Stop Smart Meters! Stands in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

The 99% have had enough of abuse (such as forced smart meter installations) at the hands of the 1%

Stop Smart Meters! stands in full solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. movement rapidly growing throughout the country.  Together, we bear witness and refuse to go along with the rampant corporate abuse that is violating the economic, health, safety, and privacy of the people. The time to draw a line in the sand is NOW!

We were out at the Santa Cruz Occupy movement’s general assembly yesterday (Sunday, October 9th)  and it’s clear that the forced “smart” meter installations over the past several months have- without a doubt- added fuel to the fire.

It’s important that we the people continue to have a dialogue about the ongoing threats to our communities and our lives and attempt to reach consensus about these issues and then act on them.   No one else is going to solve the problem for us!

If you haven’t hooked in to the growing occupy movement, there are hundreds of events and organizations sprouting up all over the country.  If there isn’t one in your town, get together with a couple of friends and start one yourself!  Bring flyers and banners about the smart meter threat, and help to educate people about the dangers of microwave radiation and privacy violations.

It’s hard to believe, but to many people, wireless communications devices like smart phones are simply a positive tool to organize and resist corrupt systems.  Yet- of course- there is a dark side.   Wireless is dividing and uprooting communities, and subjecting all of us to unacceptable health risks.  More and more people are becoming electro-sensitive, realizing all of a sudden that there is increasingly nowhere left to run to escape the headaches and heart palpitations, a physical condition exacerbated by disbelief and even ridicule by the general population.  More worryingly, wireless technology has been used by the military to inflict injury and even death, and by civilian law enforcement in crowd control situations.

In the wrong hands (and I think we would all agree that the US government, utilities, and cell phone companies are certainly not the right hands), wireless technology can be a terrifying means to control the population.  As the Occupy movement grows and becomes a bigger threat to the power structure, and police try new methods to disperse crowds, we would be well advised to bear these facts in mind and respond accordingly.  There is power in numbers and as the crowds continue to swell, let’s not forget that wireless technology is a double edged sword.

Anti-smart meter activists are joining Occupy protests throughout the country
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5 Responses to Stop Smart Meters! Stands in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

  1. Alisha says:

    There is a relatively new player in the Smart Grid arena. Vivint.

    Vivint Smart Grid is already contracting with municipalities to install smart meters. Their smart home products will eventually tie into their smart grid installations. Their smart home control panels are linked wirelessly to their monitoring centers. Right now the monitoring centers monitor emergency needs of their customers, but could easily begin to monitor energy and water usage.

    This company is backed by Goldman-Sachs and has all the resources needed to be a major player in the smart grid system.

    DO NOT install any Vivint equipment in your home, and fight against the installation of smart meters by your local utilities.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I have not heard of that company, but there are many security and life safety companies that have in home alarm monitoring, but they are all wired systems.
      For security and life safety, using wireless technology is not reliable, safe or secure. Any professional security company only uses wired devices for their intrusion alarm systems, all the IR motion detectors, panic buttons, door and window switches , glass break sensors, driveway traffic loop detectors, cameras, high water alarms and smoke detectors are all hard wired to the supervisory controlled alarm panel that has a landline telephone dialer interface to the alarm company dispatch center. So this a new twist to sell wireless systems for life safety, but no, they will not be tied to the national power grid, so you don’t have to worry about that.
      Sure, one can buy wireless alarm systems at Radio Shack that have dialers, but they are not UL approved for security uses and they say not to program those wireless system dialers to call the police. The police in many areas are starting to charge for false alarms now, and using wireless security devices that can be interfered with by the new radio transmitting electric meters could be a dangerous and expensive mistake.
      Wired systems for securityare still the gold standard, and wire and cable is here to stay, and doing very well.
      Let Vivint have their try at marketing wireless security and life systems, wait and see all the problems that they have. The plan could be a total flop and lose money, perhaps that is the intent, to launder some money, especially if they are backed by Goldman-Sachs.

  2. SOS FL says:

    Thank you: Josh, Sandi, Amy, Orlean and so, so many more of our California supporters. Your very hard work is more than appreciated. I will never give up the fight for a healthy and safe environment until every one of us has refuge from forced electric pollution in our own homes. “No sword formed against me shall prosper”.

  3. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Yes indeed, this big global corporate push of selling wireless technology is starting to explode.
    But the sad facts are, all this wireless technology has a serious downside, and is only marketed to citizens to sell electronic products to the masses.
    All this wireless stuff in the world will not replace wire and cable systems. Wireless is dangerous, not secure, not reliable, not the best way to transmit data, easily compromised and consumes vast amounts of electrical energy to transmit RF.
    As an example, in northern California, our electric corporation (PG&E) has 10 million electric meters that they want to convert to wireless radio transmitting meters. Transforming electrical energy to radio frequency is only 75 percent efficient, so 10 million electric meters transmitting 1 watt 24/7 requires 1.25 million watts per hour times 24 hours= 30 million watt hours per day (paid for by the ratepayers) to transmit monthly billing data only, and that is just in northern California. And that does not include the data collector repeaters that go to the mobile phone networks and the giant server farms to process these monthly billings. It is just a scam to sell more power, under the guise that “somehow” this system will save energy-what a crock of dung !
    At the CPUC workshop on Sept. 14, executives admitted that the wireless meters are not what they were promoted to be, that they can’t monitor individual appliance usage, they are not real time energy use meters, they are not time of use meters, they are not compateble with people who have solar or other systems that backfeed power to the grid, that they have nothing to do with the power grid or load demands, pricing, grid monitoring functions or preventing outages. They are strictly wireless revenue collection devices that PG&E uses to calculate a customers monthly bill.
    Basically, they have already forced the sale of this wireless revenue collection system on every ratepayer, whether it works or not, PG&E doesn’t care, the sale has been made. Even people that have analog meters (I am one of them) have paid for the manufacture, shipping, installation (no testing-they don’t work here), profit and markup and kickbacks to the CPUC and other government officials. And I don’t even want , need or have one of those new worthless, simple, cheap and useless meters.
    It’s all about selling wireless products on a global scale.
    All these giant multinational corporations rely on wire and cable systems to operate their manufacturing plants, for security, communications and automation systems, they cannot and will not trust wireless for any of the essential functions, they just want to sucker the rest of the public into buying their marginally functional products. It’s called many things, marketing hype, misleading statements, false advertising and brainwashing. GO WTO !!

  4. Charyl Zehfus says:

    Please don’t forget the government’s role in this: all roads lead to the FCC, whose lax standards enable the wireless industry to flourish! Until national standards change, businesses and utilities will have an alibi!
    Also, at least two recent presidents have played a role in the National Broadband and Smart Grid plans, both of which expose the population to more and more microwaves. Janet Newton of EMR Policy Institute wrote and excellent letter about the problem.

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