PSREC Joins Stop Smart Meters! Hall of Shame

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You may have noticed that there is a new link at the top of our sidebar.

Congratulations! PSREC you have earned a page all your own on StopSmartMeters.Org.  The new page includes links to the unfolding dispute, a time line of all PSREC’s misdeeds, and previously unreleased correspondence.

For disconnecting our electricity in winter in the mountains even though we have paid our  bill, for threatening to install a device that my doctor has told you will damage my health, for committing extortion, coercion, fraud, and generally being a menace to health and the quality of life here in California’s Northern Sierra Nevada, PSREC General Manager Bob Marshall and Board of Directors have earned themselves the ongoing scrutiny and attention of Stop Smart Meters! (and increasingly the public at large).

Now turn on our electricity please and DROP THOSE FEES!!!!

You may have also noticed a link to the  “WhistleStop Smart Meters! US Tour.”    March 28th- April 5th, I’ll be stopping in Fort Collins, CO, Chapel Hill, NC, Savannah, Georgia, and Stuart, FL to stop smart meters and show Josh del Sol’s film Take Back Your Power.  Spread the word and if you are local, put up some posters!  We’ll be reporting from the rails so stay tuned ….

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5 Responses to PSREC Joins Stop Smart Meters! Hall of Shame

  1. Robert Milne says:

    Josh- I remember reviewing your profile about a year ago and thinking that your smart meter efforts were valiant but you had all the signs of a “greenie”. Time passed and I decided to try to be objective and give support for the issue of Anti- Smart Meter actions. However when I reviewed your thesis “Driven To Excess” this morning, it became clear as day that you are a “warmer”- a climate change , global warming believer.
    I’ve been trying to support you and noticed no thanks or follow up on let’s meet sometime. Then I asked myself, “did I say something wrong”? Yup- they are libtard greenies. I spoke negatively about global warming mean climate change. Now I’m getting the silent treatment.
    Your thesis calls for more political will to curb GHG. Oh. how free thinking. In other words, it’s ok to politically repress travel but it is unconstitutional to use the same tactic to get Josh to be compliant and be controlled by his smart meter.
    London is seriously trying to pass a law to get old cars and diesels off the road. They call an old diesel 2014 and older. An old car is 2005 or older. There happy?
    CA passed AB32 in ’06 and the Waxman Markey bill passed in ’09.
    You’ll get your cars off the road all right. Please review these. Do you realize the impact of this A21 BS on our people? THESE CALL FOR AN 80% REDUCTION IN GHG BY 2035. 80%?….. that is just insanity. Do you realize that the poor will take the brunt of this? While the affluent pay their $1500 carbon fees to have a car and pay their carbon offsets to keep warm and comfortable, the poor will simply DO WITHOUT.
    I agree with you on the potential dangers of Big Bro smart meters. Can’t you see that the climate change talk that you espouse will bring destitution to hundreds of millions.
    So if your angle on smart meters is that they create a health hazard, how can you be so blind to the idea of politically curbing GHG. Hey BTW, the EPA is reeeeaaaly trying to get wood stoves out. They’re setting a 15 PPM max on exhaust, which will be impossible to meet. HA! They’ll be gone soon. You lucked out on that one. MMMMM, love that All Nighter- you polluter.
    Or how about power prices? Power producers and manufacturers are aware of the 2035 window and anticipate an avg. 600% increase in offset prices by then. Great everything including fuel will be dramatically higher.
    The CA carbon mkt. is second only to the EU. Cap in trade is in full bloom. A scam. A tax generator paid at the expense of the poor. Do you think the UN is not intent on passively reducing population? Or are you calling me tinfoil now?
    You are a hypocrite and CA is TRULY full of fruits and nuts.
    You are no different than the ones you condemn. A little control freak. Wow.

    PS you really owe it to yourself and your brothers and sisters to understand the above bills and to denounce any psychopathic idea of REDUCING GHG BY 80%. Please Google this it is not BS. Frickin unbelievable.

    • Bob- I have not been giving you the silent treatment- I have simply been busy preparing for an upcoming trip. We much appreciated your letter to the editor and I’d love to sit down and chat with you sometime. The stop smart meters movement is full of people with different perspectives. I happen to think smart meters (and many proposals being brought forward to address it) are false solutions to a very real problem. You apparently believe that smart meters are a false solution to a false problem. But at least we agree that smeters are a false solution! We need unity amongst the public to stop the smart meter agenda. We are powerful because we have brought together tea party types and “greenies” to the table to see our common interest.

  2. Linda Valerio says:

    Wish Michigan was on this tour. DTE is causing so much stress, unbelievable.

    • Eileen Otto says:

      Yes DTE is causing a lot of stress. They lie to you on the phone stating that if you pay the opt out fees you can keep your analog meter. Then Elaine Curtis from the Advanced Monitoring Team will call you and “apologize” for the miscommunication. But it is funny that people I do not even know (the master licensed electrician” that I spoke to was told the same thing. Where are the leaders in Michigan that will stand up to the giant “DTE” and say if these residents do not want a smart meter on their own home then you can not force them. I am waiting for the leaders since not one of them has answered my e mails. Shameful!

  3. sea shepherds says:


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