A Threat to Our Lives: Climate Change & “Smart Grid”

This is Jerry McNerney, a congressman from Stockton, CA who has worked for utility and telecom interests and received campaign contributions from the same.  He has dutifully introduced the new “Smart Grid Advancement Act,” (HR 2685) a bill that could make the smart grid mandatory in the US and require wireless antennas in most consumer appliances.   A disastrous bill that will only worsen carbon emissions while creating a new techno-mess at the same time.  Did we mention terminating meter reader jobs?

Take action against the bill today.  Track it here.

We just have four questions about Mr. McNerny’s prepared speech:

1)  Isn’t “growing our economy” the problem that got us into this climate mess to begin with?

2) Is limitless growth on our finite planet a sound economic policy or the ideology of the cancer cell?

3) Who really benefits from the smart grid besides the utilities and their shareholders?

4)  Is the climate a “real threat to our way of life” or is our way of life a real threat to the climate? (which is of course also a real threat to our lives…)

If you call Jerry, maybe you can ask him these important questions.  (209) 476-8552

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  1. Ron says:

    Here’s what James Woolsey, ex CIA Director, had to say over a year ago about the gargantuan threats to national security presented by the Smart Grid, in an interview with Katie Fehrenbacher:


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