PSREC Confused About The Law (Again)

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SSM! Founder Josh Hart went to the local rural electric “cooperative” to speak to other members about how PSREC has singled his family out for disconnection and retribution.

While Reno, NV Fire Chief Tom Garrison was holding a press conference on Saturday about the series of fires likely caused by “smart” meters that have led to at least one death, an hour’s drive to the northwest, Plumas Sierra Rural Electric “Co-op” (PSREC) were desperately attempting to quash any discussion of the safety problems with their own smart meters.

PSREC cut off our electricity on Feb. 19th for refusing to pay  smart meter “opt out fees.”  We thought that was rather rude.  And we didn’t think much of the intimidation tactics, coercion, yelling or lying that followed it.  But sadly it is what we have come to expect from the electric utility industry in 2014.  On Saturday, rather than ensuring the safety of their grid, it seemed that PSREC’s staff were far busier monitoring and attempting to suppress our demonstration, filming us and walkie-talkie-ing with each other.

Though PSREC is still sending us monthly member bills for “opt out” charges we never agreed to, and which other members with analogs are not being billed for, they refused entry to their annual member meeting, stripping me of membership and the right to vote in the board election without explanation.  They told me if I attempted to attend the meeting, I would be arrested for trespassing on their property. So much for democracy!

Not in the mood for a visit to the County jail, I went back to the public highway and held a sign and spoke to passersby in front of their HQ.   But that wasn’t good enough for PSREC.  They had already ‘dismembered‘ me- now they wanted me gone.

While they summoned every law enforcement resource within a hundred square miles, I peacefully demonstrated and distributed our brochures to members attending the Annual Meeting and Luncheon.  Most people were supportive and had heard about our mistreatment by the utility.

I asked the PSREC employees “guarding” me whether they were requiring an extra fee to use the disabled parking in front of their offices: “That’s your thing, right?  Charging more to people with medical conditions?”  I advised them if they wanted to suppress freedom of speech more effectively that they might “want to buy up the whole county” because that type of thing generally isn’t allowed on public property.

PSREC tried to get us removed from the highway in front of their HQ by calling the CHP.

PSREC tried (in vain) to get us removed from the highway in front of their HQ by calling the CHP and Sheriff’s Dept.

A California Highway Patrol Officer showed up and suggested that I should “move down the highway a little” to get out of the way.  Finally common sense and the law prevailed, and a female officer from the Plumas County Sheriff’s Dept. showed up and confirmed I had every right to be there and to express my point of view, and PSREC could do nothing about it.   We chatted for several minutes about the hazards of smart meters, and how PSREC had mistreated our family, while the utility’s staff glared.


PSREC Staff (in blue) chat with a CHP officer they had summoned to deal with the “emergency” of being confronted by their own negligence

In spite of PSREC’s best efforts to undermine freedom of speech and suppress the truth about their unlawful abuse of customers and their hazardous smart meters, the First Amendment remains the law of the land.

Though a local newspaper reporter interviewed me and took my photo, not a word was mentioned in the paper this week.  Smoky the Bear’s appearance at the meeting was apparently more worthy of space in the local rag than people being killed  by smart meter fires in Reno, or locals who refuse to pay to avoid the deadly meters getting their power cut off and harassed with threats of arrest.

Fred Nelson, one of the PSREC board members walked by on the way to the meeting and I told him we would like our electricity turned back on before winter.  He glanced back with a smirk, and said, “you know the deal.”

We do know the deal, Fred- and the deal is rotten.


While Reno’s paper focused on the hazards to life and property posed by smart meters…..


….50 miles away, the local Portola Reporter was more interested in what people were eating, as well as a man dressed in a Smoky the Bear suit.



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7 Responses to PSREC Confused About The Law (Again)

  1. Great job Josh!

    You stood your ground and the CHP thug did not know the “Law of the Land”.

    I carry my Constitution on the dashboard of my car in case I get pulled over.

    You stared them down, they blinked and went away.

    Hooray for the Sheriff who knew the Constitution and your rights: he is an elected official and has authority over CHP who are actually only state employees! Hired guns at that.

    See if you can have lunch with the Sheriff.

    We need a thousand more like you!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Ron says:

    Yes, Eric, except for one minor detail about the Sheriff:
    “he”, according to Josh’s report, is actually a “female officer”.
    Way to go, Josh. Thanks for your commitment.

  3. Snowy says:

    Merriam-Webster defines magic as “the art of pro­ducing illu­sions by sleight of hand.”

    There exists a Patrick Wood article on a development in the area of international law.


    The article describes EXACTLY what everyone has been experiencing vis a vis the forced smart grid and imposed fees for refusal to opt in, relabelled “opt out” as if one is in by default or implied consent and must then “opt outA” of that into which one never “opted in” in the first place.

    The article describes the use of non legislation based reflexive or soft law – which is now used to make an end run around the Rule of Law in order to achieve compliance via various techniques such as naming, shaming, threats, intimidation for hold outs to just about anything.

    By using any wireless communication whatsoever, we have entered uncharted territory.

    Apparently there appears to be no substantive Rule of Law concerning the theft of “private” data and with it any private rights..

    It would seem that this is the ultimate Pandora’s box, given that any and all forms of wireless transmission also open the door to quasi legitimize “official” identity theft and home invasion by utilities, governments, and beyond.

    Wireless itself is 21st century frontier law, essentially anything goes and it is made up as they go along.
    In this new wireless lawless frontier an end run is made around law itself.

    Essentially wireless jurisdiction is by default corporate jurisdiction, and of course government is also corporate.

    Understand that it does not matter if you use a portable phone, a walkie talkie, a baby monitor, a wifi modem, an cell phone, blue tooth, wireless features of your computer or a smart meter.
    If it is a wireless interface, then all wireless data is up for grabs by absolutely anyone – beginning with those who are putting in place the smart grid.

    The bottom line is that any wireless data transmission of any kind is no longer privately owned the minute it becomes wireless data.
    This redefines wiretapping. Any wireless data is not the property of any private property owner or any holder of any energy account.

    Wireless is the essential lock pick of privacy legislation.

    If you refuse, then the wireless theft of all of what you ASSUMED was your own private metadata is backed up with legislative mirages.


    “reflexive law is just over 30 years old, and yet it has since become the prin­cipal means by which to col­lapse the Rule of Law, based on actual laws, in the United States and in the Western world.

    Fur­ther­more, reflexive law starts without first deter­mining exactly what agree­ment will be reached, but pushes for­ward anyway to see how far the par­tic­i­pants can be pushed.

    Hard law, which we are all familiar with, spec­i­fies clear out­comes when it is vio­lated. If you speed, you get a ticket. If you commit armed rob­bery, you go to jail for a spec­i­fied period. This is the tra­di­tional Rule of Law upon which our Republic and Con­sti­tu­tion is based.

    Reflexive law tries to align sys­tem­at­i­cally legal rules with norms that the rel­e­vant actors will inter­nalize. It builds on the real­iza­tion that the rea­sons why people actu­ally obey law ulti­mately lie out­side formal adju­di­ca­tion and the power of the state to enforce rules. (5)

    Again, reflexive law starts out with desired out­comes, cre­ated by unelected and unac­count­able actors, for which there are no laws. ….. At the end of the reflexive process, described below, the actual out­comes depend on how well the stake­holders “inter­nalize” what is pro­posed. In other words, there is no actual legal process at all, but rather a jaw­boning process that cons actors into compliance.

    “Infor­ma­tion dis­clo­sure” is a prin­cipal policy instru­ment of reflexive law. That is, the analysis pro­duced is pre­sented with its “rec­om­mended out­comes.” Public meet­ings are then held to build con­sensus between indi­vidual cit­i­zens and other “actors”……….This expe­ri­ence reveals two pow­erful incen­tives at work: shame and the desire to be vir­tuous while saving money or increasing profit mar­gins.

    This is “reflexive law” and it is 100 per­cent anti­thet­ical to the Amer­ican Republic, the Rule of Law, the U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion and the entirety of Western civ­i­liza­tion. Because com­pli­ance has always been posited as vol­un­tary, nobody has been alarmed enough to look any fur­ther at it.

    How­ever, I will point out that almost every global impo­si­tion has been based on the vol­un­tary aspect of reflexive law.

    Agenda 21 depended upon vol­un­tary com­pli­ance, which is often referred to as “soft law” among its critics, who have not per­ceived the deeper meaning of reflexive law……..

    Common Core edu­ca­tion stan­dards were intro­duced as a vol­un­tary pro­gram. Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment in gen­eral is always pro­posed to be a vol­un­tary pro­gram. All of these are based on reflexive law. But, once it gets its ten­ta­cles into your per­sonal prop­erty and local com­mu­nity, you will be invol­un­tarily squeezed until you “vol­un­tarily” comply.

    There is no legal process avail­able to defend your­self, your prop­erty, or your rights……. they will use the prin­cipal “name and shame” policy tool of reflexive law to smoke out the resis­tance for public shaming.

    Sub­se­quently, from what you now know about how reflexive law is enforced in the end, those hold­outs will be offered a “deal that they cannot refuse”, namely, much worse reg­u­la­tory out­comes……

    There is not a single shred of doubt that any­thing other than reflexive law is pic­tured here. It spits in the face of tra­di­tional Rule of Law that our country was founded upon and oper­ated under until 1983 when this trea­so­nous legal system was con­ceived …..

    For all intents and pur­poses, reflexive law has caused the utter col­lapse of Rule of Law as we know it.”

    REFLEXIVE LAW is procedural law. In other words, they may use the Delphi Technique in “information” meetings, to achieve the illusion of consensus and they may also use mailed notices et al. They start with the desired end result and create procedures to achieve that end. None of this is fair or lawful. Fraudulent contract offers are made , orders, media publications, threats etc.

    So “hard law” is SUBSTANTIVE – as in the truth – the facts of the matter.

    Whilst “soft law” is PROCEDURAL and/or REFLEXIVE – as in misrepresentation, fraud, extortion and false documents.

    Remember – the public system is a paper game – although it is turning to digital more and more every day. But even digitally, it is all based on procedural documents.

    REFLEXIVE procedural law is used to FORCE unconscionable demands onto individuals without contractual consideration and lawful consent.

    Lawyers, judges, police and firemen are paid by the state.
    Their pensions are under the control of the state. So many of them are willing to follow REFLEXIVE procedures to SKIRT truth – if it means more money to line their pockets.

  4. anonymous says:

    Hokay Hey to Mr. Hart and the Great Sheriff!

  5. anonymous says:

    So Cal Gas is on it’s way out — trying to push “advanced meters” and
    our communities say NO WAY.

    a disastrous “smart” meter on top of an “advanced” (smart) meter??
    enough is enough.

  6. Some excellent points made here by Snowy. In the final analysis, there is no valid or executable law under the terms of “Reflexive law”. It is not a law by any measure of our Constitution, nor should it be tolerated in any way. The most salient comments of many offered by Snowy:

    “Again, reflexive law starts out with desired out­comes, cre­ated by unelected and unac­count­able actors, for which there are no laws.”

    Indeed these are actors on a stage of self importance and illusions. These actors should be told point blank that any attempt by them to impose their illusions will be met with armed resistance. It’s time to dethrone these liars and fakes. They have no authority nor legal jurisdiction whatsoever.

    Our entire executive, legislative, and judicial systems are now operating in direct violation of the American Bill of Rights. Thus they are committing treason by default. The first ten amendments of our Constitution were designed specifically to address such acts of treason with armed overthrow if necessary. Every amendment accorded to OUR rights as American citizens should be adhered to this point in time.

    Even law “enforcement” officials are in breach of any agreement with United States citizens. As such, they have no valid jurisdiction or authority whatsoever. They are simply thugs with delusions of grandeur. Take away their weapons and imprison them for acts of terrorism. If they don’t yield their authority, there remains only one obvious choice…

    It’s time to quit asking for permission to live in a organized society. ALL of these self-serving actors and administrative pricks need to go down. Now.

  7. Terri Keller says:

    Ironic that a guy in a bear suit trumps a real guy who is actively trying to prevent house fires right there in your area and around the world! You are an inspiration, Josh, and thanks to you and yours for continuing to fight the good fight!

    Thanks also to Snowy, for that letter. Very informative!

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