World Health Organization Declares Wireless a Cancer Risk- Mesh Network Must be Deactivated to Protect Human Health

PG&E has claimed- like at 1:10 in this video from a year ago- that the World Health Organization says that RF radiation is safe.  Now that the WHO has reversed its position, saying there are significant risks from human exposure to wireless tech, will PG&E act to protect public safety?  Not unless they are forced to, we imagine.

Our press release, out today:

For Immediate Release  May 31st 2011

Contact: Joshua Hart, Director Stop Smart Meters!

The World Health Organization (WHO) today classified wireless, non-ionizing radiation as ‘possibly cancer causing’ based on a broad investigation into the peer-reviewed science, throwing a wrench into unrestrained proliferation of wireless infrastructure, particularly utility installations of ‘smart’ meters throughout the United States.  Environmental health groups immediately seized upon the declaration, saying that it has vindicated their urgent calls for precaution around wireless technology such as ‘smart’ meters- devices that have already been linked to thousands of illnesses throughout California and elsewhere.

The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) placed radiation from cell phones into Category 2B- the same category as DDT and engine exhaust.  The finding comes as telecommunications companies and utilities worldwide rush to saturate communities with wireless technology.  The WHO report now opens the door to new citizen lawsuits as well as government policies restraining placement of wireless facilities to protect human health and the environment.

“PG&E and other utilities have been citing past assurances from the World Health Organization to respond to allegations of health damaging radiation from their ill-fated “Smart” Meter program,” said Joshua Hart Director of StopSmartMeters.Org.  “Now that the WHO has come out and publicly confirmed that there are significant risks from wireless technology, will the utilities and regulators admit they have made a terrible mistake in deciding to roll out wireless mesh networks that are blanketing our communities with a likely carcinogen?   We need to put the brakes on any further meter installation and immediately deactivate the existing networks.  That is the only sensible and humane response to what has now become a growing public health emergency.”

The WHO declaration adds to the pressure on state regulators to act with urgency in order to prevent exposure to high intensity EMF pulses from ‘smart’ meters.  Contrary to utility claims, the pulses are far stronger than most wireless devices in the home, and unlike a wifi router or cell phone, they cannot be turned off.   According to Cindy Sage of Sage Associates, co-editor of the Bioinitiative report and author of a study on the health effects of smart meters, “Smart meters can produce RF exposures in some homes higher than those from PDAs and cell phones in the manner they are being installed and operated, and it is a continuous exposure unlike cell phones.”  Evidence of growing health harm has forced the CA Public Utilities Commission to require that PG&E offer an opt out program for those unwilling to be exposed, but critics say this plan falls far short of what is needed, in addition to charging people large fees- simply to protect their health.

To date, a total of 42 local jurisdictions have demanded that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) halt further installation because of widespread reports of health impacts and other concerns.

Lake County in California has been one of the most vociferous local governments fighting the ‘smart’ meter program, taking out an injunction against PG&E based on violations of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). County Supervisor Anthony Farrington says, “WHO’s classification should prompt the CPUC to cease installation and undertake a full environment review based on significant evidence of health risks.”

Aside from cancer risks, wireless meters have been widely reported to cause headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears- even memory loss and heart palpitations among susceptible individuals due to the constant bursts of microwave radiation.  The movement against wireless meters is the sharp end of a growing movement demanding health-based standards for wireless technology.  Michael Peevey, who Gov. Brown has allowed to continue on as President of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), has continually insulted individuals with sensitivities to electromagnetic radiation, inferring that they are ‘just making it up.’  Peevey, the former President and Senior Executive of Southern California Edison (SCE) has ties to the telecommunications industry, and continues as President of the CPUC that is meant to oversee the utilities, despite popular outrage about clear conflicts of interest.

The World Health Organization’s press release can be downloaded from PG&E has referred to WHO studies to justify the roll-out and safety of their smart meters.  Now that WHO has identified a cancer risk from wireless technology, will PG&E deactivate their carcinogenic mesh network?

Immediate action required: Call Gov Brown 916 445 2841 – demand that the smart meter mesh network is immediately deactivated to protect human health.

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6 Responses to World Health Organization Declares Wireless a Cancer Risk- Mesh Network Must be Deactivated to Protect Human Health

  1. Redi Kilowatt says:

    I don’t know if I trust the WHO that much, they were the ones that were the big promoters of the H1Ni pandemic that never panned out. The pharmaceutical corporations still made billions of dollars out of the campaign, even though they got stuck will 100 million unneeded, unwanted and unsold doses of the vaccine.
    It is the global new world order that is behind most of the medical problems that the people of the world are having.
    It is those same corporations that paid the president to order mandatory payments to medical insurance corporations here in the U.S.. They know full well that all of this modern technology like genetically modified foods, pharmaceutical drugs, food additives, tobacco additives, sprayed pesticides, dumping chemicals and contaminating domestic water supplies, air pollution, nuclear power generation, wireless devices and products of corporations in general ARE making people sick.
    That is why the government here wants to make medical insurance mandatory.
    They need everyone to contribute to their corporate welfare pool to ensure high profits even if they have to start paying out big dollars to all the people that will become ill in the near future from this technology.
    Everything that we can do to fight this global program is a good thing, especially with the new radio transmitting electric meters.
    One thing that came to mind, has anyone considered the deployment of new radio meters being responsible for the massive flocks of birds that were killed recently with no explaination ?. It could that the addition of all these new EMF’s and RF’s really was the problem. Birds are very sophisticated navigators, and we don’t really know how they do what they do. Just a thought.

  2. Redi Kilowatt says:

    WARNING !! SPAM ALERT. Don’t go to the recent post by world health. You will risk being infected and will be directed to spam pages.
    Josh, please look into this and delete that post. Also find out who posted it and give them a warning.

  3. RobertWilliams says:

    PG$E based their previous claims of safety on the World Health Organization (WHO),
    But now WHO says Wireless Smart Meter radiation is linked to CANCER.
    Look for PG$E to further LIE and SPIN as PG$E will call anything safe if PG$E can get more of our money.
    And then they advertise that it benefits us!



    Just insert Florida Power & Light (FPL) in to REPLACE PG&E NAME ; it’s all the same. I remember FPL publishing something about the roll out coming, including that “utilities smart meters will spy on you is a myth”.

    At 5:30 PM today Eastern, our GIGAHERTZ HFC 50 ANALYZER (GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS GERMANY) is showing pulsed readings off the charts on our washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove top, and oven with our HF 35C analyzer Gigahertz Solutions. We bought the oven in 2000, but about 3 years ago, the oven quit, and they replaced the control unit. (Planned Built-in obsolescence !) The stove top bought in 2000 also quit, had to be replaced 2 years ago so NOW THEY are pulsing all day & night too ! And also of course the microwave.

    The lying thieves, the elite controllers that are behind our government, (our shadow government, including the Federal Reserve System, the UN and all its monetary entanglements (UN,G-20,BIS, WORLD BANK, IMF, WHO, etc.) are all privately owned corporations, that have taken over our government beginning in 1913, and since Rockefeller etc. tax free funds have gotten, since the 1920’s, into population control (now Google, originally, still is part of the CIA (?) under Ray Kursweil is into transhumanism through population reduction), all the world governments, since they are all shoving TOXIC Smart Meters and toxic Chemtrails, and toxic GMO’s onto their populations, just confirms for me that the takeover is world wide, AND COORDINATED. Voting has become a joke under tyranny. It is time for a world wide revolt !

    P.S. I have been a canary in the coal mine since May 2013 when FPL stole the electrical meter they had installed in April 2011, after they had previously received written certified notice ( November 2012) of refusal of any smart meter installation on our property. Their goon rang the door bell in May 2013, saying he was going to install a smart meter; my husband replied “like hell you are, get off our property !” I immediately called FPL , the woman we had dealt with promised verbally and in writing, said that it was a mistake, that they had us “on hold” (weasel words !) that they would not install a smart meter.

    Shortly thereafter, (hindsight!) we both got sick with what we now know as symptoms of smart meter installation. (Pressure headaches, feeling short of breath, heart palpitations, sinus and post nasal drip that is NOT allergy, etc.) For 3 months we assumed that there was no smart meter installed. Later, hind sight placed the May 2013 date of installation, when I began to have strange vibrations running down my spinal column, when I got into bed which I now call “mini-milli vibes”, which still result in chronic prevention of sleep. (my husband does NOT feel these vibes; the result is that we have to sleep in shifts which has literally prevented any restful sleep for me, and is destroying my ability literally to tell night from day, never feeling rested, as every 30 minutes the biggest strongest vibes keep me awake, DENYING THE HELING POWER OF SLEEP (which correlates with the mesh system of reporting the whole area, reporting wirelessly to FPL, with the less “noisy”, softer vibes continuously that I feel in between the 30 minute intervals. (The vibes are correlated with the HF 35C gauss meter.) It happens when I lie down; most of the time during the day when I am awake, I do not notice the vibes, except when I feel vibrations under the floor, which Ron does NOT feel. (I traced the floor vibrations with the Gauss meter HF 35C to the copper water line under the house, and running under the smart meter, under concrete steps.) ( All next to our bedroom outside wall)

    Since in September 5, 2013, when we raised so much hell with FPL (we are going to jerk that meter off the wall, which did get action !) that they put in what they now refer to as alternately a “non-standard meter” or “alternate meter”, the smart meter is a “standard meter, and the “non-standard meter” is equivalent to what many utilities call an opt-out meter.'”
    FPL denied, thru the goons they sent out to pacify us, said that the alternate meter did NOT wirelessly send information like the smart meter did. OUR GAUSS METER READINGS REFUTE THEIR (FPL) WORD. OF COURSE IT’S A DAMN LIE ALL OVER THE WORLD OF “opt-out” SMART METERS ! AND IT HAS VERY SERIOUS HEALTH CONCERNS, SAME AS THE STANDARD SMART METER.

    (TYRANNY !)

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