Pepco Caught in Lie About Smart Meter RF Frequency

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WASHINGTON DC– Thanks to the investigative efforts of Desiree Jaworski of the Center for Safer Wireless who demonstrated to WUSA 9 news on Tuesday that Pepco has in fact been lying to its customers about the number of smart meter wireless pulses in a day.

This deception is not an isolated incident, but part of a pattern of deceit by utilities, as evidenced by our recent coverage of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s lies and the invasion of privacy and identity fraud committed by top executives at Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California, who also misrepresented emissions frequency from their meters, saying they broadcast 45 seconds per day, while they were forced to admit that the meters pulse up to 190,000 times per day.  What are they trying to hide?

Note that many of the smart meter pulses in this screenshot are into the red zone, which corresponds to levels which would be illegal in Russia, according to the user manual for the Cornet EMF meter (pdf). You can purchase the Cornet meter used in this investigation from our friends at Radmeters so you too can expose the local utility’s lies.

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4 Responses to Pepco Caught in Lie About Smart Meter RF Frequency

  1. As far as I know, Green Mountain Power’s CIO is the only industry representative to redact previous statements, stating “Smart meters may emit 10-12 times per minute or more” after previously making the claim they transmit “a few times a day.”

    Might this have had anything to do with his knowledge that a state-sponsored RF report confirming this information was to be released that week?

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Here is another Washington, DC PEPCO meter being measured.

    If you have some leisure reading time and want to get a sense of what may be going on inside of PEPCO take a look at this Complaint filed by a former high level PEPCO Attorney:

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  4. Karl says:

    I have proof that smart meters cost more. If any one can tell me how an electric bill can go from $20 to $41 after the install of a smart meter in an empty home with all the power cut except a switch runs a light timer, I will be happy to pay that $41 bill. I did, actually, because no one at Delmarva Power would listen to me. I demanded that Pepco (Delmarva Power) put my analog meter back and the bill went back to normal. I have over a years worth of bills to show, and all bills around or under $20. Smart Meter = $41. And I have reputable witnesses who know the house has been empty because we now live several states away. It is hard for the normal person to argue over a $20 increase because your bill reflects things like how many times you open your frig door, take a hot shower, etc. But when a house is winterized and empty and everything unplugged, and your bill jumps $20, a robbery is in progress. How many people are being charged $5, $10, $20 more, and have no say, because you can’t argue with the power company? Oddly, they installed smart meters in my area, where reading them is impossible. There is no infrastructure, and it could be years away, I would suppose after they have robbed the public to pay the contractors. What needs to happen is an opt out with no penalty fee. I did not have to pay to get my old analog back (first full-month bill with analog meter – $17 in the dead of winter) because they still have to send a meter reader to my home. Charging people for something don’t want should be illegal. Maryland politicians needs to step up!

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