“PG&E, I don’t want to be part of your experiment!”

By Amy O’Hair

Tom Rossi and his wife live in an aging East-Bay apartment complex,
directly over the utility room containing 42 “smart” meters. Tom
didn’t know this until it came to his attention accidentally, and as
he came to learn more about “smart” meters, he finds himself deeply
disturbed by being involuntarily subjected to an untested technology
that radiates easily measured RF pulses into his living space.

His wife suffers from disturbed sleep, and he is concerned for her. I
measured the levels in their apartment, and at the meters themselves.
The video shows how the pulses go off more or less constantly, often
in bursts packed with spikes, several to a second.

He doesn’t know what they can do besides move out. Any sort of
shielding would be very costly and difficult, and they are renters. Up
until now, they had felt fortunate to find an apartment at a fairly
low rent. How could they have known how costly the place would
actually prove to be?

The CPUC will approve an “opt-out” plan in the next month. But what
kind of plan could possibly make any sense of this sort of situation?
Having one less meter below them would make no measurable difference
to their nightly pulsed RF exposure.

The CPUC is currently taking public comment on the “opt-out” options.
Email: public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov.

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7 Responses to “PG&E, I don’t want to be part of your experiment!”

  1. Ron says:

    Hi Amy,

    I posted a few questions pertaining to your previous report titled “SF Condo Building Fends Off Smart Meter Installer”. Perhaps you didn’t see them there. I will reiterate them here, and any answers you can provide would be much appreciated.

    Can you/would you please document the two statements in your report:

    1. “PG&E has stated clearly that it is not liable in any way for any health, safety, or fire problems arising from “smart” meter installations—something that should raise a red flag for home owner associations everywhere.”
    Clear statements from PG&E are scarce as hens’ teeth. Where did you find this one?

    2. “Insurance companies won’t insure against any “smart” meter damage or liability.” Which insurance companies? Where can I get a position statement from them that explicitly denies coverage against any “smart” meter damage or liability?



  2. Carol says:

    Last week I received a notice about installing smart meters. I called PG&E with my concerns about health issues that can derive from the meters (I live in a complex, so I have my other 2 neighbors meters in front of my home also) I told them that I run a family home daycare and that I was concerned about their well being as well as my own family, so I asked them if could opt out. They told me I did have the option but it would cost me a one time fee of $135-$200 and an extra $20 a month to have someone come and read my meter. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford that so they came on Thursday and installed one (only mine). Now I feel like such an idiot for calling being that the other meters in front of my house didn’t get changed. Is there anything I can do to reverse what I have done?

    • This is another case of PG&E instructing their call center employees to lie. The extra charge has NOT been approved yet- this is simply PG&E’s proposal for how they want to gouge you and extort money from you. How dare they lie and deceive the public like this? Where are our elected officials? Where is Governor Moonbeam? Sitting pretty in the pocket of PG&E criminals that’s where. You should purchase an analog meter and get someone to replace the danger meter they forced on you using illegal and deceptive tactics.

  3. Robert says:

    Carol, have someone replace your ‘Smart Meter’ with an analogue meter. Nothing else will get the job done.

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