We Get Up Again: Sticking it to Smart Meters

These devices need a sticker if they are to comply with the Federal Communications Commission’s rules about unlicensed transmitters. Here’s one attempt to do just that. Make your own: Click here, then print on 3-1/3×4″ labels. Or create your own in Word.

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7 Responses to We Get Up Again: Sticking it to Smart Meters

  1. Amelia says:

    Has anyone tried surrounding the digital meter with a grounded shield of aluminum foil or a more elaborate copper faraday cage to block the radio frequency transmissions? I have prevented them from installing a StoopidMeter thus far, but now that they have a PUC ruling I don’t want to pay their opt-out fees. The idea of forcing PG&E to send someone to see why the thing is not transmitting is very appealing.

  2. Jim says:

    I just wrapped mine in tinfoil

  3. Andreina says:

    DTE negated that my meter was a SMART METER, They have a Monopolio in Detroit an apparently there is nothing I can do BUT pay the ABSURDLY bills.

  4. Andreina says:

    Then again how can I make sure I have the smart meter…. is it the one you are showing above, round ???

  5. RobertWilliams says:


    PG$E has already killed people in Hinkley, California and San Bruno California and other places less well known.

    Why are you people complaining about smart meters? Do you think you deserve better than those adults and children that have already been killed by PG$E?

    I just don’t understand you people. PG$E Corporate Management has a record of killing and sickening people throughout the state and that’s not going to change. Why don’t you people just do nothing and accept it, like the rest of us?

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