Stop Smart Meters! Interviews Milton Williams of L.O.S.E.

A couple of months ago, we had a visit to our refuge from Milton Williams, a former employee of Aclara Energy who installed smart meters for Dominion Energy in Virginia and then became a whistleblower about the unsafe installation practices mandated by his former employer and harmful health impacts of smart grid technology in general. He now runs an organization called L.O.S.E. (Life Over Smart Energy) which raises awareness and empowers people to take back their health, safety and privacy from the smart grid industry. He takes a direct, unapologetic approach to preventing harm from smart meters and offers anyone in Virginia (and perhaps beyond) his services in replacing your unwanted smart meter with a safer analog meter. This is the way it’s done, and we really enjoyed meeting Milton. He is a great human being with a warm heart and a defiant spirit and we need more brave people of conscience like him standing up for all of us.

Milton lives in the Petersburg, VA area and you can call him directly at (804) 295-6194 or e-mail him at Lifeoversmartenergy[at]gmail[dot]com. He described his mission at L.O.S.E. as follows:

“L.O.S.E. was created to shed light on the fact that smart meters can have negative lasting impacts for generations to come. It’s problematic that we were oblivious to this as we put our trust in companies that give us light, but hide their intentions in darkness. Our children should not grow up with health problems, the sick should not get worse or find themselves out of remission, the elderly should not find themselves suffering at an old age, and we the people should not be left in the dark about things that affect our lives. I share this information as a resident, as a father, a husband, an uncle and as a grandfather and just like you all I want to live a healthy and safe life.”

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