CPUC President Michael Peevey to Public: “Shut Up”

Michael Peevey has done enough damage to California: Now it’s time to go.

Yesterday, dozens of people descended on the California Public Utilities Commission (for the umpteenth time) to speak of health damage, fires, privacy violations, and inaccurate bills brought about by the “smart meter” and to demand major changes in state policy regarding the metering choices Californians have.

The room was shocked when, toward the end of public comment, President Peevey told the public- who in some cases had traveled hundreds of miles to be there- to “shut up.”

The heated exchange came as the last people who had signed up to speak before 9am were wrapping up their comments.  State law allows anyone present at the end of public comment period to speak for 1 minute to the Commission.

People started raising a protest when it was understood that Peevey would not allow public comment to continue. The Commission under Peevey has made it increasingly difficult for the public to comment, requiring that people not comment on the same subject more than once and unnecessarily limiting speaking time.   Several people who have been made sensitive to EMF’s by the smart meter, and who had taken time off work to speak, were forced to leave before their slot came up as they could not bear the wi-fi and other wireless devices that the PUC encourages in the meeting chamber.

It is widely believed that Mr. Peevey is under increasing pressure to step down- from elected officials and by victims of the San Bruno explosion, smart meters, nuclear power, and various inappropriate infrastructure developments during his tenure.

The man clearly lost his cool.

When the head of the state agency responsible for utility services and safety tells the public- who pay his salary- to “shut up”during a public meeting, it’s time for him to step down.

We will not “shut up” and we will not go away.  

Peevey’s outburst takes place at 42minutes 11 seconds in the video below:

San Francisco, CA., Feb. 28, 2013 – Though limited to 1 minute each, a parade of outraged citizens lasting over 40 minutes demanded that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) provide community-wide opt-out without charge to the forced installation of wireless so-called ‘smart meters’ by California utilities.

StopSmartMeters.org Director Joshua Hart told the Commissioners to “deal with the demise of the smart meter program with dignity rather than denial,” and called for Commission President Michael Peevey to step down for his obdurate foot-dragging on this issue.

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15 Responses to CPUC President Michael Peevey to Public: “Shut Up”

  1. mark says:

    who is this guy’s boss? Where can we send letters/e-mails indicating our outrage and have him summarily fired??

  2. Susan B says:

    Go to http://www.californiaadmin.com/cpuc.shtml to view the CPUC archived video of the Feb. 28th CPUC Voting Meeting.

    Q: did EON or anyone else catch Peevey’s deplorable conduct on video?

  3. Paul H says:

    Poor Peavey, only if he knew the real reason for his anxiety….all the wireless and no doubt that a smart meter was hooked up to the room. It’s time that he looked at the list of symptoms and discover he is a victim. Cmon Peavey…face it, your in denial.

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  5. Pat says:

    “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you Then they fight you. Then you win”

    This saying fits perfectly with the unprofessional, angry behavior displayed by Peevey.
    What a very sad career legacy he leaves behind, especially at his age – contributing to the serious damage to human life and health of millions of people.

    If I were one of his children or grandchildren, I’d certainly be ashamed not only of his rude behavior but also this tarnished legacy he leaves for the next generation to face and be exposed to. One would certainly want to finish well at the end of ones life. This would not be what I’d consider finishing well. At his age, this is something I’d think long and hard about, especially when I know the public that is paying my salary only want morally right and just decisions.

    I’d say the same thing to Judge Amy that she makes a more informed, just, honorable and wise decision on behalf of the people she took an oath to serve and a Constitution she raised her hand to protect.

  6. Terri says:

    Unreal. I guess we know who’s gaining control and who’s losing it! Speaking of which, I’m hoping people will go comment on an article at the Huffington Post, which states that Sebastopol had no reason to outlaw “smart” meters, because they’re perfectly safe! We all know that’s not true, and I’m asking all and sundry to let the truth be known over there. Here’s the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-h-bailey/smart-meters-dumb-science_b_2768405.html?show_comment_id=233779575&utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false#comment_233779575sb=4641333,b=facebook

    Thank you!

    • Paul H says:

      The Huffington Post is just another tool of Agenda 21. I personally would never visit that site. PBS did not use information given by Joshua Hart and spun the story to make us look like a bunch of kooks. Most of the media is funded by the wireless industry and I personally don’t listen to what they have to say after many communications with them regarding the smart mater.

      If you really want the truth start reading The Blaze or World Net Daily due to their thorough coverage of this subject.

  7. Richard says:

    >> “People started raising a protest when it was understood that Peevey would not allow public comment to continue.”

    Look, I’m not here to defend Peevey, but the statement above is simply untrue.

    PEEVEY: That ends a number of speakers that signed up prior to the starting time…

    Of course, he was interrupted before finishing his statement… After which he did exactly what you say he should have, allowing “anyone present at the end of public comment period to speak for 1 minute to the Commission.”

    Was I there? NO. But was anyone *who signed up* denied their time? If not, then just get in line and wait your turn.

    Shut up, indeed!

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  9. Pat says:

    The title Mr. or Mrs. or President is usually reserved for people we want to show respect for, for their integrity and honesty. Does this man deserve such a title? Certainly not in my book! This emperor has NO clothes and his deeds are clearly seen.

    Since he shows SUCH BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PAY HIS SALARY AND WHOM HE IS SWORN TO SERVE… he is clearly NOT in a position to be so arrogant. He is no longer suitable for the position he holds and needs to be retired to work in his garden. At least his plants will not talk back – they may not grow either!! After all WE DO REAP, ONE DAY, WHAT WE SOW!!! He’s forgotten that.

  10. Pat says:

    They are purposefully dragging their feet as a method of discouraging people and thinking the public will finally give up. It’s a deceitful tactic by this entity who is supposed and sworn to protect the good health of the public. THEY DO NOT CARE FOR THE GOOD HEALTH OF THE PUBLIC ONLY THEIR OWN BACKSIDES AND POCKETBOOKS!!

    The whole body of this commission needs to be disbanded and replaced with the rate paying public. This group needs to be criminally investigated for their corrupt actions and NOT doing the jobs they are being paid by the public to do.


  12. jd says:

    They came to install a smart meter at my house in VT. I called the next day telling them to remove it no charge to me. Gone the same day.

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