Four Asheville NC Families Disconnected By Duke for Refusing Smart Meters on their Homes

August 1st, 2018 update: We have received an update that families who have been resisting in Asheville, living without electricity, have given in to Duke Energy’s demands to install electronic meters on their property in exchange for resumption of their electricity service.

July 18th 2018 Update :

See videos and back story here.

From: Citizens For Safe Metering <>

Update on our process: It’s now Day 19 and we still are without power. But there’s some movement. We are about to do a press release and interviews. And creating a pamphlet to hand out around our neighborhood with the information for how to protect ourselves from the Smart Meters and what your options are. 
The big news is that a state legislator contacted Duke Energy on our behalf and they called us yesterday and explained that they can turn our power back on but first we need to have the city inspectors look at our meter base and approve it, and the city requires a licensed electrician to look at it before they will look at it. 
So lots of coordinating and costs. And then Duke is asking for a hefty re-connection fee once the inspection is done. But I went over the whole thing with the associate on the phone, our intent behind our actions, that we were acting out of concern for our health and waited years for Duke’s compliance yet could not let ourselves get pulsed every 30 seconds any longer. And how we handled it in a very professional way that assured no power was stolen, and yet how they were completely unavailable to support our health concerns and respond to our requests and notifications which invited them to assist us.

And so she said she is going to speak to someone higher up. We’ll see, and I’ll let you know. We are so grateful for each one of you assisting us. Really amazing and greatly supportive. However, please forward on to others our fundraiser as we are still quite significantly short from all our out of pocket expenses and potential upcoming ones in order to get our power back on and more. We still need to get Doctors notes as well to assure that we have a strong case to push for analog meters on our houses. And working to assure that others will have that choice too.

Sincerely, with much gratitude,

Michael Brasunas

Things are literally heating up for at least four families in Asheville, North Carolina after Duke Energy disconnected their homes last week simply for refusing smart meters on their homes (a choice many of us in the rest of the country take for granted).  The Raleigh ES site has been tracking developments, and are raising money for the families affected in this case.

Here is an excerpt from their diary:

“It’s also very hot today and so we are trying to power some small fans with the generator, but it’s also very loud and the other neighbors on the street will probably get quite tired of this situation. For sure having our power abruptly cut off was a shock and has caused a major shift in everything we do, there are lessons in it, but also unfortunate circumstances that are quite a challenge. In order to work on editing all the footage we have from 7 different cameras that were running each for about 15-20 minutes it took a lot of coordinating and time and patience to put it all together, and since we didn’t have generators yet our computers died so we sometimes had to go down to another neighbors house who let us sit on her back porch and plug in. We were up late last night, after midnight, and then I was up again at 4:30 this morning working on the footage, fixing things, preparing for the day before my kids wake up….”

Stop Smart Meters! stands in solidarity with this group resisting smart meters in Asheville and all around the world. We ourselves have lived through plenty of utility abuse, living 18 months without electricity as retaliation for our refusal to pay opt out fees (we prevailed in court and they were forced to turn our power back on and cancel all extortion charges).

Remember, the utilities have ZERO legal right to force smart meters on your property. It is, after all, YOUR property– not theirs. Utility companies typically resort to bullying tactics like depriving people of electricity to their homes, and levying extortion fees, in order to pressure the public to accept their deeply unpopular wireless meters. Increasingly, though, people are just not buying it.

With any luck, public support, and resolve on the part of those standing their ground in Asheville, Duke will be forced to back down, or lose their customers to increasingly economical off-grid power systems.

Stop Utilities’ Criminal Assaults on Paying Customers!


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2 Responses to Four Asheville NC Families Disconnected By Duke for Refusing Smart Meters on their Homes

  1. I salute the families in North Carolina who are standing up to the abuses of the present power grid by refusing the dangerous Smart meters! Such activists are the true patriots who claim their right to life and liberty in the face of illegal, corrupt acts that are condoned by government and threaten the health of the planet. If more people were so bold in taking such action, we could stop this encroaching environmental and health threat.

  2. Paula says:

    Good for you guys!! I do animal rescue and bought a small house in Northeastern Pa.—now I have to fight this crap here too! I just got done doing the same thing in NJ, at least they have a ‘opt out’, Pa. does not…

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