CPUC ProtestWhat is Stop Smart Meters!?

Growing out of the grassroots group Scotts Valley Neighbors Against Smart Meters, which was started in June 2010, Stop Smart Meters! has now evolved into an advocacy, media outreach, and direct action network providing activism consultation and advice to dozens of local groups sprouting up who are fighting the wireless ‘smart’ meter assault.

The smart meter debacle is a huge threat to our health, safety, privacy, and wallet.   But it is also an opportunity and a teachable moment about the dangers of wireless technology, corporate control, and false solutions to a looming climate catastrophe.   With your help, we can work toward a truly sustainable, equitable and democratic energy system, and new wireless standards that will put human and environmental health before profit.  The ‘smart’ meter fight has brought about new, unlikely political alliances.   We plan on strengthening these new ties for the battles to come.

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About the Director

JJosh Picosh Hart is Director of Stop Smart Meters! He has worked in the energy industry, as a transportation planner, environmental advocate, and freelance journalist. He obtained his MSc in Transport Planning in the UK at UWE Bristol in 2008, and completed research entitled Driven to Excess, presenting the social and quality of life impacts of automobile traffic on local residents.  The research was covered in over 100 international media outlets including the BBC, the Guardian, Tehran Times, and the Daily Mail.

His writing has appeared in Surveyor, Walk, and Make magazines, the Wall Street Journal and Lonely Planet’s Flightless: Incredible Journeys without Leaving the Ground.  He has been interviewed on PBS Newshour and countless other TV and radio stations.  He has been Director of the California based Stop Smart Meters! for more than 4 years, fighting the forced deployment of ‘smart’ meters in the US and abroad.

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  1. MD says:

    Ok, so everyone who thinks smart meters are “overcharging” can go ahead and follow the two links below. Maybe now you guys can just focus on the “SO CALLED” health risks. Leave the Wellington guys alone, when you protest they dont get paid for the days they dont work. They have children to feed too. Fight your fight with PG&E instead!!!!



    • Shucks the Explorer says:

      Leave the Wellington guys alone

      No way dude, Wellington reps are doing work for PG&E, so people have every right to tell them to take a hike and stay off of private property.

      • Paul says:

        Hey Shucks…
        “Dude”, when you buy power from a utility (by the way, power running through wires in your home emit RF radiation, even when powering your analog grow lights), you grant access to the utility’s meter. Want to opt out of a meter, opt out of accepting power and install solar panels and batteries.

        • Paul H says:

          Ah yes, the good old days when the utility companies sent just 60 hertz to you and your UL appliances. Now they get away with sending all sorts of class 2b carcinogens into your home. Your appliances will now also be short lived, too.

          I guess since they make the power then we should just sit back and say nothing? This theory sounds like something practiced in a communist country where the government had all power over the people. If you protested, your whole family would be targeted.

        • Paul H says:

          I keep hearing the only way to get clean harmless power is by using solar. This is simply not true as the inverters create a horrible field.

          Why can’t we just get 60 hertz like the good old days? It’s even wearing out your appliances prematurely.

          Speaking out about something like this would be considered a crime in China or Russia. I guess that’s what we have come close too? ……

        • Debbie L. says:

          Paul ~ opting out isn’t always the answer: http://rt.com/usa/florida-woman-private-utilities-735/

    • Carol Foulds says:

      I have proof the smart meters are overcharging. I own a vacant building which has not been entered for six years. Nothing is on. I have been getting a monthly bill from KCPL for $25. They installed a smart meter and the charge for no energy consumption was $138. I can collate the change in charges with installation of their smart meter. I had the meter removed from the building. This is going to be litigated until consumers can opt out (and then they will opt out). The smart meter scourge is the Obamacare of energy delivery. Consumer iKansas should file written complaints with the the Kansas Corporation Commission ad contact their state representatives.

  2. sally sommer says:

    Thank you for all this essential information. Please put me on your list for notification of site updates. Thank you
    Sally Sommer

    • onthelevelblog says:

      Hi Sally- Thanks for your note- you can subscribe and be notified of new posts at the bottom of the right column on this website. Let me know if you have any trouble. I have also added you to our bulletin list which others can do by e-mailing me at joshuanoahhart@gmail.com Thanks for helping to STOP ‘SMART’ METERS!!

  3. JEANNE GOODIN says:

    I am trying to find someone in Huntington Beach that is concerned about the Smart Meter. Please email me at: jgoodin@me.com Thank you.

    • Monica Curran says:

      Hi, my sister lives in HB. I wonder if she knows the dangers of smart meters. I think I recall the smart meter being installed in my backyard when my twins were babies and it was in 2006. I learned about the dangers of smart meters from Dr. Stan Monteith, Radio Liberty, but was not able to tell PG&E to not install it at the time. I am wondering if this is what caused me to get symptoms of M.S., along with aspartame poisoning.

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  5. Karen Steffa says:

    Butte College wants to build a mock subdivisions for training smart meter installers “in REAL LIFE SCENARIOS.” (caps mine) …..Mercury-Register, Feb. 12 2011

  6. Kevin Trammel says:

    There is already good technology available for transmitting tcp/ip signals over power transmission lines. Why wouldn’t PG&E use that technology instead of the far more heavy-handed and energy intensive Microwave broadcast spectrum? If privacy issues could be addressed, this would be a better approach. Why are the meters inaccurate, also? This is bewildering. Electricity is an essential and should not be used as leverage to force people to comply with the intemperate will of a private entity. Thank you for your work on behalf of all citizens.

  7. Sidney Reilly says:

    You are crackpots, every single one of you. Why don’t you use your time and energy to do something that will actually benefit the people of california?

    • frank says:

      I am so glad I don’t live in CA. What a bunch of whackjobs!

      • Glen says:

        We are also glad you do not live here.

      • aaron says:

        You people in other states talk bad about California,and then you move here!

        • Carolyn says:

          . . . except for those of us who may have been born in California, who moved AWAY because it became so politically correct, over-taxed, under-served and all of the “common sense” drained out of it… GLAD to be G-O-N-E!
          Now that CAL has a Democratic SUPER-majority, see how all your problems have been fixed??? 60+% of the population speaks a foreign language AND the state is BROKE.

    • Ej says:

      Isn’t trying to keep people and wildlife from being sick doing something for California? Just because you don’t believe smart meters are a problem doesn’t mean they aren’t, it only means you are closed minded.

    • DIANA DEES says:

      When people try to protect themselves from carcinogens or other health hazards they are criticized by those who don’t care or are ignorant of the facts. Just because they might not care about their health doesn’t mean they have the right to stop me from caring about mine. Follow the money and question all decisions handed down from above. Remember, people are paid by the opposition to post on blogs in an attempt to derail the true focus.

  8. Bill says:

    Ok find a small mechanic friend and a machine shop. Get old lead tire weights, Melt them down in to a box shroud and put it around the meter on your house. lock it thier. it blocks the signal and protects yoru house from radiation. realize they will come when your not home and forcefully remove it, charge them with theft when they do. you can’t legally harm thier equipment, but there are no laws about what you can put around it on your home. Civil Disobediance always has some risk and they wont’ like it when you make thier new tech not work. get video of you putting it on the meter and why, share it with the media after you take them stealing it. No business likes to face the media and terms of theft as well as harming your home by forcefully removing parts. Be Smart Be Bold Be Free

    • Veronica says:

      Even if you can block the Rf from the meter, many times the Rf is carried into your house on your electric lines or your water pipes. They act as an antennae. My home is filled with dirty electric. My dirty electric reading is 650+ . A reading of 50 is considered good. I can detect Rf throughout my house, in the walls and ceiling at very high levels. I believe this is because I have a meter on my water pipes and I think that the pipes are picking up the signal. We need to have plumbers, electricians, and engineers get involved in this struggle. The politicians don’t understand the dangers or the physics behind the behavior of electricity and Rf. It is complicated and so the companies are able to keep the average person in the dark about the dangers. We must unite if we are to gain back our right not to have these devices polluting our homes. We need one site, one group, one coalition. We cannot remain fragmented like this. Oh yeah, we also need a lawyer because our elected officials are not representing us.

      • Inquirer says:

        I agree with you, but i don’t think there’s any one person with the resources to pit himself nationally against all the multi-trillion dollar utility companies and the various PSC’s. It would require major publicity, major security-guards, you name it.

  9. Mark Kuether says:

    Thank you Josh! Quite a bold move. I would like to see more of these peaceful protests. Smart Meters is only the beginning. Where I live, Madison WI, we just got 4G from both the major Cell Phone providers. Its bad enough when individual homes are polluted with this stuff, but to contaminate the great outdoors everywhere with high speed data waves is confounding. No safety anywhere!

    Mark Kuether

    p.s. check out my EMF blog at

    • Hey Mark,

      very interesting to see some awareness forming — I was one of the first-movers when cellphones came up. Having second thoughts, I quickly realized that there are Health hazards involved that both the media AND the medical-industrial complex (borrowing from Ron Paul here) are disputing — or, in fact, USED to dispute: for I am really stunned at how much things are changing lately. Still, that technology is spreading further, ‘smart’ meters being just one worrisome segment (wLAN, WiFi etc adding to the general craziness). There ARE numerous studies out there that suggest that there is at least some risk involved, other serious publications (e g R O Becker, The Body Electric) do a pretty good job explaining the DEFINITE risks involved. Still, the Startrek-infested media-junkie population and their mainstream media continue to ridicule each and everyone who even dares having doubts about anything cellular. The underlying ‘mechanics’ — both of the medical issues as well as the societal ones — are pretty clear, and it’s the same old story anyway: smoking, vaccinations, certain wonder-pill medications, fast food and microwave ovens, tanning centers, the list goes on and on: stupid people just seem to love them more than their lives or reasonableness/prudence or at least SOME thinking…

      I used to have a make-shift website fired up on these subjects and I would really love to connect with you guys (most of the English-language materials and articles are now merged into a wider site called financialnewsroom.com as I previously felt the need to ‘hide’ the actual area of EMF in order to ‘not scare away’ too many readers over the last 8+ years of ‘unpopularity’). Times are changing now, and maybe we could share a few trackbacks and then I could revive the core-EMF subjects on a WordPress blog of their own…

  10. Roger says:

    Anyone have any info on SCE? I sent them this:
    Please tell me the procedure to opt out of the installation of a smart meter on my residence.

    Thank you.
    They responded:

    Thank you for your email.

    Edison SmartConnect is not an opt-in program.

    While all SCE meters are scheduled to be replaced, we are prepared to work with customers on any questions or concerns they may have. SCE expects to install about 5 million meters throughout its service territory by 2012, to comply with regulatory mandates and to improve overall efficiency and performance of meters.
    I responded back asking what regulatory mandates, laws, etc. support this. We will see.

    Anyone else gone down this line with SCE?


    • heather says:

      Yes I have been sick since the meweb was last week. I have dizziness, stomach flu, migraines, runs, fever, chills , my asthma has been bad too .if there is anyone out there with sane things or is le to

      • spf3733 says:

        Yes. I called SCE and told them I did not give them permission to replace my meter and told them to remove the smart meter immediately. They stated it would cost 10.00 extra per month to go back to the old model, but I told them I don’t care. When the guy came back to replace it, he said it was also saving a job because this was a way to get rid of the metermen positions.

        The same month the smart (stupid) meter was installed, I had the highest electric bill ever in my 15 years of living here. The smart meter was installed in January of 2011 and I was out of town for two weeks of that same month. SCE blamed it on my energy efficient refrigerator and appliances. I said, Oh, do you think my appliances had a party while I was gone? I protested but they said their investigation found nothing wrong. I have now saved two years of bills including the months where we had the AC at full blast during the summer, and still that January 2011 bill is the highest we have ever had. I will file another dispute as soon as I receive my Jan 2014 bill. But, yes you can demand that SCE pull that smart meter out and replace it.

    • sally says:

      We opted out as soon as the meter went on our house with SCE in Jan 2013. 75$ to opt out and 10$ mo. So glad we did.

  11. Rikard Kjellberg says:

    Is there a way I can unsubscribe from your mail? I really don’t appreciate collateral about “cancer meters” in my mailbox. If you are worried about radio energy, consider that these meters emit milliwatts for about 45 secs/day. You should start with your microwave (500x more energy), cell phones (20x more energy) and then check what radiation the earth under your house is emitting. If you are against “the man” dictating what you do, then state that and oppose it. Using health arguments is complete bogus.

    • Apologize that you are receiving leaflets in your mailbox- unless they were put there by an employee of the US Postal Service, that is illegal and we inform our volunteers not to post flyers in mailboxes. Did you know that the “45 second/ day” that PG&E talks about is actually split into 22,000 spikes of microwave radiation per day, 24/7, all lasting only a millisecond long? And that Daniel Hirsch, a UC professsor analyzed the meters and has stated that they emit more than 100x the cumulative whole body exposure of a cell phone? https://stopsmartmeters.org/2011/04/20/daniel-hirsch-on-ccsts-fuzzy-math/

    • Anna Logg says:

      Hi Richard, I don’t use a cell phone, or a microwave, or wi-fi, or a cordless phone, or a car, or caustic chems, etc. and I choose to live simply and use as little electricity as possible. I also don’t want a smart meter. Don’t I get to choose what I want to do/have in my own home? Isn’t that what America’s about? Isn’t this a democracy? Why is this (monopoly) company allowed on my property, to violate my civil liberties and put my health at risk, while my only recourse is to go off the grid or live without gas and electricity? Does that seem OK to you?

      Also, it’s well known that humans (and all life on earth) evolved to the magnetic frequency of the earth, as well as the radiation from the sun. The radiation from a smart meter (and cell phones, and wi-fi, etc.) is a different thing entirely, and is harmful to all life. Why do you suppose brain tumors are now so prevalent in children? Why do you suppose the World Health Organization has classified non-ionizing radiation as a carcinogen? Why do you suppose brain surgeons are seeing a massive increase in brain tumors? Do you think this is just a coincidence?

      PG&E is a company with a horrendous legacy: San Bruno, Hinkley, etc. They are murderers. They act as though they are above the law. They are LYING about how often the meters transmit, just like they LIED to the people in Hinkley. I hope you will change your mind and see this program for what it is. A way to make more money and have complete control over the grid and therefore us (private sector, industry, farming). Look up who thought up the smart grid, and look up who is pushing it. The implications are tremendous. I for one will fight this with all I’ve got, as every American should.

    • I guess, the Swedish name up here kind of explains it all: people in Sweden are fast to jump onto any bandwagon from nuclear energy to GMOs to cellphones or stupid hairdoes and other childish trends… Maybe, someone has brought this ‘heritage’ with him 🙂

      (For the record, I have lived in Sweden for almost ten years and have got a pretty good understanding of the naivety as well as the genreally-collectivist approach of these people in their social utopia that’s wholly unnecessarily admired by most of the world.)

      The ‘dosimetry’ given may be right for Vattenfall or Fortum back in Sweden (who allegedly use to collect data only once per day around midnight — and using some sort of less-harmful Ethernet-over-powerline technology in many areas at that. So at least something is really *a little better* in that country, granted. In some areas though, cellular data networks run by Stargate are still used and therefore present a very similar problem). The privacy issues remain the same anyway, cost and resource-waste etc too.

      To invoke earth radiation is completely ignorant. Rickard, please look into the facts, wavelengths etc and apply some common sense — or briefly, THINK before you talk if you want to be treated as a grown-up and not as a Swede.

      But don’t worry Rickard, you got something right, too: Cellphone usage etc indeed IS a point because that is similar. The distinguishing factor here would be CONTROL though, as I may decide for myself whether or not I want to use a cellphone (I usually don’t, although I have one: almost all calls can be postponed for a few minutes and made using a landline — not such a novel idea, BTW as the world managed to exist for some time pre-1990 if I am not mistaken).

      Opposing ‘smart’ meters is not unreasonable for silently exposing people to the risks that do exist and even denying them a choice is not right. Also, the additional network infrastructure needed is a total waste and *produces* less than it costs. Failed economics, failed policies — and not at all ‘Green’.

      • michael says:

        @ Marty Reynolds: In Sweden’s defence, they are the only nation that so far actually acknowledges electrosensitivity (EHS) as a disorder, and acts to financially assist with the remediation of homes so as to help block EMR–thanks to the tireless efforts of some sterling Swedes such as Prof. Olle Johansson. Just because there are a lot of mindless jingoists in a specific location doesn’t mean they are all like that–the USA is a great case-in-point. Yes, Rickard’s comments are coming from a base of profound ignorance, but you can retort a far more indestructible critique with your otherwise good & interesting comments if you stick to the facts.

        • Marty Reynolds says:

          @michael: you’re totally right, and I should have done better. This was not my greatest piece of writing — apologies for the first paragraph then. I am just getting pretty much fed up with that naivety I referred to — again, after living in that country for many years and seeing every-day life over there which, thanks to widespread ignorance among most parts of that egalitarian society, is not as great. Swedes tend to believe the most stupid lies of their political and industrial leaders and think they got “the best country” in the world (Vattenfall and Frotum are definitely in bed with politicians and influence the lawmaking process over there). In South America, this would be good for “scandalous” headlines when it comes to Sweden and the mainstream press, the “good things” supposedly outweigh things like that which is plainly not true (if your newspaper makes claims like these, get a different one)!

  12. M. Horton says:

    Great SMART METER video…should post on your site

  13. not in every case is smart metering a bad thing. Look here: http://www.astrail.de/astrohse.htm
    The big problem is not the smart metering itself. It can be very usefull, if it is made in the right manner.

    ASTROHS-meters normaly transmits only the balances to the DLS.

    DLSs measures voltage, frequency, phase angle, etc., calculates the current price in BOTH directions (-> buying und selling price), makes ASTROHS-Telegrams from it and spreads them via broadcast message to everyone who has a receiver for them. So everyone can see the prices even he has no contract. An everyone can download DLS’s logfile to check, whether he can earn money with it or not. If he can, he will sign a contract with the DLS company. If not, then not.

    Normally the DLS gets only the balance data from the smart meter. Only in special cases the local logfile will be transmitted. This will be noticed in the logfile and displayed in the display. So the DLS company has to declare why it read out the logfile.

    This theme is connected with individual traffic on railroads in Railtaxi manner an shoult be discussed here:

  14. surfer says:

    I used to wk in the wireless field developing antenna’s . I have wked on the smart meters and developed the front end systems. They do have a large far field signal and they do absorb into your body 24/7 . Combined with all the EMF fields u r at serious risk period! I think its all part of the agenda 21 sys being deployed. We have no rights anymore its over for free humans.

    • Hey [surfer], exactly the way I see it — and I am glad to have someone who had hand-on experience saying that it DOES affect your body. (Sure it does, or it would not properly ‘send home’ all that data.)

      Also, I have to admit that this Green agenda stuff starts to worry me. Believe me, I used to be one of the fiercest Renewables advocates but lately have become very wary of things when I discovered that Greenies are making all the old mistakes over and over again. Still positive on Renewables, I guess the only PROPER WAY of doing it is Residential-Scale generation (micro wind/mini wind, solar thermal and CSP as the most efficient ones, probably supplemented by solar PV for smaller loads or when you’re in an area with intense irradiation). Residential-scale technologies are evolving fast, some SMA inverters and controllers are available to offer fully-automated operation of several sources and go Off Grid (solving all the meter and utility problems mentioned here) without sacrificing a thing when it comes to convenience. Also, you’ll gain independence and safety against blackouts/brownouts, privacy violations or possible attacks against the network (except an Iranian-led EMP over KC, but then it’s only food-storage, mechanical water pumps and multi-fuel burners anyway unless you wanna be toast). So, maybe the solution is in diversifying away from electricity a bit and re-consider other ‘less refined’ forms of energy for uses other than electronics/computing or entertainment (which we’ll have to kiss goodbye in some worst-case scenarios anyway).

      BTW, I am not advocating total off-grid living unless necessary — but maybe we should get people thinking ‘outside the box’…

      Should at least help gaining back control over your affairs and solving all the meter issues.

  15. Rodrigue Deschenes says:

    Is there some grass root movement in Oregon, not noly to stop smart meters, they are already largely deployed, but to fight for opt out options.

    • Jim says:

      To anyone who is looking for a group in your area:

      You might want to search facebook, twitter or meetup and see if people are forming groups. Keywords: “Smart Meter”, “utility”, “power company”, etc…

  16. Mark OMEara says:

    Study shows Wifi damages sperm, hinders reproductivity!

    The digital age has left men’s nether parts in a squeeze, if you believe the latest science on semen, laptops and wireless connections.

    In a report in the venerable medical journal Fertility and Sterility, Argentinean scientists describe how they got semen samples from 29 healthy men, placed a few drops under a laptop connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and then hit download.

    Four hours later, the semen was, eh, well done.

    A quarter of the sperm were no longer swimming around, for instance, compared to just 14 percent from semen samples stored at the same temperature away from the computer.

    And 9 percent of the sperm showed DNA damage, three-fold more than the comparison samples.

    The culprit?

    Electromagnetic radiation generated during wireless communication, Conrado Avendano of Nascentis Medicina Reproductiva in Cordoba and colleagues say.

    “Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the Internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality,” they write in their report.

    “At present, we do not know whether this effect is induced by all laptop computers connected by Wi-Fi to the Internet or what use conditions heighten this effect.”

    A separate test with a laptop that was on, but not wirelessly connected, found negligible electromagnetic radiation from the machine alone.

    The findings fuel concerns raised by a few other research teams.

    Some have found that radiation from cell phones creates feeble sperm in the lab, for example. And in 2010 urologists described how a man sitting with a laptop balanced on his knees can crank up the temperature of his scrotum to levels that aren’t good for sperm.

    So between the heat and the radiation from today’s electronic devices, testicles would seem to be hard-pressed.

    But that is not at all clear, says Dr Robert Oates, the president of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology, who has managed to father two kids despite having both a laptop and an iPad.

    Oates says he doesn’t believe laptops are a significant threat to male reproductive health.

    “This is not real-life biology. This is a completely artificial setting,” he says, about the new study.

    “It is scientifically interesting. But to me it doesn’t have any human biological relevance.”

    He adds that so far, no study has ever looked at whether laptop use has any influence on fertility or pregnancy outcomes.

    “Suddenly all of this angst is created for real-life actual persons that doesn’t have to be,” says Oates, also of Boston Medical Center.

    According to the American Urological Association, nearly one in six couples in the US have trouble conceiving a baby, and about half the time the man is at the root of the problem.

    While the impact of modern technology is still murky, lifestyle does matter, researchers say.

    Earlier in November, a report in Fertility and Sterility showed men who eat a diet rich in fruit and grains and low in red meat, alcohol and coffee have a better shot at getting their partner pregnant during fertility treatment.

    “You should be keeping yourself healthy,” including staying lean, eating healthy foods, exercising, not taking drugs and not smoking, Oates agrees.

    And for those laptop worries, he muses, “I don’t know how many people use laptops on their laps anyway.”


  17. Dennis Goldstein says:

    Anyone know about CPU opt out program for Orange County

  18. James says:

    Hi All,

    Why not contact Alex Jones, InfoWars, to see if he would be interested in covering the Naperville situation. Worth consideration if it hasn’t been done already.

  19. Ghouari Adel says:

    hello all, my subject in phd is Smart grid system in Algeria, but i’m not understened???
    in germany or frence ….., say the Smart grid is well, and i find this site (StopSmartmerter),
    so, my question is, the problem of Sart grid or smat meter …?
    and these problem security or outhers …..?
    please can you explain me this ?
    thank you

  20. Bob says:

    I recommend the work of Dietrich Klinghardt MD for anyone interested in this topic. Several good videos available on youtube.

  21. Carol Patton says:

    PG&E is changing out my Smart Meter next week. Hope what they put in will be a good analog meter like I had 3.5 years ago.

  22. Klaus Ferlow says:

    Dear Ssirs:

    Just received today the news that Germany reject smart meters, see the website:
    http://www.examiner.com/article/germany-rejects-smart-meters-based-on economics
    Yours in health,
    Klaus Ferlow, Mission, British Columbia, Canada

  23. Laura says:

    Hi, I live in Quincy. Had the meter out & still have effects. I really think the new analog has the same sickening properties as the smart meter. Further evidence is that I continue to be able to receive the radio station (NPR) that I could not get for the for 3 years prior to the meter installation. I’m very ill with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity too & my issues with thinking prevents me from fighting anything. Personally, I think a congressman or something needs to be contacted to change this situation & to refund all the money & monthly fees. PSREC NEVER came to read the meter – I called it in. Now I pay $15 a month for them to come & read it. …and as I said I still think it’s some sort of digital or RF read because even when standing near it for a few minutes outside I feel like like I’ve been shot with anesthesia. Good luck in your battle. We need people that aren’t so ill to advocate for us! ~ Laura

  24. Another says:

    I have lived off grid, get a ZODI shower for about $100 and a 20lb propane tank, good for about 25 HOT showers, battery powered water pump included:


    Good luck and keep up the fight!

  25. Karina says:

    Hi there!

    We are shooting a documentary about the dangers of wireless radiation including the dangers of Smart Meters .Check out the trailer below.





  26. Paul D. says:

    Freedom Films, based out of Monterey Bay, is offering the new Updated 2014 Edition of Take Back Your Power which includes English, French and Spanish subtitles, is 88 minutes long (14 minutes shorter than the original Director’s Cut), and features additional 100+ minutes of extra scenes and bonus videos.

    Secure purchase of DVD can be made on Amazon:

    Contact: montbay911truth@sbcglobal.net

  27. Ruth says:

    From StopTheCrime.net – “Just Added Section”:

    “BREAKING: SMART METER UPDATE from MEXICO . . . Smart Cards FORCING the People to PREPAY for Utilities 

    OUR COMMENT: A truly disgusting development, rolled out as a big trial balloon to see if the people accept the Smart Card without mass rioting, and the people will probably accept the Smart Card . . .

    People are upset, and so they should be! This new system came into place by the Commission Defederal de Electricidad forging the citizens’ signatures on their documents that allowed them to change the users’ plan from a bimonthly billing system to that of a prepaid system whereby, you pay in advance for your power with a new SMART CARD instead of after receiving the service. How insane this is! Well, imagine that they cut off your power all of a sudden. Then you must go and pay as much as you need. The motto and campaign by the Fascist Government of Mexico is ‘Pay as you go. You are in control of your power.’ ”

  28. Raymond R. Reines says:

    I pressed for answers regarding the privacy, safety and health issues of the Smart Meters and was met with resistance from my Co-Op every step up the chain of command, being obstructed from speaking with supervisors. I spoke to supervisors only after filing grievances with Georgia EMC, who did nothing (since they do not have jurisdiction over Cobb EMC) but send the complaint back down. After repeated threats of cutting off my power by one supervisor, I lost my temper and threatened him. Then the COO pressed my buttons and I lost my temper again, cussing him out. He then (a year after the threat) had me arrested. A year after the arrest I went to trial, but the DA did not fully investigate the issue (I was never interviewed) and presented the case purely as a terroristic threat and harassing phone calls. The uninformed jury (nobody knew what the Smart Meter was!) found me guilty, and I was sentenced to 5 years’ probation by the sympathetic judge (I should have gone to prison per sentencing guidelines.) My lawyer, a public defender, was a JOKE! I am considering a mistrial at the least, and suing the Co-Op at the most…any good lawyers out there?

  29. Mathew Warren says:

    Why you people against Smart meters when they will help people with the cost of energy? They are great against those that prefer to give false readings over the phone and plus we must comply with government legislation. If you disagree? Phone me on 0800 0966 0212. I be happy to hear your views.

  30. K.O. Keller says:

    I need you guys help about my smart watthour metter

  31. Jeff Hancock says:

    Hi I live in Buckeye Arizona my name is Jeff Hancock and I’ve been dealing with a lot of problems with the city of Buckeye water they have recently put in a digital meter at my house and now they have said over the last 2 months that I’ve used 63000 gallons of water at me and my girlfriend both work during the day. I’ve got Channel 12 News involved and we’re still not getting any real answers I’m hoping somebody can help us out. Give us some facts about these meters being hacked or something I’m reaching out can you please help thank you so much Jeff Hancock

    • Josh Hart says:

      we’ll be in touch via e-mail Jeff

    • Good Afternoon Jeff, My name is Marlene Turner and I am the Publisher of the Buckeye Valley News. I had a reporter attend the city council meeting this week. I do want you and your group to know that we at the BVN care very deeply about our water bill issues. I have been in contact with member of a group who is exploring some options to get to bottom of what is going on at the water dept. Please call the BVN tomm. morning and leave a msg. with your phone number, I need to talk to you. Thank You,
      Marlene Turner

    • Jeanette says:

      Jeff- I’m trying to contact you to sign your recall petition . Please contact me!
      Sundance resident
      Thank you

  32. John Patton says:

    I would like to know the reason why the British Government is not telling the citizens of this country the truth about smart meters???? Also the media somehow have gone quiet about the dangers of installing one. I wrote to the Guardian news paper and forwarded downloaded documentation about the dangers and was told in an email NOT A NEWS STORY – WHAT?????? The government still haven’t learnt anything from Grenfell where they ignored warnings from the public. I can only see that the Government only does things when people die!!!!!!!!!! TO LATE!!!!!

  33. Bruce Cain says:

    An interview with Bruce Cain about 5G and activism [07/02/2019, 77′]
    Great interview with Ahava from Israel on the growing global movement against 5G/Smart Meters
    Some of Cain’s essays on 5G can be found in the notes below the video.

    Read the Essay: Template for activists to demand an end to 5G and Smart Meters
    Stop 5G – Stop Smart Meters. Go to your City Council and say “I will not be subjected to a 5G Lab Experiment.”
    Bruce Cain. Dearborn Heights City Council Meeting results in special study session on 5G. (05/14/2019)

  34. Richard Tabnik says:

    anyone have info or want to protest smart meters by Con Edison in NYC?

  35. BN says:

    Is this site still active at all?
    I am looking for resources to have the smartmeter replaced with analog in Virginia. I’ve searched all over the internet and have been unable to find any resources to guide me in working with my electric company(Dominion Energy). Can you direct me to any sources?

    Thank you!

    • SL says:

      Just contact Dominion Energy, and request to opt-out from your smart meter, in favor of a non-communicating option. That’s what I did over the phone. Now, I have a meter labeled “OPT-OUT”, along with welcome respite from constant, inexplicable splitting headaches.

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