SMUD Struggles to Remain in Denial

At their last meeting on August 20, the Directors of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) struggled to stamp out and suppress any mention of smart meter injuries.  And ironically, in attempting to do so,  the meeting ended up being dominated by the subject. Local campaigners, by exercising their right to speak without fail at every meeting, and (for the most part) staying on topic,  have managed to continually shed light on a subject that SMUD would prefer to sweep under the rug.

Obviously some members of the board, particularly the Chair, are starting to crack, and in a remarkable display of incompetence and arrogance, attempting to violate the law to prevent details about smart meter effects being spoken about. It’s no wonder they are a little touchy on the subject, after senior citizens like Rosa Peric described her radiation injuries at a SMUD meeting, showing the nightgown that had been ruined by her repeated bloody noses.

What do you think of this performance? At the least it must be a candidate for the worst run public meeting ever. Whatever you think, you can tell SMUD yourself at their next meeting, which is actually tonight at 6pm.

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8 Responses to SMUD Struggles to Remain in Denial

  1. Thank you for your coverage Josh. We are not letting SMUD sweep this issue under the rug. SMUD must disabuse the People and the Customers of all of the falsehoods they have perpetrated upon us in order to force the deployment of smart meters upon the People and the Public. SMUD is required to “report and track all injuries related to SMUD facilities and operations” yet there is no mention of the 100’s of smart meter victims that have spoken or deceived letters on the record at SMUD board meetings.

    • Terri says:

      Thank you for your efforts, Eric – they are very important! I can’t believe Rob Kerth said, essentially, ‘Resistance is futile’ at the end of the meeting. That canned response sounded like it came straight from Murder Meter Central.

      The lunatics that push this technology would like us to think that. But, as has been shown with the pushback against cell towers in our back yards, resistance is NOT futile. Many of these poison-shooting behemoths have been stopped dead in their tracks, when people did not listen to the “instructions” not to talk about health issues and just don’t bother fighting at all. Fighting against insane technology is producing very positive results – keep it up!

      • Thank you Terri,

        We are doing the best we can with what God gave us and our efforts are televised for the people to see. We feel it is our duty to continue until SMUD does the right thing(s). We have spoken at more than 86 SMUD board meetings do far and we welcome anyone who wants to come and speak with us.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I loved listening to these intelligent men, the citizens who gave their comments, saying many of the same things I’ve said at City Commission meetings here in Battle Creek, Michigan. Thank you so much!

  3. Paul H says:

    A president with no ears doesn’t believe he has to listen? You can’t make this stuff up!

  4. Jessica Denning says:

    It sounds as if tort claims for injuries need to be filed to be included in the report.
    Thank you Eric Windheim and Mark Graham for speaking for thousands of SMUD customers……Speaking truth to power.

  5. Lori Lamb says:

    This idiot just spent 15 minutes arguing when the 2 speakers could have presented their side and been done! This is why gov’t doesn’t work for the people. I refuse to “opt in.”

  6. deanna munson says:

    these devices are insidious.this goes to show just how much.i am in beaverton oregon ,one of those “few” (as far as i am told THE ONLY ONE) reacting dramatically from these technologies. its been 4-5 years now of having my biology locked into their life ,my mind,and my personality have been disolved. when these meters came bats started falling from trees at night ,and my smallest cat bolted out the door and has been surviving the elements outside for years now.she sneaks in in the middle of the night to scarf food on nights that she can tolerate the pulse enough to eat .i am on ssi (733$ a month) and section 8 housing . all the rules have changed here.all apartments i “qualify” for no longer allow outside cats ,and my cats cannot BE inside of this circuit. anyway ,i am locked into 12 month leases run by corrupt property management that accelerate my exposures to toxins by way of chronic pesticide/herbicide applicatons to my surroundings while i am radiated all day and all night.i will perish here soon as i have no way and no where to move that will expose me to less of this smartgrid technology ,and section 8 will not allow me a stand alone house ,as the money for a house is double or triple what an apartment costs ,so this permanent affliction foisted on me from 4-5 years of over exposure to their smartmeter medusa meter will follow me anywhere i go and without a doctor who will give me permission to have EHS i can get no “reasonable accomodation” that will allow me to live exposure free,if exposure free even exists anymore.these criminal creeps will remain in their pretend denial because they ARE liable for harm ,whether their corrupt lawyers have made this all legal or not .this is the most insidious “program” ever foisted on this planet and needs to be disbanded in its entirety and smug jerks like this president of the SMUD board need incarcerated for what they are doing “on the publics behalf”

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