Awareness Builds Resistance- and Healing

Picture 1After writing an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal in April, I was flooded with e-mails from people who- because of the article- had put two and two together regarding their recent, unexplained downturn in health.   I received this from a man in Texas:

Greetings and Salutations from Houston, Texas!

Read your article in the Journal about Smart Meters, and immediately felt a sense of relief.  I’m a 5 time Ironman Triathlete, in exceptional health, with the exception of the past 9 months of severe headaches.  I’m 58, and up to that point and time, had never had a headache in my life.  Discovered the Smart (Stupid?) Meter that was installed at my house several years ago is located 4 feet away from the headboard of my bed, on the outside of my house; and 5 feet away from my work desk at the office where I work!  Last night I moved my bed into the dining room, and got the first restful night of sleep I’ve had in years.

I’m sending a doc’s note (required) to Centerpoint Energy in hopes they’ll remove them and replace with the old analog meters. Thanks so much for an education about these devices as stated in your article.  YOU, are a lifesaver, literally!  I congratulate on your efforts.  I look forward to seeing improved health again!  Yours Truly, John, Houston

The moral of the story?  Smart meter (and general wireless) victims are out there in large numbers, it is likely that most do not realize why their health has taken a turn for the worse.   Volunteer and media outreach (walking door to door, setting up info tables, holding screenings of Take Back Your Power and putting out press releases) in our communities is essential to helping people realize what’s wrong with their health, to take avoidance measures, and to build a stronger constituency to put the smart grid out of it’s dysfunctional, destructive and disaster ridden misery.

Let’s get out there in our communities!  Please contact us if you need support or advice.

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