New Video: Public Confronts Tom Wheeler Over Clearly Inadequate RF ‘Guidelines’ at Silicon Valley Speech

(Note- the clip above is updated with higher quality audio and video, and new footage of the protests, courtesy of a woman who is about to go into surgery for a brain tumor, caused by her cell phone- our thoughts and support are with her at this time.)

Almost a week ago, members of the public attending the first speech by new FCC Chair Tom Wheeler in Silicon Valley, rose up in succession and confronted what we see as grossly inadequate public health ‘guidelines’ for RF wireless radiation exposure.

The evidence for that claim?  A rash of cell phone caused brain tumors, electrical sensitivities resulting from exposures to smart meters and other wireless devices, and a history of peer-reviewed science that has systematically been ignored and suppressed by the government, industry, and mainstream media.

How obvious does it have to get?  The man appointed by Obama to lead the agency charged with regulating the wireless industry actually led the wireless industry for 12 years.

Apparently Mr. Obama- and the power structure he represents- thinks the public is stupid.  Well maybe we’re not as stupid as you think, Mr. President.

Resistance to great injustice is inevitable , and the wireless health issue is no exception.    As Greg Caput, in 2010 a council member for Watsonville, one of the first cities in California to pass a law prohibiting ‘smart’ meters, said of the smart meter ‘deployment,’ “you can only push people so far.”  In other words, social upheaval is not linear.  You push past a certain line and people will start to rise up.

If basic, overdue and reasonable reforms like cancer warning labels on cell phones, the establishment of a “white zone” for electro-hyper-sensitive people, a recall of the ‘smart’ grid, and a ban on wireless in K-12 schools is not adopted, it is inevitable that disobedience- even civil unrest- will spread.

The great dam that has held up the lake of denial that wireless is “safe” is daily springing new leaks, crumbling with each new scientific report of health damage.  Yet the government and industry are busy building on top of that unsteady structure, paying for elaborate programs that benefit industry and hurt the public with our own tax dollars.

It has to stop.

Wheeler made it very clear that- like the industry he represents- he sees the elimination of the country’s landline network as inevitable (even though there has been virtually no public consultation about this brutal decimation of our reliable, clear, non-grid dependent and essential emergency network).  It’s like he has a visceral hatred of anything analog, even when these systems work just fine and have for decades.

Mr. Wheeler, remember when you first got into office, your little proposal to allow cell phones on airplanes, how’d that turn out for you?

Though we are learning more about the health impacts of wireless exposure, they now think it’s a nifty idea to make an “internet of things” that will irradiate us all constantly.

What about an “internet of people” that is controlled in the public – not corporate interest and is wired, safe and secure into every home.  Obama and industry puppet Wheeler want to install wi-fi- a Class 2B carcinogen– into every classroom in America though the ConnectEd program.   How can this be seen as anything but a sociopathic, irrational and dangerous attack on our children?  It’s something so simple- as a Danish 9th grade class found out when they exposed cress seeds to a wi-fi routerthey don’t sprout into healthy adults.   The scary thing is- neither may our children if the ConnectEd program goes ahead.

Let’s make sure our next generation don’t turn out like the sprouts on the right.

2014 will be a year of action against the wireless industry.  From where we’re sitting, it’s inevitable.  There’s something about being lied to, and then given a brain tumor by an uncaring multi- trillion dollar  industry that makes people a little upset.   Getting arrested suddenly becomes quite a mild proposition, given what we are facing.

Let’s find those cracks in the dam- and with love, respect, and reasonableness, bash the hell away at them until the torrent pushes through and the dam crumbles.  The power is not in Washington with these corrupt ‘leaders.’  The power is in us- in our hearts- in our communities- and in our hands.  And they know it.

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6 Responses to New Video: Public Confronts Tom Wheeler Over Clearly Inadequate RF ‘Guidelines’ at Silicon Valley Speech

  1. Very good show of opposition and announcement of the truth: wireless kills. I do think the language used to describe Wheeler was a bit too kind. I wonder if his relatives owned stock in AG Farben 70 years ago?


    People can contact, write or email their favorite stores, cafes, restaurants, library, service places, etc to
    request a ‘smart phone’ cancer/carcinogenic ban and educate the store owners. Bring
    them up to speed. They too might end up sick … you know.

    The more people who do, the more places that do, it will catch on.

    “Cell phones not allowed here”
    “No cell phone zone.”


    2014 will be a year of action against the wireless industry. From where we’re sitting, it’s inevitable. –

    Thanks to all you heroic, caring people. This is your year.
    Victory and success is yours and beyond.

    And so it is.

  4. Paul H says:

    RT The Truthseeker: ‘Unequivocal’ cell phones cause cancer (E32)

    Shows Tom Wheeler appointment along with lawsuits.

  5. It is obvious that Mr. Wheeler remains smug and snug in his expensive tax subsidized suit, and has no intention of representing public concerns regarding wireless technology. Mr. Wheeler and ALL his ilk need to be confronted with whole audiences walking in machetes and clubs, not whining, begging, complaining, debilitated individuals. ALL these Agenda 21 administrative types are completely out of touch with reality and couldn’t care less about you. Your children, grandchildren, and the future of humanity is at risk. Mass civil revolt and executions of these lying hucksters is the only answer to the United Nations agenda. Humanity is marching toward planetary extinction due to HAARP, GWEN systems, TETRA frequencies, military use of ELF, massive chemtrailing of OUR skies, and the (known) addictive and lethal nature of cellular tower broadcast. The frequencies being broadcast 24/7 all over the globe, are KNOWN to be biologically disruptive, and these radiations are sanctioned by AGENDA 21. Get a lethal weapon and learn how to use it.

  6. Farrell Winter says:

    Malvina Reynolds: “They have the guns, we have the songs.”

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