CPUC Set to Screw You with Extortionate Proposed Decision


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The following is from the EMF Safety Network, who are intervenors in California’s Phase 2 smart meter opt out proceeding:

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa and President Michael Peevey have issued two proposed decisions in the smart meter opt-out proceeding.

Here’s a recap of what they state:

  • Give 37 million dollars to Investor Owned Utilities (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E and So Cal Gas) for providing the opt-out program.
  • Adopt permanent fees for residential customers who “do not wish to have a wireless smart meter”.
  • Continue the same interim fees of $75 initial fee, plus $10 a month, and $10 initial fee and $5 a month for low income.
  • Local governments and multi-unit dwellings may not collectively opt out of smart meter installations.
  • Charging an opt-out fee does not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • They will not address health and safety impacts in this decision.
  • Assess fees on a per location basis, for example if you have two or more meters on your property, that will be one fee, per utility company.
  • If you have two utilities, they can both charge you fees.
  • Peevey proposes putting a cap on the opt-out fees at 3 years.
  • Both Peevey and Yip-Kikugawa refuse to consider a no fee option.

ALJ Amy Yip-Kikugawa’s Proposed Decision

Michael Peevey’s Alternate Proposed Decision

“It is in everyone’s interest to promote moving to smart meters.” -Amy Yip-Kikugawa, CPUC proposed decision

A proposed decision is not necessarily the final authority.  In 2011 the proposed decision stated the opt-out meter for PG&E would be a radio-off smart meter.  After strong public opposition the final decision allowed for the analog meter.

What you can do:

Go to the CPUC meetings and speak out.  The next few meetings will be held on:

November 20th, December 4th, December 18th- all starting at 9:30am

The CPUC is located at 505 Van Ness Ave San Francisco CA.

To  learn more about this issue read the EMF Safety Network brief.


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2 Responses to CPUC Set to Screw You with Extortionate Proposed Decision

  1. Paul H says:

    Summary of Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa’s documents….. Pay the utility a fee or they have my permission to radiate the life out of you.

  2. April says:

    How is it that we had analog meters for all these years without having to pay some extra fees? So they want to charge the people who don’t want this thing to pay for the program for the very thing they don’t want? If anything, they should charge the people who want to use this thing to pay for the program.
    My grandpa fell ill a couple of years ago with a cancer diagnosis and heart attack. He is doing well, especially considering the awful scenario his doctors said would happen if he wouldn’t accept their strong “recommendation” for chemotherapy. he took the more rational, holistic approach and is doing well, but he needs all the help he can get.
    Just starting to learn about smart meters, I’m very concerned because his bedroom is right above the smart meter, and he has always spent a lot of time in the garage below, right next to the smart meter. I don’t think he will qualify for the low income opt out fees, but he has a limited income because he supports everyone in his family who is struggling more. I can’t believe the fees are so high, he cannot pay them without sacrificing something else, and won’t consider it right now. And the sweet guy thinks that the government wouldn’t allow PG&E to do something so harmful to him.
    don’t know what to do. How can they make any judgment about this without considering the health effects?

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