Wireless Health Science Firmer Than Ever as FCC Poised to Say “Screw Health” and Approve 5G Wireless Micro-Cell Invasion

wireless-office-cubes-copyUpdate 7/14/16: Landline destruction and 5G wireless approved by FCC (foxes do what comes naturally when allowed to rule the hen house…)

In May, the results of a “game-changing” $25 Million study on the cancer risk of wireless technology, carried out by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) were released.  The study determined that ambient radiofrequency radiation (RFR) of the type emitted by cell phones and smart meters produces statistically significant increases in DNA damage and cancer in mice and rats.* The results of the study, according to authors, “could have broad implications for public health.” A handout on facts vs. myths about the wireless/ cancer issue has been produced by UC Berkeley’s Joel Moskowitz, and is a useful reference point to counter widespread misrepresentations in the media regarding this study.

In light of the NTP research, Stop Smart Meters! reissues our demand for a halt to any planned smart meter deployments worldwide, a recall of hazardous smart grid technology, and independent investigations into the corruption that led to toxic technology being forced on our communities.

One thing is for sure. Following release of the NTP study results, it no longer credible to remain in denial of the fact that wireless technology damages human and environmental health. The question we should be asking as a society is, what are the policy implications for such a finding?

Wireless tech companies and the corrupt government officials in their pockets (Exhibit A) will argue that there simply aren’t any policy implications, and that their (extremely lucrative) business should continue as usual, whatever the cost in human lives, our genome, and damage to the living environment.

Former Wireless Assn. head and current FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who SSM! confronted when he came to Silicon Valley in 2014 made this speech recently regarding FCC policy and 5G technologies.  It is a warped and truly terrifying worldview and should be read, digested, and resisted by all. He calls development of 5G networks “a contest in which everyone can win.” Millions of Electrohypersensitive people and those wishing to live their lives without cancer- not to mention 7000 rats- might wish to disagree.


Exhibit A: Wireless industry henchman (former CTIA chair) Tom Wheeler now heads the Federal Communications Commission

This Thursday July 14th the FCC is holding a hearing to consider opening up higher frequency spectrum to so-called “5G” wireless technologies, a regulatory move that would open the door to RF exposures on a level far beyond what exists presently, and pose a mortal threat not only to our health but also to our essential landline systems and other safer wired technologies. Even wireless industry news sources claim “we don’t yet fully know what effect incredibly dense mmWave radio networks pumping out really hot signals might have!” and recommending “don’t throw out that tin foil hat just yet.”  How very reassuring.

Meanwhile, journalists with courage to speak out, like Maryanne Demasi of the science program Catalyst in Australia, are being intimidated and demoted, their reporting censored, simply for reporting the scientific facts related to this issue. The original, excellent full broadcast has been removed from by ABC but can be found online here.

Researchers are being attacked and losing their jobs for speaking out on the wireless issue. Dr. Olle Johannson, who has carried out essential research into wireless health hazards, and who believes we are facing an existential threat related to wireless exposures, is being forced into early retirement, his work suppressed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.19.50 PM

Wireless developers breathlessly await 5G as their promotional materials seem to suggest something like a thermonuclear explosion over some unfortunate “smart city”

Do you find all this revolting? Revolting is– after all– exactly what we need to do to protect our future from these psychotic institutions.

Going along with policies so clearly out of touch with the science–with so much at stake–is no longer an option.

Take Action Now:

Your prompt action is needed to get our opposition to 5G high frequency band wireless technologies on the record:

 Submit a comment to the FCC:

1. Go to this site: https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express

2. Under “proceeding, type in 14-177, then ALSO type in 15-256, then also 10-112, then also 97-95   — you will see a drop down menu-  click on the selections to confirm.

3. Under name of filer, put in your name.

4. You only need to fill in where there is a star- so put in your email, your address and zip.

5. Enter your comments in the “brief comments” box. You can also copy and paste from a document.

6. Follow all prompts to submit this until it stats that you are done.

Also, Contact Senators on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee , and other elected officials and demand that the “game changing” NTP results result in a moratorium on further expansion of wireless infrastructure.

If you have health issues related to wireless exposure, describe them.

Parents for Safe Technology has more info and action items on the 5G issue.

*SSM! remains opposed to all forms of animal experimentation–unnecessary and immoral abuse of sentient creatures. More than sufficient evidence of wireless harm exists to justify action.
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3 Responses to Wireless Health Science Firmer Than Ever as FCC Poised to Say “Screw Health” and Approve 5G Wireless Micro-Cell Invasion

  1. Karil Daniels says:

    I followed your instructions but was unable to finish & file the document. You should find a way to make it far more simple and direct, to make this work. I wasted 20 minutes of valuable time and still the process failed.

    • Josh Hart says:

      Sorry for your troubles and thanks for the alert. We’ve changed the link to make an “express comment” where you can type, or paste your comments into the comment box. Here is the new link: https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express
      Let us know how it goes. Thanks -J

      • Sara says:

        I too had problems, wasting at least 1/2 hour, but kept trying–couldn’t find the Submit button, that is at bottom of p.2 “Review” not at bottom of page 1, which you comment on. FCC directions are confusing. Josh, yours were clear, but didn’t include that little snafu.

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