Josh Hart Speaks on Wireless Safety at Oakland Event

New FCC Chair Tom Wheeler came to Oakland, CA to take part in a town hall meeting on Thursday Jan. 9th called “Voices for Internet Freedom.”  Tom is not your “brother” and he does not “have your back”  He led the wireless industry for 12 years and has fought to hide unfavorable science showing brain tumors in cell phone users.  He is deep in bed with Verizon, AT&T, and all the other large corporate interests who are making a killing off of killing you and me.

It’s time to show these foxes guarding the hen house- men who are working to damage the public interest that they supposedly represent- that we will not quietly go along with their “smart” agenda.

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3 Responses to Josh Hart Speaks on Wireless Safety at Oakland Event

  1. Ingrid says:

    Who is to make on this… There is no reason to change what works to create another unhealthy situation and threat to our health!

  2. Thank you Josh Hart for making these comments, and bringing the threat of wireless radiation into public awareness. In my opinion, the focus on cancers from wireless radiation is only one issue out of many. The focus on EM caused brain and breast cancers is a mistake. Wireless radiations from all forms of man-made pulsed digital exposure, causes massive damage to autoimmune functions, destroys neurological function over time, is implicated in Lou Gering’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and a multitude of behavioral disorders now being reported all over the planet.

    Pulsed RF radiation from HAARP systems, GWEN systems, TETRA pulsed emissions, military radar and sonar, cellular tower emissions, and the use of the electrical grid as “wave guide” technology, are destroying species all over the planet. The data is well established, and the United Nations Agenda 21 document clearly points out the ultimate purpose of these toxic RF deployments. It is time to stop talking, and time to start total extermination of the executive class from our societies. As long as this technology and those who support it are allowed to exist, there is no future for this planet or it’s inhabitance. The people we’ve allowed to hijack our public institutions are criminally insane. It’s time to take matters into our own hands, and time get rid of these lying thugs and their mass euthanasia nightmare.

    • Giselle Tonee says:

      I agree Paul but fear the population has been controlled too long and successfully to step up and take the right and much needed action. the majority does not even believe it is happening. Where and how do you live to combat this.

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