The Joy (and Importance) of Public Outreach


Kelly Pascucci of Columbia, Missouri talks to passersby about the risks of smart meter technology

As time goes on, grassroots efforts to educate the public on the truth about “smart” meters are gaining momentum.  The spring and summer are a great season for outdoor events.  Why not set up a table or bring some flyers to one near you?  It can be a lot of fun and make a huge difference.

Change depends on awareness.   The most effective way to spread awareness is face to face.   Using the internet alone is only part of the solution to stopping smart meters.  The web is great at disseminating lots of information quickly but it does not provide the opportunity for eye contact and answering people’s questions that is key to understanding and subsequent action.

Drew Lewis, a Stop Smart Meters! supporter who has been passing out our wireless warning cards (available in the SSM! store) near Silicon Valley wrote to us yesterday:

“I met two guys today when I was handing out your “Public Warning” cards who were in the TI work, One was a writer of Cell Phone Apps and the other was a Tech person who developed software for business systems. They were both open and interested in the cards I gave them and especially what I said about the cancers showing up where cell phones are pressed next to the body like brain tumors and breast cancer where the phones are put in women’s bras. I think as the word gets out more and more people are starting to take a second look at the data.”

Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness Reaching out at a recent environmental fair

Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness Reaching out at a recent environmental fair

Setting up a table at community events in a great way to do outreach to the public and recruit new volunteers.   A group from Columbia Missouri has been tabling at recent events to an enthusiastic response.   Likewise in Sacramento, CA and many other places.

Some reports from the field:

“We had a blast talking with the people and they were amazed about what they had let onto their houses.  If you have not tried this type of event booth exhibit you will be rewarded when you do.  It is fun and builds team spirit.  We add to our numbers each time we do.”

-Eric Windheim of Sac Smart Meter Awareness

“Take Back Your Power Como had a fantastic time yesterday at Earth Day. We did so much educating and even had our HF35C meter to measure people’s phones. Smart Meters potentially emit 100x more radiation than a cell phone. We had pages of our petition signed to take to City Council 5/19 to show we don’t want to be charged extortion fees for requesting our analogs back. This is not fair to those with fixed incomes, medical implants, disabilities (i.e., alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, cancer) or those who educated themselves and don’t want this radio frequency spiderweb in our homes.

Not effort is too small!”

-Kelly Pascucci of Take Back Your Power Como

Volunteers staff a SSM! table at the Green Festival in San Francisco

Volunteers staff a SSM! table at the Green Festival in San Francisco

As we have found out when tabling- anywhere from the Green Festival to Tea Party conferences, people are hungry for this type of information and are often very grateful for your presence and contribution.

If you have spent the time to acquaint yourself with the facts, we feel it’s your responsibility to share this info with others, not just to sit on it.  Edward Abbey said, “sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.”

If you don’t have a local Stop Smart Meters! group near you, why not start one and start reaching out to your community today?  You just might find that there is more interest than you realized.  We can help support your outreach activities.

Contact us to get advice on organizing in your area.  It does make a difference and someone has to do it- it might as well be you!

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  1. thinking ahead - abolishing and removing the cell towers & dirty, radiaoactive tech for freedom says:

    we’re planning to do a mass card handout in a couple of huge parking lots –
    where there is a lot of “wi-fi” activity.
    joy of public outreach!!

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