Com Ed’s “Smart” Ice Cream Flavors Revealed

Smart Meter Scoops courtesy EMF Safety Network

Smart Meter Scoops courtesy EMF Safety Network

California’s largest utility and smart meter cheerleader PG&E was indicted last week on federal felony charges in the 2010 San Bruno gas explosion, related to their fabrication of pipeline maintenance records, and systematic lying to investigating authorities.  We are told that the same corrupt individuals who used ratepayer money to pad their own salaries at the expense of people’s lives should be trusted that smart meter radiation can’t make you sick.

Last week, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan recalled 105,000 smart meters after several homes caught fire, adding another major fire safety scandal to previous ones (including those in Portland, OR and Philadelphia, PA.)  Yet we are expected to believe that smart meters are safe and do not put you and your family at risk.

The heat is on the utility industry and the (not so) smart grid, but as we reported in July, that doesn’t stop Chicago’s Com Ed from wooing people with free ice cream so they will presumably allow that friendly temp worker to swap out the meter.

ComEd Ice Cream TruckYou’ve got to hand it to Com Ed’s marketing team- at least they are practicing honesty in advertising.  Their flavors don’t really sound too appetizing to us- in fact they make us want to be sick, but they probably sound delicious to the utility’s shareholders.


Com Ed’s “Smart Meets Sweet” Ice Cream Flavors

  • Vanilla Grid
  • Chocolate Implanted Chip
  • No-Privacy Pistachio
  • Smart Metered Mint
  • Surveillance Sherbert
  • Radiating Raspberry
  • Possibly Carcinogenic Peppermint Stick
  • Burning House Brownie Fudge
  • Big Brother Blueberry
  • Cyber Criminal’s Creamy Caramel
  • An assortment of Intelligence Gathering Ice Cream bars


The DuPage Watchdog reported last week that a family stumbled upon the Com Ed ice cream truck when out at the swimming pool in Chicago, went home to make awareness signs to counter the shameless corporate propaganda effort, came back and were harassed by an armed security guard (see pic to left).

There’s just something about ice cream trucks and gunmen together that should make the people of Chicago very wary about what is coming their way.

If you are on twitter, let Com Ed and the nice people of Chicago and the world know how “sweet” you think their “smart” meters are by posting at hashtag #smartmeetssweet

Flavors courtesy MM and Rebecca St. George

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3 Responses to Com Ed’s “Smart” Ice Cream Flavors Revealed

  1. Paul H says:

    Wow! They are handing out sweets just like Halloween (Samhain) with darkness and pure evil (smart meters) in the background.

    Look up the history.

  2. Wi-fi free zones - the smartphone public ban - Leave the Cellphone at Home Movement Campaigns says:

    Josh, SSM!, Coalitions and the rest of the world! Isn’t it time to start
    calling for public health safety bans for the wi-fi cancer phones in public. Isn’t it second hand radiation & carcinogenic/neurological harrassment (like cigarettes)? Towards the children, elders, the ill, ourselves and our Wildlife and Ecology?
    Time to implement some Rights for Public Health!

    cigarettes soon got banned, now it’s time for the carcinogenic smartphone public ban.
    we lived without “smartphones” before and got along just fine and even better –
    we certainly don’t need an overprocessed luxury item that is a health hazard and

    this is serious.

    (for our own, AND children’s/grandchildren’s sake and future – they’ll be glad we did)

  3. out of balance says:

    are there ordinances for cell-phone free zones (along with the dumb meters) in public places where
    you just want some peace and conscience of mind – no cell-phone zone for your neighbor?
    trying to do some work, have solitude, have a quiet day enjoying a cup of coffee, juice
    or tea, in the park, and on, without being zapped and too many conversations going
    at once.

    it’s too much.

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