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Smart Meter Data at Crux of Arkansas Murder Case

Imagine this scenario: You just got a bonus at work, bought a new barbecue smoker and a large hot tub at your suburban home. Your 5-year old son (whom you have custody of) is at his mother’s home for the … Continue reading

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Smithville, TX Awareness Sparks Smart Meter Backlash

SMITHVILLE, TX— Smithville is a small town of about 3800 residents in central Texas, about 40 miles southeast of Austin and about 100 miles northeast of San Antonio. It’s not just the town’s name – even residents say Smithville is … Continue reading

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Injury at Ireland Smart Water Meter Blockade

Stop Smart Meters! has received reports of an injury of a man named John O’Donovan at a neighborhood blockade resisting new wireless “smart” water meters in Cork, Ireland late last week.  Irish Water is attempting to force the meters where … Continue reading

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More Families Getting Water Shut Off, But Utilities Lack the Legal Right

From SPRINGDAME, PA– For the first time since Aug. 30, Cindee Zlacki of Springdale and her seven kids could shower at their own house on Tuesday. An Allegheny County Court judge has ordered the borough to restore water to … Continue reading

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Grandmother’s Water Shutoff Prompts State Legislation in WI

Audrey Parker, an 81 year old grandmother who has refused to have a  ‘smart’ water meter installed because of the privacy implications and the heart palpitations she experiences from the meters’ wireless pulses, last week had her water disconnected by … Continue reading

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