Take Back Your Power & Organize Your Community

Picture 2Some great advice on community organizing from the powerhouse people at Take Back Your Power, the groundbreaking documentary film on smart meters to be released in the next several months.  This is a crowd-funded project so let’s donate and help them meet their goal!  TBYP takes a look at the case of Fairfield Iowa and how residents organized and halted deployment there, ridding the community of unwanted meters.  This part sounds familiar:

“City officials were contending the meters were safe, without direct evidence. Also, city officials passed on misinformation about the meters, saying they only transmit once a month. Even years after meters were installed, the technology was not clearly understood by the city.”

To find local contacts and organizations fighting smart meters, check out our list of local contacts or the one at TBYP’s site.  If you are organizing in your area, get listed yourself and help grow the movement!

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