Michigan Stop Smart Meters! Launches National Smart Meter Health Campaign

Picture 6According to Michigan SSM!:

A new national campaign is being launched in the US, culminating on October 25th, to document health damage from utility smart meters.   If you are suffering symptoms you believe are linked with a smart meter, consult a doctor and document your case.  For more information on how to participate in this mass action, see Michigan Stop Smart Meters!

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2 Responses to Michigan Stop Smart Meters! Launches National Smart Meter Health Campaign

  1. Amy Ambrose says:

    Hi, I am on single Mom,fixed income, and cannot afford to be charged the $67.00 and nearly $10.00 monthly fee for refusal of the SMART METER on a home that I am renting,(I am the tenant)with a Section 8 voucher. THEREFORE, I would appreciate to be contacted if for any reason I can be reimbursed for the charges. Thank you, Amy Ambrose

  2. Hans Christen says:

    I have been suffering with ALL the usual symptoms of radiation from a smart meter that I just learned was installed in May 26,2006! I contacted my utility recently; Great Lakes Energy and firmly requested a regular analog meter be installed. Boy! the run-a-round I got! Initially, a technition, and he tried to talk me out of idea, then he handed me over to the commissioner and he said he’d get back after his vacation and that was 10 days later. I had to call him as he forgot. We went round and round. He said do I have a doctors paper that I was sick from the meters, no I didn’t but a card in wallet and papers saying I have a heart implant. Asked what symptoms I had, relation of meter to mobile home, (it is place outside my window, 4-1/2 ” away) when I experienced symptoms and it was endless questions. He said he would try to order a regular meter and called back later and said the CEO flatly denied my request. I could have the meter moved to a pole further away but AT MY COST, approx. $1,000. But if I got a regular meter on my own it would increase my electric bill and cost extra for a repairman to come out. I said it is cheaper to move away, and he said: “you could”
    I got stone-walled all the way and nothing came of it. So, I will get punished with higher rates with my own meter. The replacement analog meter is only $85.00,P.P.
    What would I need from my doctor to satisfy G.L.E. medical request and what is this Federal Law to patients with Electronic Hypersensitivity. ( AD Act ) ? Apparently it is some health law to protect consumers. Thanks

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