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Take Back Your Power

Utility companies are replacing electricity, gas and water meters worldwide with new generation “smart” meters at an unprecedented rate. Take Back Your Power investigates the benefits and risks of this ubiquitous “smart” grid program, with insight from insiders, expert researchers, politicians, doctors, and concerned communities. Transparency advocate Josh del Sol takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as he questions corporations’ right to tap our private information and erode our rights in the name of “green”. What you discover will surprise you, unsettle you, and inspire you to challenge the status quo.

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  1. Roxy Mize says:

    Well, this sounds interesting. Will have to watch the movie soon. Smart meters have drawn a lot of attention lately, after all. It is sad that something that is supposed to make recording consumption of utilities easier to be the cause of health problems, instead.

  2. Paul H says:

    The most powerful and moving film of a lifetime. Josh is a genius! If I had a million bucks I would give it to him.

    Will the local media cover this? I bet it doesn’t. Anyway, I rented this yesterday at 9 am and a DVD is on the way. It needs a tactical flier that doesn’t take much ink to produce.

  3. Terri says:

    Wow, you have to PAY to watch it? I had no idea.

  4. HiedaK says:

    Bioeffects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. Bioeffects can occur in the first few minutes at levels associated with cell and cordless phone use. Bioeffects can also occur from just minutes of exposure to mobile phone masts (cell towers), WI-FI, and wireless utility ‘smart’ meters that produce whole-body exposure. Chronic base station level exposures can result in illness. The BioInitiative Report 2012 Conclusions

  5. Take back your power 2 days a week - returning to the balance of Mother Nature says:

    Wednesdays and Sundays seem like excellent days (or even a 3 day fast from wifi – once a month) for Unplugging (from wi-fi, phones, computers, all things electronic, digital)
    and taking back your own power. You are “retraining”, reacquainting your body, brain, biology, nervous system to before the unsmart grids and cellphones were here.

    Some college students are already unplugging.

    The level of energy, intelligence and instinct that returns are VERY noticeable.
    The more individuals and people that do and experience this for themselves, the easier it is to spread that mentality – to realize that wi-fi isn’t health, nor wise.
    Something needs to and must change.

    Corporations and “cult of technology” is to cut humans off from their
    true Nature, natural empathy, their own feelings– and their own connection to their Natural Surroundings. This wi-fi-digital overload-abuse- addiction to a way of life is not even real.

    We are a part of Nature and always were, not separate from it.
    “When we’ve lost our way, we’ve forgotten the name of the Clouds.”
    – Russell Means

    Detox from the un-smart wi-fi addiction.

  6. The Blaze had a story about the documentary.

  7. Climate Damage says:

    To one of your “twitter” posts:
    “Climate Change is urgent and human-caused. To the smart grid industry: microwaving the planet is no “solution”

    Thank you for bringing this out and up. The term to start verbalizing is Climate Damage.
    Climate Damage knowingly done by them.

    “Climate Change” propaganda is tricky – it attempts to foster the idea that environmental changes are unavoidable – that we are all victims to super catastrophe under their terms. while their answer to “climate change” is to hand over our responsibility to false green” sustainable” agendas: Agenda 21 in your local cities (ICLEI, LUCE, LEEDS, etc) towns, and land – hence, “smart grids and technology”, light railways, packing people like sardines in “affordable housing” to move them away from natural land and resources, false conservation and preservation programs and groups, etc ….

    Climate damage must and needs to be held accountable now – of the corporations, governments, banks (who fund deforestation, oil and mining exploitation of the Amazonians and third world countries) — all of whom violates, time and time again, ecological safety for All of Life, exploit oil and wars, provoke harmful fracking of our Land, pure drinking water, our oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, all of our Four leggeds
    and green life.

    Climate Damage by the Corporations, not climate change by the people.

    Join some real grassroots groups that are taking real grassroots action.
    In our town, we have two coalitions formed that are standing up and saying no more to the oil company and power plants.
    Then, we sue.

    Chemtrailing has got to go.

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