Letters to Portola Reporter Editor Over Josh Hart’s Disconnect


Dan McDonald, Editor of the Portola Reporter told us he received a ton of e-mails from out of the area in response to their erroneous article published last week, but was sadly unable to print any of them due to space limitations.  We are grateful that our extended supporter network is standing with us in the face of extortion, illegal behavior and coercion.  Thank you!   We will not stand for it, even if it means we have to rough it for a while until this rogue utility is held to account and made to obey the law.

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3 Responses to Letters to Portola Reporter Editor Over Josh Hart’s Disconnect

  1. eyzatia says:

    awesome Josh.
    I wish I still had my original analog. the one they replaced smart meter with is sped up and my bills are way high. My gas usage is high too and it’s the old meter. I wonder if they really have meter readers or if they are guesstimating my usage. I have in fact only seen a meter reader here about 4 times. I’m thinking they should be obligated to leave the customers a card with date and time as proof they’ve actually been here. And I want to know if I can read my own meters?

    That Judge, back in 2012 during the process of removing smart meter, can’t recall his name; I have it somewhere: He said over the phone during process of smart meter removal: “The new meter will not be like your old analog.” At the time I just wanted the smart meter off. I had no idea the replacement would be sped up. (I’d filed a formal complaint to get it off)
    I think that conversation was recorded and the PG&E was on the line; 3way conversation. Before the removal of the Smart Meter, Feb. 17, 2012.

    I’m sure I am not the only one who has this similar experience with a sped up, guesstimated, whatever charges.

    Your train journey across America sounds awesome! Onward Resistance!

  2. Bob says:

    Hey you two- you did a great job at the Plumas County Supes meeting- I watched it online. I just wanted you to know that to many, such as myself, you are heroes. If you walk out of a meeting like the one at PSREC, thinking you are alone in a world of compromised shape- shifters, please know that you are not alone- we are out here going “hey- there goes my team! give em one Josh” .
    I know this is off topic, but in times like this music can give us strength.
    I don’t know if you post links- if not check out the Turkish band Pinhani on You Tube if you can get the hamsters to generate enough power- or go over to Kim’s coffee shop ( she is the one that told me about you years ago) or you could drive up the hill and listen at my house.Please take two doses of your choice.
    Pinhani- they’re so cute

    Sertab Erener- my dream!

    thanks for the strength that you give us
    you are lucky to have each other

    • tj says:

      Tomorrow, i too will have my power ‘shut off’ by the LPEA ”CO-OP'” HA!HA!
      because i have declined their so called ‘smart? meter, as i cannot sleep ANYwhere in the vicinity as well as the anxiety, headaches, ringing in the ears, etc. Also, since i never ‘opted in or out’ i also opted NOT to pay their ‘meter reading fee’ of 6.67$ (should be 6.66$) since they have never read my meter since their ‘grid agenda’ began, yet, they must drive 5′ from my meter to go up to the house above me to READ THE SMART METER! that doesn’t even work there.
      now i’m scrambling, after requesting a 3 month period to be prepared, which was declined, so i don’t freeze to death on my property this winter.
      I REFUSE to lie down yet again for another assault on my health & well being.
      Now looking into a ‘tesla power wall’ to cover my needs.
      i wish ALL of you out there, who are not able to tolerate this disruption of biological frequencies, which we are, the very best in your endeavors to survive this @#$%^&-up systems agenda to turn the USA into another soviet Russia!

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