Stop Smart Meters! Sacramento

Stop Smart Meters! Sacramento members take on smug SMUD. Your help and attendance at SMUD Board meetings is needed- contact Eric (below) for details

Critical information SMUD has hidden from you:

1.    You can opt out from dangerous Smart Meters.  SMUD did not tell anyone they could until they had installed over 99.54% of all accounts with Smart Meters.  Were you notified?

2.   “Smart Meters actually transmit an average of 13,000 Radio Transmissions per day instead of the longstanding Official SMUD verbiage of ONLY SIX per day.”

This is what SMUD sent out to its customers:

“Do smart meters generate radio frequency (RF) fields?
Yes. Smart meters emit about 1 watt. This is less than the 1 to 2 watts emitted by cell phones or wireless routers. Smart meters transmit radio signals only once every four hours with each transmission lasting only 5/100ths of a second).”

Call to opt-out of SMUD Smart Meters:  1-888-742-7683

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Stop Smart Meters! Sacramento Contact:

Eric Windheim  (916) 395 7336


8 Responses to Stop Smart Meters! Sacramento

  1. Jim Schneider says:

    Please using Smart meters – they are more dangerous than represented.

  2. I bought 1200 of the above flyers and distributed half of them to my group and all that I come in contact with.

    The flyer does the education for me and directs people back to this site.

    The key thing is earning the curiosity of the person you are offering it to: that means asking questions.

    I start by asking:
    “Have you seen this before?”
    “Do you know how it effects your Health, Safety & Privacy?”
    “Would you like learn more and protect your family?”

    • Paul Rogers says:

      Thanks for coming to the Elk Grove Tea Party last night. This was one thing I wanted to work on but did not know where to start. I cannot join you Thursday October 11 due to a previous appointment but want to join you at the next SMUD board meeting. I have not been sleeping through the night but waking several times and my wife is not sleeping too good either. We sleep about 10 feet away from this meter. We live at the front of our manufactured home park. Is there any way to find out if we are the community collection point?

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  4. Anne says:

    Thank you for the information posted here. I had no idea!

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