Californians: Oppose AB57: Cell Tower Fast Track Legislation

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.25.41 PMOppose Industry- Backed Cell Tower Fast Track Legislation
Speak Out Against California Assembly Bill AB 57

We are alarmed about the latest attempted takeover by the wireless industry, California State Assembly Bill AB 57.  This bill would give wireless companies “super-rights,” not intended by either Congress or the FCC, and special state-level rights intended to prevent the public using the local planning process to stop cell sites detrimental to community aesthetics, property values and health.  The reason the wireless industry needs this bill is the widespread and growing rebellion in California against wireless installations, caused in part by awareness raised over the past five years’ smart meter debacle & health crisis.

URGENT: Contact your State Senator TODAY!

For more info, links, and to take action, go to our AB57 Page

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2 Responses to Californians: Oppose AB57: Cell Tower Fast Track Legislation

  1. These cell tower placements are like RADIATION FACTORIES … . Climate
    Damage, anyone?

    Please contact the Contact and speak to Michael Boldin
    and see what you/we/Residents can do to put a halt — cease and desist it.
    Nullifcation, overturn, invalidate the bill. Local Governance takes precedence
    and supercedes “Federal Governance” if there is due harm. It’s a constitutional
    duty and responsibility to regain authority, power and local autonomy.

    ALL government and government “agency”/workers are SERVANTS TO

    not the other way around.

    Conscientious Liberty. For the People, by The People, of The People.

  2. Paul H says:

    May those that have ignored our pleas for help, one day face charges as those that participated in Auschwitz. They will deserve every bit of hell coming to them.

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