The Grinch Pays a Visit to Virginia this Christmas

At least dozens of people– including Milton Williams, the former smart meter installer turned whistleblower interviewed below– have apparently been involuntarily disconnected from the grid by Dominion Energy in Virginia after refusing smart meters on their homes.  This as freezing temperatures spread across the country.

We demand that Dominion reconnect every single family who has been illegally disconnected, and *at least* provide an option for people to retain or replace an analog meter. If they won’t do it, regulators need to step in and do their jobs.

Video interview with those who had their electricity disconnected can be viewed here:

Update Dec. 22nd 2022 Milton reports: “Good news is that Dominion Energy installed our power back with an analog meter — only because they heard the voices of the people.  A special  thanks   to  Attorney John Janson for being the only lawyer who was willing to take on Dominion Energy’s injustice.  Without everyone’s support this would not have been possible. Better days are ahead. But the fight is not over–we are  just getting started there are thousands of people who still need help.”

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  1. Rachael watkins says:

    So..mum was on the floor dead. That night she said her chest was heavy..pulse ox not good.. swore shed let me take her to a dr in the am. Her bed is aprox 7ft from our SMART METER. With me having no closure,no answers.. i requested APS IN AZ to charge me 55.00 to put an analog meter on as ive begged mom to have done for the last 4 yrs… IVE NOW GOT A BRAND NEW SMART METER… they think im stupid. And are charging me meter readings as if it were not smart. They took advantage of my moms sudden death to mess with my intelligence… smh…. not cool. Ants in my pants im bout to get jumpy on APS THEY RATION OUR POWER AS IS.. WE HAVE HAD BROWN OUTS FOR 4 YRS.. MY AC cant even pull enough power to kick in the compressor and causes the appliance to jump…fridge went out washer, dryer, smh

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