts will likely be obsolete by the scheduled switch-on date of 2020.

Lewis added:

“We know that an incoming government will be under intense financial pressure, having to find further cuts to public spending. This does not fit well with increasing energy bills for a project that has such unrealistic targets, such large costs and such uncertain benefits.”

Read the full report here.

Read the Full Press Release Here

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4 Responses to UK Business Institute: Smart Meters “An Unjustified, Over-Engineered, & Expensive Mistake”

  1. And, fatally says:

    There is a video of the Family’s home and aftermath who died in the Fire. One husband and their 7 children.
    RIP and many, many condolences.

    Logically, we’ll be seeing and hearing more and more of smart meter fatalities, that has always been there (how many have died in the past, unreported?) previously hidden
    from the public knowlege, as the veil unlifts – sadly, yet compassionately.
    And obviously, recalls.

    Support groups for those who have lost loved ones in the fires and other
    complications from the meters around the world … take

  2. anonymous - gratifude to the SSM movement and heroes and heroines says:

    include “smart appliances” too … are there reports of “smart” fridges and
    dishwashers blowing up, eletrical malfunction and fires we haven’t yet
    A link to this:
    It is not a myth that the “smartphone” (i-phone) microwave signals are so strong
    that it can pop glass. What is it doing to our cellular tissues … the cellular tissues behind ear lobes, limbs and our brain tissues? Imploding from
    within? We are concerned. More than concerned. It’s not too late.
    We can stop this. (For the little kids and generations growing up, there is also aresponsibility to raise and and tackle, heal these issues – why do we need “smartphones?” Are they making us happier more healthy, innerly connected and people as a whole
    and a truly joyful, caring planet now, then before their appearance? TMI – too much information that cannot be processed more than the mind is capable of or naturally designed/created to …. yet this “smartphone”becomes an addiction – a neural groove imprint
    in the brain’s physiology. Do we really need a thousands of thousands of
    “applications” which we never use, but one or two, or never? Shortcut your, ours, a
    child’s ability to regain NATURAL HUMAN
    motor processing to function as a
    healthy human being for their own future and legacy?

    Therapists speak
    that LEARNING must engage the BODY. Movement. Movement and movement in Mother Nature is directly
    connected with the learning and educational process: kinesthetic processing. They go hand in hand. Perhaps this is why
    we have TMI syndrome. Hours texting, behind the “smartphones” or computers …
    next day, we have forgotten what we have learned. Onto the next. This is not natural, nor
    are we or can we be heading that way in this new cycle. It won’t work.
    Yet, this “smart syndrome” is reversable. Nothing is permanent or immutable.
    Keep educating, investigating, re-investigating, and local campaigning ….

    “Smart meters” (and grids) are against the Laws of Nature. Actions and anything of the like
    that are created or move against the Laws of Nature eventually destroys itself. Positively,
    human beings do have the ability to learn from lessons quickly. It’s a choice.


  3. anonymous - gratifude to the SSM movement and heroes and heroines says:

    is it a myth or not?

    Radiation is a real issue with “smart pulses” and cellular radiation. We
    feel it after using wireless technology and ‘wifi’ connected to the ‘laptop’. Tingling
    and numbness in the fingers and hands. Especially the right side of the hand,
    on the keypad and keyboard toucpad. Before, our hands felt fine. What’s happening
    to the tissues? Burning up?

  4. anonymous - gratifude to the SSM movement and heroes and heroines says:

    Cellphone radiation heating up a popcorn kernel.

    thanks SSM!

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