Elettra: Great Italian Short Film About Electro-Injury/ Sensitivity

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3 Responses to Elettra: Great Italian Short Film About Electro-Injury/ Sensitivity

  1. nick Hansen says:

    superb i can empathize with her…. 17:11 best part of movie –> “I believe you”

  2. Elaine Sayeg says:

    Public Service Electric & Gas Co. of New Jersey is a Criminal Enterprise. They forced an electric meter called a “smart meter” on my house against my will. These hazardous meters should be offered to the public not forced on them. Utility companies are getting kickbacks for every meter they install without the owners consent. These meters are fire hazards, surveillance tools and radiation emitters. THESE METERS SHOULD BE BANNED.

  3. Laura Elaine Sharpe Davis says:

    I have 5G electromagnetic Hypersensitivity ( diagnosis code ICD-10-CM) extremely severe. 5G is killing me/us. I can intensely HEAR AND FEEL Wi-Fi’s and Tower’s and they are everywhere!!!! We opted out of our smartmeter and they extort $20 a month we cannot afford from us. No one will help, no one. I now have bald spots on my head too. I always feel sick. Why is the FCC allowed to do this??? Josh Hart it’s Laura and Kiko, remember us? Can you or a connection you know help us?? 😪😥😢😭

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